Monday, June 29, 2009

102_london SNY

u cant believed what happened to me onboard this time.
i cant believed it as well... stories goes like this.

i didnt sleep well as usual..
i went to london again, and didnt rest well as usual cos i cant sleep! and i didnt take my sleeping pills. cos i dont wan to rely on medicines.

the way back 102... im still normal. completed all the checkes, seat belt off started the first hot meal service. after that i sat on jump seat and told my colleague, jan R3 i can not do the service cos i can feel myself something went wrong and im gonna faint soon.... i thought its my gastritis again.

then i started to shiver and trembling occasionally, cold sweat...and my face, neck and both hand got numb and cramped on my right hand. i scared and i started to tear... im really scared i thought im dying or something.

rose was the cheif.. and i have no commend about her cos he condemned me instead of putting herself in my shoes. anyway... i really upset about it. another DH cheif which come 108/ 5 i forgot he's nicer, he told me what should i do when i arrived kuwait.

the assitant cheif cabin he called to the front and he announced doctor onboard for help me out abit. they started to asked me to breath into the paper bag cos im in hyperventilation stage, plus my heart beat was high. doc checked my BP while giving me oxygen after that and said im fine in all specs. moreover, he said i may be im too exhausted, lacking of minerals.......this is what he told me after he asked me a few questions about my sleeping pattern, job, gastritis medication that im on and some personal questions.

and we faced a little air pocket.. and its really freak me out cos im tense ady in the first place. i was doing this small voice... eeRrrrrrr.. and this cheif condemn me that i was screaming.. excuse me, do u know what's the difference between screaming and having a fain voice?? i dont think i have the energy to scream!! mind your english please.

any way, at last, doc asked me to took my sleeping pills and rest for a while cos i need that.... okay 7.5mg just help me to sleep for 2 hours in biz. but i felt body aching cos these shivering and trembling cos extreme muscles relax and contraction make me feel i just got beaten up badly. well, since im ady SNY, reported sick onboard. i dont have to do any service i sat and rest. sorry to another 2 SEA gals. they work like mad after i left.

althought im feeling alright but im still weak. and i walk slowly with my luggage and coat cover till i reached briefing.. human mind is really strong..... i kept telling myself i can do it till i reach the room, every thing gonna be fine.

the stupid transport send someone to another area first instead of a sick crew back to rest house.. okay i can do it for another 30 mins. finally i got home... i slept 3 hours and i started to have the symptoms back again....i called guard at the rest house. he couldnt do anything, and he called the lady supposed to handle the gals at the rest house... i waited and waited.... why no feedback yet, cos i was suffer and shivering on the floor.

i called again, he told me madam said she's not coming cos she has no car. and asked me to call my frens... hello excuse me, its 3am in the morning. i duno who's having standby, and who's having a flight, cos i stay alone!! and what's the function of this madam for this gals resthouse... handle our problem isnt it?? but she didnt do anything... which is very cool of her. this is how i get treated in kuwait??? oh ya... all the foreigner are slave and here for the money....u better be healthy or else sorry.

thank god my fren lana, dan and rac they're here. i didnt wanna disturb them in the first place cos they might not be around or having early standby.. i really appreciate that guys. thanks alot!! i will keep this in mind till my last breath.

they took me to the hospital, help me in all the documents, the papers. if not i wouldnt make it myself, cos im weak and i keep telling myself i can make it to the hospital only then the rest doc will take care of that.

once im in the emergency, the doc gave me drip.... checked BP, body temperature, blood test for active protien, full blood count, ESR, calcium concentration.....every thing seems fine, parameter is good within range, good lung functions, BP 140/80 is fine too. no H1N1, no infection no nothing. just fatigue and exhausted due to bad sleeping disorder..

okay doc, i will rest and take medication. and i will too apply for emergency leave to go back home for detail check up. thanks, i can tell u are a doc with heart compare to those panel doc which dont even bother, they always think the crew just act sick to get days off. i never took sick leave okay, check my record and this is the first trauma situation i faced since i joined. i shouldnt be blamed! cheif should be supportive than condemn, she thinks i wanted to end up this way??

thanks again to rac, dan and lana, i duno what to do without u guys helping me out. appreciate that!

this is what i ate for these 2 days, and the rest of my sick leaves...!

Friday, June 26, 2009

chocolate addiction

i love chocolate.. .. basically i love every thing on earth especially food and beverages.

i have been buying and collecting chocolates from the layovers i operated.

brought back once... and now i got more since i went out the other day to buy more.

this time i feel like buying more for others... cos i feel like it, no other reason.

so, here is it guys. my luggage gonna be full with boxes of hanuta, boxes of galaxy chocolate bars and jewels!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

extra cairo 1805/6 delay

i had a 2 hours delay with pax onboard.... can imagine how they attacked me??

once we boarded the pax... captain announced flight delay due to technical in arabic and english.

well... we started the beverage as complimentary, u can say that's for comforting the pax. but... this never work okay! they will just keep on attack u buy asking u for food, for tea, for coffee. which means crews have extra work than normal flight with no flying hours somemore!!!!! damn it i wonder why not they let this pax wait at the lounge, then no headache!!

work without flying hours ady make me not in a good mood, lagi i have to be with this pax that keep on attacking me emotionally.

while serving the drinks. they asked: what is this? i wan to go! and gave me a jibai look.. shit man!!! im so wanna show him my spirit finger lo.
another pax was complaning why not keep them at the lounge and she can go shopping... i wish too ma'am!!
some said wasting their time... excuse me!! my time is precious too okay!
they kept on nagging, complaint and condemn....seriouly its a little get into my nerves cos the flying hours has not started counting... f@(*&^%&!

when im almost burst.. one rude pax blame us for the delay! okay.... im gonna screw u this time!

pax: what's this, how long more?
me: hm..another 30 mins though... [smile] some drinks??
pax: do u know how long im here? next time should let us know earlier, what's wrong!! ...[bla bla bla with broken english and arabic non stop firing at me]
me: [tone changed] excuse me...i feel the same ok?? im stuck as well, so be nice. captain said its technical then its technical. u should be glad we're having technical on ground instead u know that??!!

then i left....what ever! u better keep quiet later..

these ppl u just cant be too nice some times. they're just ........dun have a word to describe.. u ppl think i dont have to get ready 3 hours before the flight and another 2-3 hours after the flight before i get home???!! u think my job damn easy is it?? stress free?? if u are nice, i will be nice; if not, im not gonna be good as well, cos i know what im doing!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

london 101 again!

can i consider im a london frequent flyer now?? umm, not yet! unless im there every week. LOL

crispy pork with noodles... nice!


plus wine....

anyway, thanks to belle for these crispy pork with noodles. nice even its cool. and swing by so can blow water while makan...
promised will bring u nice cherries and champagne next trip fron NYC!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

pax..... u guys damn cool

umm...... i forgot did i share this before with u guys, anyway i dont care. i just wan to write it again and again.. cos this is my blog. LOL

as a traveller... what u do especially when u fly?? before i give my opinion lemme tell u guys some stories... some that i still remember.

one pax was asking me for moisturizer during boarding.. emm. excuse me!! sorry ma'am, its not available in E/Y. u dont have moisturizer?? dengg! i know what the hell is moisturizer, and i can also differenciate what is lotion and cream, but too bad this airline they dont provide it in E/Y. lagi i will not offer my own hand cream or face moisturizer lo, u donkey!

one pax even try to instrust me to keep her bag by removing others bag from the overhead... excuse me!! this really out of my limits ady, i look at her without smiling, i said: excuse me, i know what im doing, dont instruct me. i dont take order from u!

well, do i look like a technician?? the entertainment system are fuck, i ady try my best to help u with that, if not i couldnt do better than apologise, take the seat number and handed it over to cheif . if there's a vacant seat, i may transfer u so u can enjoy the system. and u donkey dont have to give me hard time just because the tv is not least i try than other crew just said im sorry without trying. so, be understanding!!

i had countless hand cream request for each flight.....not only hand cream they asked, some ask me for tooth brush, baby milk, extra chocolate, a bottle of water, ice cream, want me to fix the entertainment systems, nuts, snacks and even body spray.. what the heck is these?? look at me, i work in the economy cabin, and u are seated in economy and u are travel with KU, and dont compare us with other airline. before u wanna compare, can u compare the money u pay for it dulu?? u get what u pay alright??? if we bring things from the front that's out of our courtersy and just to be nice. its not a MUST. so stop telling me what u think i have to do extra for u!!

since u pax so "noble" to quote yourself a frequent flyer, so tell me u dont even know what u should carry when u fly??? and what kind of questions u should and shouldnt ask?? and treat me nicer cos i may be the one to rescue you, keep this is your mind!

london 101

i went london again....yes, again. imagine, i can even have the local tube oyster card and even local mobile number, can tell how often im in london since i joined the company.

didnt do anything except talking on the phone with belle for more than 2 hours.. non stop blow water as usual. can crap from hand bag, up coming london summer sales, burberry ware house, current swine flu scare to working environment..etc.

well, im kindda feeling good because the entire flight was consider no headache and light load, except this local ZD lazy ass. emm....sigh, nothing is perfect.. so fuck it! janji duit masuk, get to blow water with belle, have my allowance. im cool.

something wanna complain plus i still duno why ppl can live and work without common sense. seriously, this is an international commercial carrier...and they've been doing this flight for.... decades ago, similar pax profile, pax from india continental contribute the major percentage overall. very common example... the meal. of course there's choice, so what... most of the time these pax they will choose anything with rice instead noodle or pasta. trust me, if u think this is no big deal... u are so wrong. pax they're trying their best to give u hard time when no other meal option. since there's no one work with common sense nor even bother the voyage report due to the ratio of meal feed back. my colleague and me got to start appologise from the mid cabin till the rear. u can imagine how many times i have nothing to say beside smiling at the pax and say sorry..

not only appologise for the meal, even the headset, didnt even supply sufficient headset from the way coming from kwi; blankets too.. oh my god! ady informed the cheif, and still..... i didnt see anyone brings blankets. damn it man, i got to walk all the way to the front, asked permission from the cheif, then asked my senior to get the blankets... damn it, do they know what's the meaning of troublesome anot jekk??? lagi, got one donkey asked me for tooth brush. excuse me, if u dont see any in the lav, means no more!! fuck wey, she even act smart on me though.

pax: why no tooth brush, i travelled with KU before, u guys have it.
me: can u be exact ma'am? i dont quite get what u trying to say. u mean they supply tooth brush for everyone for this sector?
pax: yes....
me: excuse me... [im not donkey, okay!] [still smiling] ma'am, this aint direct kwi-nyc flight , they never supply tooth brush for everyone for this kwi-lon sector.

oh my god! what on earth....

and again.. shit thing happened all the time. i wonder why these idiot they dont lock the lav once they enter. this time i seriously got frighten...part of the safety measurement as well as lav appearance, i have to check it! really a dirty job especially with these an neh-neh, they just dont flush, nor keep it clean. seems like im in bombay, dakka, delhi or lahore every flight, no kidding. some times just drive me crazy, mentally unfit. once i pushed in the lav door, shit!! im freak out, this pax he didnt lock the door and he was half way peeing okay...damn it, i seriously dont enjoy the scene or life show. ewwww.........gross!!!!

u know what, how come the pax they can complain crews? and why not me, as a crew i wan to complain and sue them for this kind of harrasment?? i wanna report them, wanna black list those retarted who gave problems, create chaotic situation on board... etc. why the crew are the one always got blamed and have to be understanding?? thought this should be mutual respect...umm.. oh, i forgot. they're donkey from every where, they dont know what's respect nor the right thing to do though.

now aday when someone which's not so close to me ask how's job, how's kuwait?? i say: great! no comment, welcome to kuwait then u tell me. thanks for asking.

umm......well, im still okay to train my lung function though, taking a deep breath, then exhale slowly and psycho myself im still cool with this job..... yeah! i still love this job!

Monday, June 15, 2009

pax screening

most of the time while during boarding.. i will keep hoping that im gonna have good pax on my side. or at least cute pax, but... seems like its not gonna happen. i never see any cute one.. and any flight for me seems like going to india or bangladesh de lo. even go NYC or LON, all an neh neh. damn boring.

well... when im at the custom. since its gonna be long queue. so i always play this game with the crew im close to. by checking other airline pax, and choose the type we like.

.......few minutes later. nothing as usual.
then i started to look at the officers at the exit. same thing, cool uniform but non of them look good on it. sorry to be frank, u guys are bit over size.

since airport is a public area, should have look good any how isnt it??
but i saw someone was digging his nose on the way out...yukk!! what the heck... gross!! come on la wey, if u are damn cute to dig your nose may be i can give u a little face cos u are cute. but if u are not.. then pls do that at home or when no one is around alright??!!!

seriously, im kindda realistic. i rather see someone cute to do awful things than a non good looking guy. vise versa for male nation towards gals/ ladies. i bet u guys rather be close to pretty gal than pork chop surrounding u though. heheh.

looking forward to have cute pax still.... quote to fly high ---"never die heart"

Sunday, June 14, 2009


i had a sunday new york flight, wohoooo.. isn't it cool? yeah i think so.. but i didnt go to the premium outlet this time. cos i convinced myself that i dont need it this time, yet i dont have extra money this month. some more abit running in RED again.

didnt do much shopping this time, but i had a steak for dinner with my friend in NYC as well as some snacks shopping for the way back from manhattan on the first night.

well, since there's kaki to party...i went party the day after.. wahahha.. love it! it was so fun.. supposed to go the club again the night after from london... but some of them they prefer to stay in the room and drink which i dont really enjoy. so fuck it i rather stay and drink alone, which is better for me.

well, while i was in london, i planned to go out, but london tube had strike... damn it! so i missed the bak kut teh with belle. may be things happened for a reason.. i have no choice but to go dinner with KU crew. i met petra in london unexpected at pleasant restaurant/ bar, a restaurant which the airline crew love to hang out near the heathrow hotels. she's a EK flight attendant, one of my msn chui sui kaki. we had some drinks at pleasant... and i spent a night at EK layover hotel. the bed is damn cool compare to KU.. haha, just damn bored with the current hotel..

the day before going back to kuwait i went for groceries shopping... and bought an authentic malaysian lunch. beef rendang with rice! guys u cant imagine how soft and tender of this beef rendang...usually the beef in mys just, no comment. but as compare to the beef at states.. so yummy plus rendang sauce. muahhh.. fantastic! the fruits and beef at the states is the food i miss most, cos its cheap and very nice.

as for the entire sectors.... its alright. cos we have very cool crews at E/Y. hmm.. okay, there're lousy big timer too. but i dont really bother. cos i can have my magic potion on board. wahahah..... that's why im okay to go for this shitty flight when i see the crew list. thank you guys! i did enjoyed the flight.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

SOY + flash back

i was eating fried eggs and white rice again the other day.
just duno why, this is my fav food ever since i love soy sauce. lemme think....may be just this 3-4 years though.

i have a very dull eating habit.. i dont eat salty...mild is okay; i dont eat sweets..but chocolate and ice cream is alright. hahha. but i love sour, hot and spicy!!

well.... what ever it is.. just had a flash back just now. LOL, i know u guys gonna say i have the sign of aging again!!! LOL....any way, lemme tell u a short story.

i damn love anything from soy... i even did a minor research project on soy bean. 3 whole months with the soy bean [isoprofen] .... wahaha. actually its not that cool, alot work to be done. extracting, heating, with all kids of protocal just to derive, test and confirmed its functional group back then. if u failed to get the actual funtional group from the high tech machine call FTIR.. then sorry la. whole 3 months punya hard work gone. futher more, u may not pass the particular subject. money and effort all gone, so have to be damn serious with it.

isoprofen , its molecular formula: C15H20O2 arrangement:
CC(C)C1CC2=C(C1)C=C(C=C2)C(C)C(=O)O name: 2-Isopropyl-alpha-methyl-5-indanacetic acid

from soy sauce to tau fu fa and tau jiong shuii.. wow.. my fav. and its one fo my fav snacks back in it with malacca sugar.. yum yum.

soy is healthy and u can make it very tasty..... just like eggs. u can make so many good things out from eggs and soy, which is not costly.

guys, wanna go for tou fu fa date now??!!

or may be twisties party; ramli burger supper, teh tarik night at the mamak near the apartment, and goreng pisang during the drama marathon..imagine. goreng pisang le,,, and we are not slow eater somemore!! miss those metabolic rate toooo. damn!

gosh i miss those old days with my monash kaki, we were crazy and always had crazy idea and crazy talk with crazy topics. so happy and so fun, never stop laughing when im with u both. we were poor and trying to be as frugal as possible. non stop checking on prices, and non stop comparing wey.... aren't we toooooo much/ over!! others may think we're sick and crazy u know. LOL

but i miss the most is eugenia and johannes...!! okay, may be we had some small conflics, arguement, complains and stabbing each other... but who doesnt?? this is what good friends for, we show our true feeling from deep down, but serious wey, i love u guys. and sorry ahhh johannes, i always bullied u, cos i wanted to see u get angry and its funny, but how come u never show it infront of us wey!!! hehehhe,, see both of u later when all of us freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


there's a trainie on board with us that day, off to london. since there're a trainie, definately there's a supervisor... and yet he is a headache!!

this asshole really gave me some minor hard time the way comin back to kuwait, and again, his english suxx.

the whole flight was alright, as i always work like a cow.. and always alot of things to do. damn it! i wonder why so. i need to rest my legs too sometime, just give me a break!

well, my cabin aisle was clean, as well as my lav.

after the second service... asshole came from the front from another side. some trash was held on his hand, he came to the galley and said, " guys, why is it trash in the cabin?" damn... because the pax is dirty and they wanna throw things out of their seat, what can we do?? and look at your pax profile.......i replied "my side is alright, i just checked" guess he just wanna screw me... " NO, dont say your side is okay, u work in a team." okay. fu*k u!! i shouldnt say anything i supposed.

team... what the hell is that. the ZD dont work in team, as well as the an neh neh. forget it, im just a south east asian kid.

once after touch down, as usual, pax they stand and try to grab their things from the over head. hello.. guys, are u crazy! the seat belt sign still ON. as i mentioned earlier, announcement made, vedio demo given and ....still.

well, im still with my seat belt on the seat. i shouted at them. " take your seat, and close the over head" and they ignore me...okay. what ever!!

the asshole he said something really get into my nerves.... i wish i can ask him to shut the fuck up! but i cant...i can only curse him inside me.

"you know why they didnt take their seat even u ask them to??" okay, why?? " because u didnt release yourseat belt and go to them and make them to sit down" hmm... shouldnt i secure myself?? its really dangerous if i dont, what if there's a suddent break? i may fly and hit the cabin ceiling or bang the seats.

in training they told us that cabin crew secure themselves first then help/ assit others, because we are still inside the cabin. no one knows better than us how to operate the door if there's emergency, where is the nearest emergency equipment, or even the doctor kid and first aid kit...etc.if anything happen to me in between the cabin due to their silliness - by not fastern seatbelt. imagine, after touch down, while taxing... and i have to go to the cabin to seat them.... and who's gonna responsible for my door if there's a bang?? an emergency... 8 doors for evacuation may end up 7 main doors. what if 1-2 doors didnt work properly and have to direct pax to other exit??..... i know im a bit paranoid... but what i said may excuse me, can u pls think before u say anything silly next time?? im an aldult, i know what im doing! just get out my way, i may the one to help u in the future. just be nice!!