Wednesday, April 22, 2009

late BD dinner in kwi 210409

i had a cool dinner with the gals, thank you guys for it. appreciate that!!

well, although i had another bad experience in my list.. but its okay. with this job in this country.. but every thing gonna be okay as long as i still can hang out with u gals after the flight. im still strong to adjust myself… so far.


i had a kind of shit experience onboard…

an neh neh pax the entire cabin… alright that’s pretty common in the company, this is because the fare is freaking cheap… or may be u can say its worth of saving.. what ever it is.

2 senario…

one farker an neh neh, i ady noticed him since beginning of the flight. he kept looking at me when i passing the cabin for some checks, serving water as usual. well, i told the senior about it. seriously i find it annoying and disturbing. okay, after took of and service started. i served him drinks like i did to other pax, and this mother farker he touched me.. WTF!!!! i warned him said : DONT TOUCH ME!! [i really wanna smack him, almost!!!] i went to the cheif and told him about it, sighh….. he just said just tell him dont touch u. EXCUSE ME!!!! is this the way to settle things???? really felt bad and wanna cry.. this wasnt the first time. if the cheif straight enough and sue the pax, i believed i will not feel that bad. how many times i have to experience this kind of disrecpect from the pax??!!!

one ZD pax, he’s been talking to me once i have the chance to seat on the jump seat… giving all kinds of compliments, this and that, telling me his a doc some more with his business card written his personal mobile number on it.. keep asking me for my contact, and trying to ask me out for dinner…grrrrrrr!!! i wanna asked him to give me a break. because what ever u say, its gonna be a NO NO NO!! dont u get my signal!!!!! WTF…..i just had a minor sexual harrasment situation just now, and yet i have to smile and have a calm talk with him… damn it!!
in that situation, i just cant take it easy inside me. i’ve been adjusting my emotion. who the hell said being a cabin crew is cool, is damn fun. okay, may be its gonna be fun if u have decent pax… i said IF.. with this an neh neh and ZD pax…. no thanks!!

im still counting my days!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

something i see and felt…..

emm… since im a blogger, kind of lah. because i only “chui sui”, and crap most of then time… not a real blogger i guess.

well, i read others blog too. so far i came across some one blog…i read one instead of all. this is because he, my friend he made it a protected blog. damn him, i wanna read more but i cant!! $%&^%

he blog it because of some one, its kindda a dairy, or may be love letter for the gal he loves alot to read. hmm…. but i doubt the gal will read it. any way, he still blogging, every day without fail. LOL, may be not every day. but so far its gonna be his 200th love letters.

sigh, seriously i duno what to say about it any more. i did my best to talk him out of it, and we friends be there a bit while we could. same old stories happened again and again. i felt he’s not happy and the negative force is getting stronger inside though. as an outsider, im not pretty sure what’s going on lately, but can tell he’s having the same old issues. okay, may be its good to be loyal, or be any thing as u like. but what’s the point….be loyal without a relationship, are u crazy!! im crazy too, but im not as crazy as u.

seriously, i know i have no right to comment. but i really wan to say this : LISTEN!! life is short buddy, waiting is not the solution. u ady waited since….long ago. u got to move on!!! have fun and be happy!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


thanks god im granted to be out of the deadly sand pit on my BD.. wohoo!! NICE!! didnt get this flight for 9 months.. and finally. and thank god they changed the hotel. of else.. im so not going there, cos im scared of spiritual stuff at the previous hotel.. hahah

frankfurt’s weather is good, the air is fresh…. windly. love it! went to get some HANUTA that i love…yum yum. wander every where just wan to look around.

anyway, i had a cool day out on BD eve,, piano… wine, strawberries, steak, wine, chocolate, sake, jap food…. wauu..good time to indulge.. thanks you my friend. love it!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

problem ZD pax from cairo_110409_543

i had a short turn yesterday. okay, every thing seems fine.

the only problem i came across was this egytian pax he smoke in the lav. we smell the cig when he passby, quickly checked the lav and i found his cig bud after another pax came out from the lav. too bad the smell of cig ady flushed out. damn it!!!

i went to let the senior, i told him what happened. but i disagreed the feedback i got from him.. but what to do. im just small small ant and most of the time the ZD pax they disrespect the crew as well. i’ve nothing much to say about it. they’re just non sense!!

he said the comp not straight, and nothing can be done. and forget it… what!!!! emm.. i seriously dont feel safe to fly anymore.. with pax that disrespect, with non sense… and not cooperatve, always shout and yell when they pay for E/Y and wish to have F/C service….sighh.

well, at least this craps they should know, u are not allow to smoke in-flight, u have to up-right your seat and fasten the seat belt, and its not allow to move from the seat to the lav while during take off and landing. while seat belt sign is on…and its not allow to use the mobile… still they violate it [everything that says NO, they wan to do it] yet give me a look says ” i can do anything i want, im not listening to u”. come on, non sense,, its all for the evacuation, safety purpose. im pretty sure when things happened, they’re gonna put the blames on other.. not themselves. this is the idiotism i see so far. okay guys, i did my part and what ever u wan to do, no comment and cant be bother.

at the moment, im just glad that im not one of this non sense crap!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


as usual, deadly flight.. crew for the day… emm. bossy!!

what so ever, i know what im doing and i dont need u to instruct me!! its not a big deal, if u are in a hurry, be my guest, u can always go ahead!!

as for the an neh neh pax i came across,,, soli, if u are in a bad mood its your problem. u dont have to show your temper to me while im serving the water after the tea/ coffee service. #$%*&^

for some pax, i know its kindda retarted. okay, no problem guy, if u wanna use the mobile onboard, u dont have to tell me: “i know, i know.” when i asked u to switched off the mobile. this is my duty, ppl with common sense they should know… emm, but it seems u dont have it.. COOL!!!

as goes to those that replied me ” i know, i know” when i asked u to take your seat and fasten the seat belt before giving clearance… well, i memang tidak apa and sabar bit now a days. may be u guys can tell me this instead. say : i know, i know how to fly,” so i may feel a little better if u dont fasten your seat belt of u released it after i left the area….cakap lah, i know, i know how to fly..make my job alittle easier instead.

anyway, i had a safe flight afterall although i heard alot sms sound and ppl calling before touch down in kwi…$%^*&^. i wonder.. dont u guys have sense??!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

30th march 2009_snowing in KWI

the weather its getting crazy, it was raining for 2 whole day in kwi and then its snow on the 30th… is this the result of global warming??

any way, the weather is quite unstable. it rains again today since morning.. its cold and humid as compare to previous week.

for the ppl who stays in kwi, the shold know raining in kwi is something not usually seen. the weather at the moment…. wierd!!

look at the pics...

Friday, April 03, 2009

deadly NYC 270309[5]

this long flight serious give me a terible experience after my vacation.

look what did the pax done...... vandalism. they always posses with this behaviour. i duno why??!!!!

**some how, sometimes i got the chance to look at the nice view.

actually got alot to complain, but since there were 2 huge happening scene happened. as for the small small shit, it happens very often, its always up setting senario…so let me cerita sikit…

as mentioned, ZD non sense really bull shit!! they’re the most discriminate creature i have ever met. if u tell me they’re fighting and killing each other, i have no feeling and no comment about it. because their mentality and personality are sick..they’re the extreme among the crazy for me so far.

for them the other nationality seem nothing for them. they dont respect, and they dont even know what is the basic manner. this group of ppl, they need to improve themselves by communicating with each other, not just their own pll who share the same languague.. well, seriously i dont care how they gonna improve in the future. because they’re NON SENSE!!

things happened, and cheif came to control the situation in the cabin. come on guys, this world can never ever be fair. ppl who share the same languague they started to complaint, to yell, to raise their voice to cheif. at the mean time , another colleague who doesnt speaks the languague cant do anything. be logic, how can u guys be so discriminated, and somemore another colleague that doesnt speaks the languague is involved in the situation. in my point of view, that’s seriously unfair. BECAUSE, the pax can always tell a lie, can always put themselves in a right position instead. who the hell in this world will say bad things about themselves…and the fight went on, guess the ketua doesnt wanna get into trouble, and of course they never take our side. NEVER in my experience. so in conclusion, from my interpretion, ketua sounded ” if u [crew] dont give in, im gonna call the police at the station, and u guys go thru the procedure”…… emmm, ini pun boleh geh??? serious lo, im pretty much nothing to say about the GOOD JOB he had done to control the situation. * clap clap
another situation was… sigh. its really disappoint me. may be this is the “WAY” ppl works in the company, in their country. okay, pax embark, and for an airline industry, they have the rights to offload pax that give trouble as well as pax are drunk on groud. but…. for the company i work, i dont see this going on. they accepted the drunk pax [guys, guess u can guess the nationality], and this pax was shouting, yelling and raise his voice after take off. FU*K!!! not only that, he’s disturbing other pax as well…. okay. so far another cheif who incharged for the way going back KWI did a good job about it. i really like it, serious! he gave a formal warning document for this bastard.. cool. and he didnt make any noise since then. and when about to land, who knows the captain in charge came to talk to him…. what!!!! u are the capt, u dont have to go to the pax.. i duno what the fuck he did that. then the pax just walked away without any futher charges…. WTF!!!!!

i wanna tell this to all the ppl i know, i wan to let those that i dont know as well. things that is logic and that’s the fact which everyone know, but this gp of ppl they just dont get it, they violate it, they discriminate!! . listen closely… i think this is seriously unfair, oh.. is it this trouble maker pax is one of your ppl and they can just walk away?? i believed if this happen to any other nationality, they gonna get fuck and with all the shit stuff u can ever imagine. this is so discriminate!!!!! and what will this trouble maker pax said to his ppl later, they will tell others that, its not gonna be any problem if they give us problem or any shit in the future while travelling with KAC. u can do anything, u can even smoke, no problem, u can have free upgrade to biz if u know someone, no problem, u can get biz food or dessert even u are in the EY, no problem. u can use the mobile phone on board too, no problem. u can even DISRESPECT the crew, we will still smile and say have a safe flight to u, no problem!!! because u can do so many things in your country that others are not allow to…. so i have nothing to say, because im just a chinese-malaysian in the company. i have no connection and i have nothing. and i dont speaks nor understand a single arabic.

seriously i wanna write and scold alot vulgur world here for these craps, for this particular group of rubbish shit, wanna send all my best regards to this “ngong gaao”!!!