Friday, May 29, 2009

my first deathly 543 after sick

goshh... i've been at home for 10 days..... without duty. but its good though, because i can rest for a while since im having flu and stillll.....the annoying flame still disturbing my pharynx and larynx. give me a break especially im on duty weyy... i kept clearing my throat cos i cant talk well. abit scary right. cos now swine flu peak season.

okay.. finally i got this 543 night flight. reporting time 1600GMT.. but. there's a delay.... which means im gonna reach home at 0400 LT. oh my god!! but its okay, if i report sick, i need to go to the clinic, and wait and my whole afternon gone plus they gonna punish me by giving me airport standby early in the morning.. what the heck!!
just a short turn, i still can make it for this top premium deadly cairo flight after my sick... its gonna be tough, cos im still weak. but im okay to go.. still. cos the cheif is nice and its not the blacklisted crews. LOL

the briefing was usual start positioning, emergency questions, new updates, checking the documents..etc. when its my turn... cheif asked me what's echo victor.. i said its emergency. wahahah... shit. wrong answer again! he replied, of course its emergency.. emm.. well, actually im not wrong u know, may be the question u asked is not proper. should have asked what is the procedure when u received echo victor, NOT what's echo victor...anyway. for them im wrong, cos i didnt give the right answer..okay i have 2 more chances before they off load me. hahah.

and in between the briefing.. someone phone's ringing.... i started to scan other crews. damn! it was cheif. i thought he's gonna cut it off..who knows he answered it! wahahah.. see, this is how the ZD works, especially in this country. told u, i dont enjoy here cos no system, every thing about connection. but good thing is, u can do anything u wan to. unless u are in a big trouble, or else no one gonna report u. so, im still cool..

since this is a delay flight, i damn sure the pax will attack me.. and yeah, im so right! 2 hours and 25 mins flight i dont have the chance to drink water, dinner nor toilet. and i couldnt make it for sales cos im L3. when im done with the cabin and check the cleaness of the toilet.. i went to the front trying to get the cart.. belt sign on! wow... okay, im lucky cos i dont wan sales. just im too tired to earn the extra money. no joke, i work non stop, and so farking busy, i wonder this ZD bitch she can keep on eating and eating. ya.. i forgot, cos she's lazy.. oppss.. no.. no. no.. she works smart, cos she speaks arabic and she may get good report instead we asian works most of the time.

by the way...most of the ZD juniors they dont have the basic seniority common sense. sometimes they're the one taking incharge and over write me. so, this ZD steward junior he's rude in the begining during the service. usually i just kept quiet. but this time i sounded him immediately in a nice way. served u right, retarted! he came to apologised when the service ended. woww... im surprised!! usually they dont, they will just remember me and give me hard time, told u, these ppl they hav no sense, never look into themselves. but this junior....okay, i will not blacklist him. atleast he did something although its not sincere.

hmm.....didnt i mention?? im the only south east asian kid at the back AGAIN!

544 way back, thank god its light load and i have the chance to drink few glasses H2O and eat slow. the assitant cheif Ali which is famous in problematic, sick and what ever the crews claimed. he came to me...shit.. dont tell me i did something wrong and he disastified my performance.. go and lecture the ZD silly bitch first if he gonna i just lsitened, cos i have to.......he said my cabin aisle has smal small piece of papers. emm. i did clean it, but what to do if the pax throw it once i left, i cant locked my eyes on the cabin..sighh**. just this he complaint, but he started to say good things... okay cool. he knew im helping others even im not their side, he knew im the only one helping in the galley, he knew i work hard. okay thanks, i do appreciate that.

but, this not the end. before he stop "evaluate" me.... he said i should smile more to the pax, and he knew most of them they're talking arabic to me which i dont understand. and i my facial expression just numb.. hahhahah. well, i said okay, i will try. i had no choice though.

in conclusion.... i had a safe flight, that's important!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

air crew are also radiation workers..[source: iop]

surfing the web awhile ago.... i found this interesting article.

just wanna shre with those are interested. its about the high altitute radiation exposure.


im well know that i love to eat.... wahahha. and i love fruits too.

i love dragon fruit the most... cos its the mixture taste of kiwi and strawberries.
but since these fruits in kwi is damn expensive.. so forget it. i prefer orange now. LOL

dont treat this like nothing. there's something interesting knowledge about oranges.

hmm. forget about the brand... yeah, i know u eat branded oranges... hahah. but, do u ever know what kind/ type of orange u are eating??? yes? or more to no, no.

here is the scientific classfication if u are interested.
Plantae Order: Sapindales Family: Rutaceae Genus: Citrus Species: C. sinensis] [source from wikipedia]

why orange?? its good, full of vitamin C and fiber is good for the colon too..

LOL, bullshit and cut the crap. for me its just cheaper than other type of fruits on the racks, and since money is my best friend now. well, i dont need expensive fruits which have almost the similar minerals in other fruits...arr.....apart from high content of anti-oxidant fruits.

i love navel oranges, a single mutation of sweet and juicy orange. u guys can try some on day when u feel like it.

when i was in mys, i eat only the australian, NZ oranges. sunkist and.....emm. sunkist. hahha. here in kwi, i have the chances to eat more differ varities eg. navel from brazil, from egypt [love this, big and juicy navel orange than far], from pakistan, from .... others.

may be u can have a orange cocktail party back home!!

shopping date

well, this is the date i've promised my gal friend past two weeks...since i still feel okay to go after im partial recover from, im okay to go. been 9 days at home, i need some fresh fresh air, its 55c now. freaking hot!!

on the way to the mall, stop by HP service center to send in my little travel notebook..hmm...seriously no comment about the customer service and technical support. u can imagine their system and speed of work..i can say its god damn "fast". every second counts okay, but just not applicable to the local culture. done with the handling. but the fare for the transport is really expensive. but its okay, "get used" to this minimum charges. what so ever... i just wan to be inside the mall now, its hot outside!!!

finally we made it, reached there. went to a few boutiques, get some cool stuffs. looks cool on me, love it!!! to be frank, i stilll wish i can print money instead. so many things to buy and so little money in my saving account. damn!!

went starbucks for coffee, this is the routine must for a shopping date. need to take a break and go futher miles...wahahah. oh.. by the way, i bought myself a fan... finally. just cant stand the cold air con since im feeling weak now days. i wonder why my health is getting bad. is it crossing the atlantic ocean too often?? heard them said crossing it like going thru x-ray, well its all about the negative charge exerting/exposing to the body. recommended to have 1 x-ray done in 6 months. well, if i have one JFK flight pattern.. which means im crossing the atlantic ocean 4 times. during the shortage of crew season, i had 8 x-ray flight in 1 month!!! emm... i dont want this flight anymore, can i??? but i dont wan to remove it, cos i wanna go shopping in manhattan!

okay, im bit out of the topic again..
after the 7 hours shopping plus some groceries. im heading back home... but i started to feel sick again. dizzy, cold sweat... and i threw up again. LOL.

i love to go for this shopping date with my gal fren... but i will try not to make it that stressful anymore when im still weak... any way, thanks gal. ohh.. and pls dont mention u are so not going out with me every time after u shopped alot..LOL

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


i was chatting in msn with my colleagues and friends yesterday.
she knew im sick and she's kindda caring.

through out the conversation, we just be little bitchy and kid about our job and current situation.

i wonder how she knows the centralised air conditioning in the rest house im staying is not working.. umm, to be exact, the air conditioning for the whole building is not working. PLUS the temperature is up to 45c now.. i know its pretty hot here. but i cant do anything. im sick and i have to bare the hot temperature and im sweating like a pig inside the studio room.. oh, didnt i mentioned?? the accommodation i stayed is pretty... not old, u can say its authentic. yeah, this is the right word for it..LOL. i choose to stay alone and why this super authentic rest house..hmmm. just i need some privacy, and i dont want to go thru the stress if i stay in the flate, and my flatemate moving out and a new gal moving in... no.. no, just NO. i had enough in my school days. so, no thanks. im good to be alone, i know its lonely, but its much better than having a problematic roomate, trust me!!!

okay, back to the point.

this colleague was offering me to stay in her room if i feel like it, cos she knows its quite stuffy here in my room. i told her its alright, cos i can still take it.. and i told her : "seems like the technician they're fixing the problem from afternoon. so its gonna be alright, got air from the vent, but just not cold air. better than nothing."

"congratulations, win" LOL, what did she just said. hahha. " yeah, thanks. seems like we are well trained to be a positive thinker ever since we're here" i replied. and the craps continues...

yeah.... to stay in kuwait, u got to be a positive thinker, have to be strong enough, or may be start to develop "i dont care and i dont give a damn" attitude... or else, u gonna be suffer mentally, and your emotions will be affected. some times i do moody and be in depression mode when i cant adjust myself right...

fuhhh. so, just feel lucky to be here though.

S.I.C.K follow up

okay. im still sick, but recovering.. so its good news. at least im not infected by Swine Flu. thank god.

well.... seems like there's good ppl around me. without asking....some colleagues they brought over some fruits, and medicines too.. really appreciate that.. thank you for n times to show im sincere.. of course im gonna do something good too.. let's see.

by the way, let me brief u guys some thing about kuwait.

i went to the company clinic this morning...alone. since i can still have the energy to walk on my own. LOL.. if not i can take the wheel chair.

when its my turn to see the doc in the clinic, this guy who does the failing he asked me where is my paper.. i told him im not reporting ick, so i dont have papers... he responded, so what u want?? HMMM...excuses me, im sick, im here to see the doc. what do u think retarted. haha, of course i didnt say it. well, i just said : emm.. i duno. LOL. then he left.. is the way they get their job done, just like that?? okay, what ever... im just a south east asian for them. sighh... so i went inside the doc's room.

some how i think the doc here they dont check... check means they dont really perform the proper check up i supposed. they prefer to ask questions...


u fever?? no doc, i replied. WITHOUT measuring my body temperature with thermometer nor checking my blood pressure. cool.. let see what he's gonna do.

flu? yes, for days. is this alright?? no problem, just u came back from europe?? no, bangkok.

your good name?? win xxxx. he started to write down some medicines name.. and i wonder what should i say next.

hmm... doc, am i alright? im having flu, sore throat, dizzy and body ache too. then i started to show him my medicines..its okay, u are fine.. okay thanks.

woww.... this is what always happened when i see the doc here in kuwait. same goes to my colleagues. emm, may be just once, when we need the medical check up for the license, by chance he asked me any operation before then only he checked my ear and send me for the pressure test.. if not he wouldnt know.. why i said by chance... cos he didnt ask other gals before me, then he has to re-start to ask other gals questions..........umm. no comment..

same thing happened when i send in the paper which distributed by the minister of health due to swine flu. went to the clinic nearby, they never check, just ask questions. eg. fever? no; flu? no, civil ID...okay. anything just contact the hospital/ clinic. huh?? just like that?? okay, im off to go, not even 2 minutes...

see, this is what u call, easy, simple and not complicated if u out it in a good way.....

Sunday, May 24, 2009


emm, well, this is the 3rd time im sick..really feeling bad about that.

when u sick... em.. i did mention earlier. so its okay, no big deal though. im still alright to be on my own. as long as i still have little energy to walk from the bed to kitchen to get fruits n some ready to eat food.

actually wanna ask someone to get some medicines, but im pretty sure what's the feed back. cos i did ask a few times before.. sigh. no point asking anymore.

by the way... i realised something really disturbing. sighhhhh.... how should i explain it in words. for instant, someone that call u buddy, then u realised they dont appreciate u... ya. again. i didnt get the so call appreciation in return.

i got really fuck up here when im sick in kuwait.... damn mood swing too.
well, what so ever buddy....feel free to care when u are interested.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BKK_may 2009

yoo... another BKK again. love it, just love it alot!!

massage massage, tom yam, movie day, wander around.... okay, i know its damn freaking hot! soo.. since im with dan, so we took the cab instead. cos im so not gonna take it alone, all by myself. NO NO NO.... just no. LOL

as usual, i didnt get what i wan from the list i've been writing...ahemm. not my fault, i got lost a bit inside the building. cant go back to the same shop .. damn its tricky. LOL

well, ate some local snacks, and always go back the same old seafood road side restaurant for dinner. just wan to play safe, dare not eat something else. so scared will kena food poisoning again.

went to aquarium...umm.. yeah u can say its my fav. by looking at the fish and without getting wet. cool!!! feel so free when see the fish swim around. hmmm.. but my mood kena spoiled by this group of kids running and screaming... WTF!!! u gonna scare the fishes. god damn it!! and me too... hahha.every where i go, i see the ZD, i see the an neh neh.. wah lau, apa ni!! ahah. i know, i damn racist ever since im here!

what so ever in the beginning... then the same group of kids even cried while watching 3D at the aquarium. *&^%^&, okay, it frighten me too when it showed the jurasic ocean. but a bit considaration can anot??

to make it short and simple.... enjoyed this trip since the cheif is MR. Taki. he's one among the coolest cheif from my list. im serious!!! i rather fly with him than other "ngong gao non sense". so, i had nice flight, nice massage, nice wine... every thing seems alright and fly safe. that's most important to me.

Friday, May 15, 2009


another usual sux cairo flight with the ZD again….

well, i dont really hate this flight, perhaps im bit okay with it now a days…. especially when i have nothing to do back home. instead of wasting time, yallah, let’s go cairo!! LOL

this is an exhausted flight, busy and no time to rest, since they’re so NICE!! its consider the premium killer flight among other killer flight… if u know our pax proflie… okay, although its tiring, but at least i can still back to my comfort zone [room], all my stuffs gonna be with me, have a proper cleanser, remover, skin care and such.. not those small and repack… well of course i brought every thign with me in lay overs, but i dont really really use it… cos .. just felt fed up since not proper. LOL, know wonder my face getting worse now a days…. S*iT

when i started to take it easy for this killer flight, every thing seems alright. unless i have some…. u know. some colleagues which is not so decent…umm.. okay, by the way i shouldnt claim them as decent cos they’re not.. not even close…may be not gentlement. okay well.. what ever it is. im just applying what i supposed to do, and violating a bit here and there since most of the pax they dont comply and cooperate with the crew. well,, u can say they dont respect the crew.. no joke, its true facts. what u guys expect from these ZD. i dont really bother much anymore, finished the short turn then go home.

this flight.. nothing much happen. cos i did what i supposed to do, no extra, cos no one gonna appreciate that, and i dont wanna be a fool too. no more runing up and down, rushing back and forth for silly stuffs. i said no means no, dont u instruct me to bring things that’s not supposed to be in EY. follow what i said.. if not, im cool. announcement made, demonstartion given, double checked the cabin… several checks and if u dont comply, okay. no pressure, im cool!

from pick up, total flying hours plus transit… approximately 10 hours. safe and steady flight. im still okay with that so far.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

KUL on may09

went back malaysia for few days… emm. as usual, in a rush.

back to malacca to visit mom and hang out to see what’s going on… so far seems like she’s very happy although its tiring and busy.
and of course, my purpose back to malaysia is for good food… eat every where and any thing i wanna eat and drink..thank you guys!!

Friday, May 01, 2009


as usual….. NYC flight again. same pax, same situation, and almost the same attitude ketua…my rotten luck.

pax in the biz and first class they’re served with welcome drink during boarding.. and guess what i have to do while during boarding at the back…water “welcome drink”. at least 4 trays okay… it depends sometimes, but at least 2 trays lo. after meal service, another round of water service again. gosh!!! this is totally extra service….and before landing, i’ve go to give out “good bye drink”.. #$%^^%$

well, although all these flight sux. but i tend to motivate myself by going out for dinner, for a tour and go out with friends in LON to indulge myself a bit. if not i cant do these kind of flight anymore!!

first stop:

woodbury.. shopping heaven.. i dont care im gonna have minimum rest, i’m willing to travel from 0600- 1545LT just to spend 3 full hours there to experience something new, cos i never been there… LOL. excuses.

second stop :

london for dinner and crap…. welcome back to london belle!!

third stop:

joined the tour to visit insor castle, bath and stonehenge….

well, at least something for this trip… cos im not sure when im gonna do the last JFK-LHR flight. i gotto release some negative force and stay longer... i wish!! LOL