Friday, July 31, 2009

....... sincerely thanks

another heart breaking news in my chapter of life....
fuhh. abit cant take it this time. but.. what to do, life sux. i dont get what i want in return.. is that waste of time and efford???

this time.... i think yes! cos its totally wasted.

anyway....i still can cope with that. but i dont think i can tolerate another heart break nor heart attack news. cos i need time to recover a im not ready to GO this time.

thank you gals and guys that spent your time talking and hang out with me from time to time. i sincerely appreciate that. by the way, u all still owe me a big hug..... LOL. bonus for me okay. my heart got a little exhausted wey. just do what i said to make me happy sikit.. kekke

for whom that concern and care..... love u all for it. im gonna back to origin soon, just wait and see what's gonna happen next!!

wow.. i feel a little better now...... !!! isn't it amazing??

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

28 july 2009... my 2nd anniversary

it was great to hang out with the gals again...since no one is flying, so we can go out for a treat, kindda 2nd anniversary celebration at the sand pit, kuwait. so its a very very special day for me!

didnt do much, just for a lunch treat... then go for a drink. here's some of the pix i took with the gals... my both dearest friends in kuwait from malaysia.
me with my refill salad...
and the rib eye steak ..
one of the gal....crazy galanother extra crazy de...
chicken steak with salad..
banana milk for me......

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

22_270709 NYC_LON_NYC

another NYC....... guess i should appreciate every NYC now.

good thing is, my trolley partner is the economy king in the company. like him alot because he's very talkative and funny for me. first of all, i like him because he's a gay! didnt i tell u all.... i think they're lovely, and sensible.

so when the best cabin crew and the economy works together... that's really cool! love it! hope to do it again before i leave the job!!

a part from that, i had the chance to catch up with my wine and champagne. that's good enough, but im greedy this time, or may be fore the rest of my NYC flight. because im counting down the flights. s i wish to have a good moment when im there. enjoy every moment!
MUMM..... nice!
my travel companion,, soft toy bulldog

anyway, i did hang out with belle in london. dinner than party. but its not that fun this time, may be im alittle moody. emotionally get disturbed. guess im kindda fed up with guys... so im not interested in anyone trying to approach. from what i see, they're all ended up with same behavior, and all similar in the end although i thought its special.. LOL. seriously i duno what's wrong, and what's going on with me and ppl leave me without notice. its not fair by the way... please have mutual respect for each other!
dinner at restaurant at st. paul

meeting other gals at china town.. four season rest.
cheers babe.....!

but after talking to my friend back in MYS, i feel a little better, kind of mental support u can say that. he's been telling me i got to get rid of this feelings.. im not lousy at all...... im someone with class, educated, style... etc. hmm. well, i wish its not a compliments just to make me feel better. thank you dude, u know seriously appreciate that!

i still think of...i need a companion sometimes when im really bored and lonely. so i can talk to someone, someone wont find me annoyed. so... if u are a cute lesbo, please contact me, i can be lesbo too.. and if u are straight and not that ugly... why not, i want to have cute kids.

Monday, July 20, 2009

malaysia.... a place like heaven to me

i was chatting to one of my msn gang..he's a very cool chatter. guess i know him 10 years ago, in 1999 back in my college year. just met him once years back.. lately, he's busy with his own biz.

long time he didnt come online, so he buzz me to start the chat war.

since we didnt chat for quite some times, he updated me that his dad just passed away due to chronic liver disease...when the complication started, it was the last stage after medical checked. for 6 months his dad suffered due to the complication. sighh......i feel sorry to hear the bad news, other than listen and say im sorry, i dont know what else i can do more.

aside from the bad news, he told me life really unpredictable and money is important when his dad was hospitalised. but cant buy time and health. which im strongly agreed with.

2 years im away from home, i missed all the occasion, and i miss every thing back home.

some times i do curse this country.... but when i think good, i think i should appreciate the chance to stay in this burning hell. if im with other company in another country, i may not face and experience all this stupid shit. staying in kuwait really a good life experience for me and from all this worse case senario i know what i most, and what's matter most, and my priority!

i never appreciate malaysia when i was back home, but malaysia for me now is like a heaven on earth. okay, although the ecomony is not healthy like before, still, i wan to go back. although there's crimes, may i ask, which place on earth doesn't? the crime rate in malaysia not that high actually, so just becareful. this is the key word where ever u are. trust me, malaysia is the best country ever so far, aside from the food from taiwan. hahhah.

well, everyone see me working as a flight attendant and they think my life gonna be so great, and full of fun. hell yes, if im with etihad or emirates. too bad im not. i stay home more than fly, and i cant get the exit permit to go back when i dont fly, company just wan to keep me home and do nothing, besides that, no such thing as in mutual change, swap flights, getting e ticket online, leave will not be granted during the rush season, no more cross month leave application, leave will be cancelled if they wan u standby for course... excuse me, standby for course?? they're just wierd, no system at all, every thing here just not right . u think im having a interesting life with my job, u are so farking wrong, just now here in this company dude.

okay...since i've experience alot and see what i actually dont before. i suffer and struggle again and again. every time when i wanna give up, some thing happened. and i tried so hard to readjust myself to think in a positive way. and the new brain wash tactic is .. repeat after me: because im greedy, because im greedy. LOL.. dont u think im greedy??

so, i do appreciate the chance to stay and work in kuwait instead. if not i won't leanrt and see things that i dont always see. and things like this happen very often, every other day or weeks. it just became the trend already.

with all these senario, i finally know what's my priority. i wish another year here in kuwait not gonna be that crazy, hopefully every thing back home still remain or get better. time flies and it never wait, just hope that i wont missed that much.

2010...not that long anyway, isn't it?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

i missed....

i was thinking the other what's my short plan for next year...2010.

as i mention i dont like to plan ahead.. cos everything is changing from time to time. in order dont stress myself, i choose not to plan ahead, cos no point doing it. but i prefer...... let's have an idea for short plan, just within months or max a year. easy, and dont really have to wait for that long...

still here struggling because.... to be frank, im really greedy.
i want to keep more money, in order i can buffer my self for months when i back for good. quit my job means no income, no income means who's gonna pay for the bills.

okay, can get a job any how with my biotech degree. but.... i need time to look for a job. and time may be range from one month to 6 months long. if i have a rotten luck... 6 months may not have income... i dont want to just spend money by not earning any cent. its a big NO NO for me, cos i dont allow myself with the status "jobless", unless i have atleast some saving to buffer a bit.

with this greed... i missed so many things back home, and too i ended up with unhealthy life.

missed chinese new year;

missed all the family's occasion;

missed all friend's wedding dinner;

missed every one birthday party;

missed christmas celebration..... etc

with this job. i work no day no night, sleeping disorder, as well as crazy gastritis... hmm. it this all worth.... serious i doubt it sometimes when im emotional weak.

when im strong enough i will brain wash myself again and again and said its worth... cos im greedy!

Friday, July 17, 2009

recent fav

i balik makan the same food again and again these 2 days....
yeah.. u can say im lazy and boring..... lazy to cook big, just want to eat simple and unhealthy for a while. by the way, its my fav food---- deep freid eggs with soy sauce and rice! mixture of the excessive oil and soy sauce with rice, isnt it yummy?? hehhe, try it when u wan to eat simple and unhealthy guys.

enjoy.... it really taste good when u have nothing to eat.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

give it back!!

my rotten luck, i dont have KUL as much like others.. i just duno why!

some gals have it every month.. some got it as schedule. and they removed mine for no reason.. what the hell right?? so farking unfair... and discriminate!! i need to go back mys to recharge myself, cos i had enough with kuwait! im very serious!!

i went to my GL about this.. i knew he's not gonna do anything, as usual. i told him why so and they removed my fav bangkok for no reason again!! he said he'll see what can he do. okay fine, as long as i informed u... i did my part. but im so gonna know u not gonna help.....because u are just one of them!

when i checked my roster the other day.... damn it mann! the help u mentioned was changing my home standby to night airport standby instead putting my name for the flight??!! okay, THANK YOU very much, u screwed my rest too.

i have to be an idiot, packing my bags and putting my uniform and be prepared if they pull me for KUL flight. but the reality told me im so not going for KUL cos they just kept me at brieifing for 4 hours then back to my room, non stop cursing the rostering, planning as well as the briefing officers.

i wanted to scream at them : just give me the god damn KUL flight that i supposed to have it!!

sighh... but i cant.

once again.. i love my job, the sore environment, the culture, the system and the country. JUST LOVE IT!

transformer dates in london

yeah... london again, no other destination. but its okay, there's a little motivation for it cos i can meet belle once in a while.

thank god i have another 2 malaysian gal with me this time.

i went belle's place for bak kut teh...pork party!! yohooooooo. thank you belle!!
yao zhar guai..... didnt eat that for.......months
complete bak kut teh family.. yum yum
then, the gals decided to have a date with transformer. called me to confirm the time... okay im ON! too bad, i duno why so many of them hail for it, i still prefer transformer I. 13.5 pounds gone just like that....but its okay. long time i didnt watch movie in london...umm. the previous movie i went was sex and the city alone.
at the station

inside the underground..
the gals..
while waiting the 285 bus......

Sunday, July 12, 2009

dinner dates

went out with the gals again for fine dinner, guess this is the n times of the month. i just love to go out with them, to crap to blow blow water or complain or may be bitch about others as usual.. hahah

thank you gals again for the dinner dates, i enjoyed the moment alot. love it!

here's some food that i ordered...good place to go to hang out. it can be more perfect if they serve alcohol.. hahha

picture can tell thousands words.. enjoy!

bread with butter.... good start

salad with the italian dressing...

mushroom with duno what sauce.

grill salmon with cucumber....

and sirloin steak with mushroom sauce... yum yum

dessert.. ice cream with chocolate fudge.

and baked sweet potato...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

drinking water

others may wanna know why i spent so much in driking not the only one okay, some of my colleagues they do the same thing as well, just not volvic or evian jekk.
tell u guys, the filter system here is not good, i wonder why always got white residues/traces at the edge or the wall of the pot after i boiled some water.
im a little freak out to see that, and im a little paranoid whether im gonna have trouble to my kidneys... i guess its better to buy mineral water instead.

my friend said im mentally sick, out of my mind for buying all these expensive drinking water in boxes. but i think still okay to drink this cos im staying alone, not family though. dont be freak out okay mr chay. i do buy less expensive also, but no one carry for me, how?? so this size is good for me to carry or bottle of 6 x 1.5L
here's the brand i support...


i went to my GL to view the case that i've been reported inflight.

3 points the ZD cheif he reported me.

first, he wrote i never smile;
second, he wrote my skirt is above knee;
third, he wrote i didnt clean the toilet im responsible to.

hmm.. i wanted to say what the f@ck is this accussation?? but i didnt, i kept quiet through out the session. cos i think no point to argue with my GL, cos he's a ZD and never take my side. so its better for me to keep quiet than fight back, cos i know im gonna have more hard time if i do so.

i wanna tell my GL, my skirt never above the knee since i joined the company; and never smile and didnt smile is different. and i believed i did smile, may be i didnt smile to the cheif and didnt kiss his hand to say; good morning boss!; and im not a lazy flight attandent, unless this is crazy busy flight like cairo. its london-new york, im pretty sure i checked my toilet!

sighh... i damn sien working these ppl who need others to kiss asses. i just cant do it, sorry! just report me say i didt smile to u, why u want to accused me for the things i didnt do.

seriously, i cant wait to see what's karma on him, im waiting to claps my hand. yes, im mean so what, i believed there's no angel, umm.. may be yes for fake angel.

crazy 1805/6 delay

my first flight of the month... im pulled for this cairo extra flight.
yes, when i mentioned cairo u know what's gonna happen... problematic, non sense ZD, what else!

anyway, it was delayed 2 hours from the expected departure time plus another 1 hour delayed on groud. not only the pax wanna kill us, i feel like killing myself too. cos i have no more patient for this ZD who doesnt treat me as a flight attendant that may safe their lives if there's emergency onboard. but.. what so ever, i just wan to finish the flight and go back to my room.

it seems things not gonna follow what i wish for....and i didnt expect that happening. my mood and my day really f@uck!

10 mins after took off.. started to work like a mad cow till seat belt sign on for landing, we're still with the collection, can u imagine how slow slow were we in the cabin.
why?? let me tell u why. im the only south east asian gal again working at E/Y. and my aisle partner is a new morrocan gal. well.... i dont see any thing in her. nothing at all. but the ZD cheif seems very ok with her. when i said OK, its really ok, as in she doesnt have to work fast, doesnt have to be team work.. etc. and she's just slow and lazy, as a team, i do her work when i pass by her zone; but when she passed by my zone, she doesnt help unless the chief is there. hell ya, u are damn good in pretending gal, u got one point for that! she came to the back and said : who's R4? your pax needs water. what the hell man...! okay. i know u are lazy and rude now. she even work with her mouth, just keep asking where is the plastic glasses, where is the sugar, where is this and where is that... come on, tell me who the hell clear u for service??!! and could u pass it?! and i started to doubt it whether she can rescue her colleague due to emergency by knowing where is the emergency equipment. as long as im in the company, i wish i have all safe flights, cos i know i may not have the chance to wait for them to rescue me if im in danger.. LOL, im serious!

galley a bit lousy too, that's more disaster. but cheif also damn OK with another ZD gal, the only one got screwed again, cos i dont have time to check the toilet and its always occupied. and he saw me scoping the crashed ice with cups instead of the ice tong. guess he gonna report me cos he asked who's my GL... okay! do what ever u want. i really have nothing to say due to this discrimination.

finally, another sector to go back kwi. but.. there's technical again. my god! this is killing. because the previous sector got 3 hours delay and now another technical? why kiling cos the pax supposed to go back for evening 542 they had 9 hours delay, and the groud staffs mixed the pax with our 1806 pax together, duplicate tickets..etc. and every thing went hay wire, why dont they informed us earlier before the boarding, tell us about the free seating instead. well.... can u feel how these ppl perform their work? they dont do what they supposed to, everytime came inside the cabin and simply clean the seats and everything, and there's alot of dirty and left over sitting inside the seat pocket! gross!! and the groud staffs and cleaner they just sapu all the read newspaper, and steal everything out from the aircraft. in order to not get involve i rather dont wan to see what they took. for example the left over food, boxes of tea and coffee, sodas, juices... every thing they can get bring. are u guys that poor poor??! why so greedy?!

while waiting for the problem to be fixed....nothing happened. waiting and waiting, distribute some drink as complimentary. then cheif made announcement that the pax have to disembak and transfer to another aircraft, cos the 9 hours delayed 541 just landed and supposed to go back NIL. too bad guys, u all have to operate the flight instead of us. and i felt relief as i dont have to work with the MISS WORLD...i think she thought she's someone and behave like a b*itch.

thank god, i can go back as DH instead of staying with the AC on groud in cairo.
imagine, usual 7 hour duty and i made it approximately 13 hours with only 5 hours flying hours paid. fuhhh..... i love my job!

Friday, July 10, 2009

hakka zhar jiong yuk

my fav food to cook while im in kuwait..... its yummy. thanks to mom..
love it alot when i start missing home...

Saturday, July 04, 2009

what matters most in LIFE

i just read a book just now.. i cant agree more for this chapter. just wanna share a bit with u guys by abstracting the chapter. hope u guys enjoy!


LOVE should be your top priority, primary objective, and greatest ambition.
LOVE is not a good part of your life; it's the most important part.

life without love is really worthless. love god,love people and love your neighbour as yourself.nusyness is a great enemy of relationship. we become preoccupied with making a living, doing our work, paying bills, and accomplishing goals as if these tasks are the point of life. they are not though, the point of life is learning how to love- GOD and people. LIFE minus LOVE equals Zero.!!

in our final moments we all relised that relationship are what life is all about. cos we will left behind all the assets we possed. all you're talking with you is just your character.

relationship take time and effort, and the best way to spell love is T-I-M-E!!
because i want your time, your attention, your presence, your focus, your time and YOU.
we could value another enough by giving your partner most precious asset-our time. when ever you give your time, you are making a sacrifice, and sacrifice is the essence of LOVE.

you can give without loving, but u cant love without giving. LOVE means giving up- yielding my preference, comfort, goals, security, money, energy, or time for the benefit of someone else.

the best use of life is LOVE. the best expression of love is TIME. the best time to love is NOW!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

i'm a ball

guys u knew im sick.... system breakdown abit.

well, our human is a powerfull tool. since i need to settle something which no one could do it for me, i have to go personally although i need to rest well upon advice.

the bullshit system goes like this, the private hospital i went the other cant give 07 days straight, max 03 days. in order to get more, i need to go company panel to extend it. okay, fine. i went in the morning, i waited...i went to the doc. instead of listening to me, he just gave me a piece of paper with the government medical national service. told me to go there before he will sign or do anything to my document.

very well, from another building to another building by the company transport, walking and waiting under the hot sun at 40c during this period of time. finally i reached the flight service building. i went to ex GL to tell him im here because i received an email. instead of listening to my case, he gave me the photocopy vayage report asked me to hand it over to panel doc which i just came from there. okay, cool. i told him i just met the panal doc, he asked me to go another area to get the stamp [without telling me anything else]. just briefly said, go there and get the stamp, they will give it to u. i talked to the briefing officer about it to get double confirmation, he too said go there and get the stamp, that's it. okay...guess 2 person told me the same thing, pretty sure nothing can go wrong. after all, seriously i have no extra energy anymore, i called cab to bring me to that place.

went there, talked to the 2 ladies [ahemm... i shouldnt be polite to address them ladies though, i should ... what ever] they said they cant give the stamp on the papers, just cant. i asked why?? she said cos im not having any operation, so nope, unless i have the panel doc stamping first.... huh?!! WTF is this? different ppl tell me different things. im confused and im seriously system breakdown, cos im just emotional unfit.

i called the briefing officer, i told him what im facing at the counter. briefing officer said panel doc made a mistake.. so i have to go back to the office again then they will do it for me... excuse me! im sick, and u told me they made an mistake, is this a joke or just simply wan to give me hard time? dont they understand what is sick??? sick means im not capable of going through all these..i started to tear cos im totally got carried away, system breakdown, just tear in silence.. cos i seriously helpless. they're pushing and kicking me like a ball, towards a sick patient which under recovery stage.

i responded to the briefing officer, i told him i cant make it back to the office anymore, cos im very weak and tired. i need to go back to take some rest, and i dont care how they gonna punish me later, cos i just cant do it! im sick, im sick, u understanding sick??!! he asked me to calm down and go home to rest and do it tomorrow, i said nope, i cant do it tomorrow, i need to rest. cos im mentally and physically weak.

i called them again in the evening after i woke up. i said i cant send the sick form since the panel doc and the 2 freak dont want to do anything on the papers. he asked me to call again in the morning... umm. may i know what's going on with these ppl, company and country?? are they treating all the non caucasion foreigner this way? i seriously wonder....

as i mentioned, u better be healthy than sorry.

beloved puppy english bulldog

[13 Jan 2004 - 29 JUN 2006] the cute little puppy im holding

love u and sayang u from the day u born.
strong paws....and busy body always