Friday, February 20, 2009


Saturday, December 20th, 2008

i went to a local flight, no surprise though, as usual.. demanding pax, same pax profile, dirty cabin, non stop call chiming from the cabin.

well, im still cool for all these shit, i answered my calls, give what ever they want from the aircraft… haha, i think if i can give the full trolley, guess they will take it as well. any how, cant be bother much, as long as i fly with asian, means i dont feel tired for the entire flight.

now a day, im seriously making fun of the pax. i cant stop laughing due to their stupidity. okay, im mean but who cares!! i just want to have a happy flight.

few examples as follow,

example one: i was serving meal in the cabin. emm. may be i should tell this before i start the swearing. usually there’re 3 choices, and of course they have special name for the dish. but its just a waste of time to tell them in special name. i will say chicken with pasta or lamb with rice. well im good enough to say that, most of the crew just mentioned chicken or lamb.. haha.

okay, let start the story. so as usual ” excuse me sir/madam, would u like to have chicken with pasta or lamb with rice?’ “chicken” okay cool… i took the chicken and served the tray ” enjoy!” “excuse me sir/madam, would u like to have chicken with pasta or lamb with rice?” “meat”……. what? wtf, meat means chicken or lamb?? both are meat, u stupid! i was confused when i started work in the company, i knew it now, meat for them means lamb or beef.

well, i just look at them and smile without bursting out my laugh when they say “meat, meat” hahah.. damn stupid man!!! i wonder what they learn in school.

example two: i was in the cabin. one of the pax stopped me and said : “give me kleenex.” huh?? kleenex…. stupid donkey! hahah. i know what they want, but i just want to make a little fun by teasing them. come on, i need to stay happy for the entire flight okay..

kleenex is the brand name.. for them means tissue; cover means blanket; meat means lamb or beef…..etc. alot more, but i cant recall right now.

FYI: my english is getting worse though, cos i seldom communicate with ppl who speak fluent and proper english in full sentences..

winter in KWI

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

i prefer winter in kwi than summer. its so so hot, like a burning hell suring summer time.

winter still alright even though its cold, very cold at least it wont snow!! i cant imagine if its snowing in kwi.

snow is nice, but its sometimes that nice to see, but not nice to experience the cold! i cant take the cold, cos im little weak these days, just dont feel healthy any more!

flying slave

Friday, December 19th, 2008

i want to punch and kick alot ppl now!!

i’ve been visiting the office for 4 days in the early morning to get the farking salary certificate. i seriously doubt how this company works overall. and i dont why the government for them for as well. pay them for nothing???? damn rich weyy.

this locals in the office are damn mobile! they’re not at their desk most of the time. and i canht even locate them, i dont know where the hell are them! emm.. no kidding, they’re too busy to kiss each other cheek, adressing each other habibi or habety, drinking tea or coffee, and talking on the phone all the time instead doing their proper task!!

emm.. no doubt, the only thing i learnt from then is dont take things so serious, relax. damn!! this is not even a good habit when i need something urgently. wanted to yell at them till they’re deaf!! until my pita suara burst… hahha. fuhhh. chill chill.

emm… wat so ever, i can only swear to make myself feel a little better. and still smile at them when they show up. any way these ppl they dont think they have a job to do, they never thought that others may need them at their desk for documents, even though they know that’s their job, still they think they do it for u as a favour… can u imagine their working spirit?? i really want to praise them….no joke, its so fasinating, it drives my blood pressure up and down very fast in a short period of time.

one more shocking news i found out from my malaysian colleague. listen closely ya, my gross salary is way lower than a taxi driver in kwi. yet lower than the promoter working at the electronic shop…. so, im a flying slave or what??

ppl thinks my job damn glamour, fly around the world…actually its not. not even close. its a totally wrong wrong, no such thing.

the driver who’s pick us up dont even carry nor help for the baggage. he will just stand and ask us to hurry up. WTF!! im tired and he’s still rushing us. there’s once im so pissed and i talked to him in a serious way. i said since u are not gentlemen by helping us, and shut up and dont rush me. just dont make me get angry!! and he shut up and wait. look, even the driver dont respect the crew, i wonder what wronf with this country. when we check in the airport, the crew will go first instead waiting in the line. imagine, there’s one local shit he complaint why the security let the crew go instead. and the doggie security asked me to wait and let the local shit to go in first. hello, u bastard, if i cant go into the aircraft to prepare, neither than u alright, u retarted!!!!

emmm…. guess im just a little bit high standard than the cleaner at the rest house..

what u see???

Friday, December 19th, 2008

i guess ppl are having some sort of mentally handicap.

they’re just cant see what’s in other ppl. they cant differenciate the good one among ppl….or may be they dont bother at all.. possible huh??

emm… guys, i wonder why you are so blind.

what you see is uncertain.


Friday, December 19th, 2008

i feel happy when i see bubbles floating in the air, it goes with the wind… NICE! bubbles in the champagne.. LOVELY!!

when bubbles pricked, it gone.

bubbles indicate “dream, hope, fantacy” instead?? okay, it means temporary….but its pretty cool.

but i dont want bubbles.

-money cant buy-

Friday, December 19th, 2008

yes, i do agree that monsy is god damn important!

money is so useful, money can buy so many things in life, can indulge ourself in so many way, in a luxury way instead….pretty cool huh??

there’s one chinese proverb ” you3 qian2 neng2 shi1 gui3 tui1 mo2″. i knew this concept through mom, cos she always mention it long long ago….

as i told, im a poor kid, still. i live difficult before and its getting better, i hope. i work hard to earn and spend my own money. i damn proud of myself sometimes… hehhe!! actually im glad i grew up in a difficult environment. if not i wounldnt learn and still learning in my days. a rich kid wouldnt understand this kind of hard earn ship, unless they’ve to become poor. but its kindda impossible, i know. what ever, they’re lucky enough any way, nothing to mention much about them. i just wish they’re good ppl overall, not spoiled and respect others!!

okay, i know im in a realistic and materialistic world.

when you’re eating better food, you’re in your HUGO BOSS, you’re going to look a little better than before. and for sure you will earn a lot more respect from ppl too, especially from the ass kisser! well, we’re not stupid as well, we can tell who’s sincere and who’s not.

listen, money is so important, but its not every thing.

money cant buy true friendship, money cant buy true love from friends and family who really care for u.

TRUE friends and love one will never abandon you, no matter you’re in deep shit or you’re running in RED!

hmm… you can BUY me.. just give me a rain cheque.

be a little lovely to me pls….

Friday, December 19th, 2008

actually i thought of writing a blog about what’s in my mind previous days while i cant access the net.

well, i did write it down in a peice of paper. when i read it once again today, i think its all bull shit. there’s nothing much to write about what i felt. hmmm….. cos its all emotional stuffs.

okay, i dont expect any thing in return, but at least some attention pls.!!

that pretty important to show your appreciation though. emm…. dont tell me u guys are shy and not comfortable to show it to me… hell pls.!!! i can handle it..

since im going back MYS during the christmas 2008. yohoo…!!! i started to msg some “hang out kaki” to chill, via sms, emails, leaving msg in facebook and friendster.. i tried my best ady guy, i even posted shout out too!!

well, im a bored the other day. i sms a uni hang out, he’s my dear friend and i always knew he’s having some sort of relationship crisis. in order to be supportive, i sent him a supportive sms. here it goes ‘ wey, im comin back, let’s hang out and chillin. how are u lately, i hope you’re doing well. we always be there for u, your life is colourful with us!!’ emm… may be asian kid not good to express themselves. instead of getting a cool reply, i got this simple and dry sms. ‘okay. u take care’….. hahah. okay, im glad you replied my sms, serious!

then, i sms another gal friend of mine. i told her im looking forward to meet her. i miss her alot though. i know she’s not perfect, neither do i… still, she’s my dear dear friend since high school. hehhe. i said im so happy and i wanted to kiss her to express how happy im right now. well, she asked what the hell im so happy. am i in love or on drugs… WTF!! hahahha.. no way mate! i told her why cant she be a little lovely instead, damn it!!

i just miss every thing back home, even i know the situation in MYS is not as good as before. i started to appreciate mys after i stay out of the country, especially i stay in middle east.

trust me guys, I STILL LOVE MYS, eventhough its suck!!

u are not paying attention…

Friday, December 12th, 2008

i really got a little upset when some one is not paying attention to what i just said… sighh.

say u duno or something but never ever tell me u did it already, u know about it. cant u be a little truthful and be frank to me?? come on dear, nothing is better than to be frank and truthful even to a fren.

but any way, its up to u… the choice is yours.

i miss u means what??

Friday, December 12th, 2008

i miss u means what????

may be it means nothing at all, just a basic manner to mention it. and my fren he told me that’s true, just a basic manner in europe… even i love u..emmm… pretty sad man.

before, i really think i miss u and i love u is something special… okay, till now even. but it depends who’s gonna say it to me.. i will find it sweet and lovely if i like that person. ehemmm… not cool to those i totally dislike. and i dont care its matter of manner or what. keep it for yourself, pls.

some one said i miss u to me, i seriously doubt it.

wanted to ask, pls define you miss me… but i didnt.. and i said i miss u too. frankly, im serious when i mentioned that. my ” i miss u” is real. but im not sure about u guys..

well, guess “i miss u” still means some thing isn’t it?? or as mentioned, just a basic manner from europe coutries??

my best friend DELL..

Friday, December 12th, 2008

my god!! i wonder wat’s wrong with my lappie and my mobile.!!!

they just jammed in NYC……my life is jammed too since im back to kuwait now. damn damn damn!!! i just bought it this march!!! come on, at least last for 2-3 years time. now i have to be heart pain cos i didnt back up the files, especially the pics…

well, im gonna be me and meeeeeeeee ,,, okay and with my magazines and books for duno how many days from now. i thought of getting another one at the mean time… but its too crazy huh??
pls pray for me that i will have my sweet heart back by my side ASAP!!

i cant live without you DELL.

i cant stop laughing

Monday, December 8th, 2008

as usual, i always think funny stuff inside my mind to keep my mood up.

for example, i wil just smile and laught for what ppl did in the wrong way. serious i find it funny. what to do.. im a mean gal. and i work with non sense, i have to keep my mood up by that. i know its kindda evil to make fun of ppl… but i didnt make it public, i just find it funny at that moment, nothing much.

okay, i not that high class too, but at least im improving to fit into the environment and go international. unless i decided to live in the village then i dont care about what is table manners, dont bother about rules and regulations. but im not, so i have to be up to standard to play the game. come on i want to be in smart and quality level okay.

i make fun ” inside” quietly on pax and crew. some examples,

pax asked me for a prayer room on board… ya, we do have jaccuzzi in the first class, would u like to use it?

pax asked me whether she can have a 3 seated so she can lay down cos she doesnt feel good…hmm.. i will check for u, but i dont believe i can get one cos every row is occupied, moreover i cant move the pax from the seat. she replied : can u talk to your manager so i can go to rest in the front [business class or first class]. me: huh…. emm. im sorry mam, unless u want to upgrade your seat, do u need any medicine to make feel better? she said no. goshh,,, means u are fine, u dont even need any thing to mae u feel better. idiot!!

pax has an injured leg, she asked me is it possible to move her to the front [business or first class]. hmm… what’s wrong with all these pax, u are holding economy ticket, u want me to move u to the front just because of that and let u having the first class service?? come on, that’s impossible!! pax they paid for bsiness and first because they wan to be peace and spacious, i dont think they wan to see u any where near them to disturb their rest. some more she told me when she travel with other airline they gave her the seat… ohh. well, why are u travelling wih us?? i dont believe that at all, say what ever u want, i can even say im a princes.

and have u ever see some one using a egg holder to contain the ketchup or sauce?? hahahha,, i did. its really funny.

goshh, i just cant believe that. life is full of interesting ppl.

im not magician

Monday, December 8th, 2008

some thing i want to share again..

well, guys im just a flight attendant, im not a magician onboard okay??

if im assigned as a cabin attendant. once im clear to get my ass off the jump seat, i will start giving blankets and headphone, fix the babynet… the standard procedure.

then start the meal service. when im serving the meal, they ask me for coffee or water. hmm… have to smile and say its right after this, so, u would like to have fish with noodels or lamb with rice? when u are serving beverage, they need to refill or extra an everything from the trolley since its FREE. come on,, i have another 100 pax behind u, can u pls dont waste my time?? any way i still let them be and said ” enjoy” with a smile. since i have this retart in the front and u guys behind of him gonna wait. im sorry about that.

when serving tea/ coffee, one pot on the right and tray on the left… they wil ask me for water… hmmm… are u blind? i dont have 3rd hand to bring water for u, u have to wait, i dont care. if u cant wait, im sorry about it. get it from the galley then, im not here for u only. im serving other pax at the moment, and u are not special at all.

when im doing collection, they will ask me for beverage… OMG!! didnt i just served it?? i dont have beverage with me now, im ding collection.. wait if u dont mind. i will bring any thing u guys asked, but u gonna give me time to do it, cos im not a magician.

there’s once, one pax he’s serious dumb. he was in the galley, he point at the water, and said give me water… not even a please. okay i said while im still arranging the cups. when im about to give him water, he said give me water again. WTF!!! are u blind, i ady stop what im doing and gonna give u the farking water!!! im a little angry, i look at him and i said “can u wait for a sec???” he got scared and said ” okay okay okay” what ever u retarted, i gave him the water and dont wan to smile even its part of my job. who cares, rubbish!

the entertaiment system is the best part. 50% of it always always having defect, always unserviceable!! of course pax they will get angry cos they paid for the ticket. well, what can i do other than apologise. im not the technician, the technician in kuwait they’re not doing their job what can i do?? i cant fix it for u, im just a flight attendant. i can only get u a seat with the system is alright.. that’s the best i can do for u, apologised and get u a seat if its not full load.

flying is never easy, especially long and direct flight. but for this flight, i got the best compliment from cheif and pax.. some thing that make my day.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

for u sayang…

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

this is some thing i wanna tell some one special i just met. let me give u a little bit support here.

u asked why things in life so complicated… hmmm. .. ya, i wonder why too.

as i always mentioned, life can be unpredictable.

althought its unpredictable, always out of control to screw some one and benefit some one. i know its unfair… but this is life. that’s why its full of excitement and challenge.

when u think in a positive way, u will find life is interesting; of course u will say its suxx and u got screwed when u are little negative.

as a matter of fact, im not a BIG positive thinker. i do have some emotional crisis once in a while when im emotional weak. but im getting strong now aday. as i told u, time is the best remedy. focus on other activities.

keep this in mind,

one: be HAPPY is the word we’re looking forward in life. any thing, any one hurts u, just forget about them. u can not be there for her/ he to keep hurting your feelings. are u……hmmm… its gonna be harsh if i say it. remember, u always deserve some one better, some one that appreciate you, some one care for u.

two: when she/ he doesnt appreiate u… ask them to go away in a well manner way, of course u can say : fuck off!! who cares. since they dont care, neither than u. dont waste time for them, u have so many things to do in life. so busy to meet good ppl, busy for family, busy to indulge youself. so… u dont have time for non sense ppl. they just dont worth a single second.

three: YESTERDAYs is history; TOMORROW is a surprise. u never know what;s gonna happen, live life to the fullest. dont let yesterdays limit yourself, u may miss the chance to feel happy again.

four: we LEARNT from yesterdays, so we feel stronger today. and dont/ try not make the same mistake again.

u can do it sayang, train yourself to have a higher emotional level. u will see things in a different way, dont stuck and be suck to the situation…its not worth killing your brain cells for them.

when u feel weak, u will be emotional, just remember to think abt ppl that will be there for u, to support, care for u. i will be there for u if u need me, im serious. cheer up, so many good stuffs waiting for us. who cares those that dont appreciate us, is their lost, never take them back, because they wil betray/ unloyal/ hurt us again. i cant take another emotional break down any more.

well….things wont get better in just one day, but u gonna try sayang. time will tell who is worth and who’s not.

u are romantic..

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

i love music since young, especially mandrine songs..

i like jacky cheung, emil chou, a mei most.. and of course there’s lot more i prefered.

i seriously amazed by these song composers, they’re really cool, like a story teller. hahha . all songs contain a story/ stories. it describes a touching love story, or may be sending a message. eg, for olympic, for fund raising, for breast cancer, for AIDS.. etc

well, i know all the lyrics for love and romantic songs are kindda funny, because i dont really believe all the romantic crap.. that will not happen unless u are damn lucky to get one romantic kid. ppl now are more concentrate in bread instead. they already forget to be romantic once in a while….so, in order to get that feelings, i need to listen to these songs to feel romantic… haahah, i know its miserable.. hehhe.

okay, may be i shouldnt be that pathetic… of course there’s still alot “romonatic” kid de, so im here to wish u guys luck for that.

i love this

天天想你 天天问自己 到底什么时候才能告诉你

天天想你 天天守住一颗心 把我最好的爱都给你

did i…..

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

well, its kindda complicated. i duno where should i start.

guys, for your infor, i know alot ppl through out my 27 years. but my friend list is very short. i keep only ppl i like and love most.

may be some times im over in certain circumstances…. emm, but so far they love what ever i did as usual. i dont curse, i dont blame, i dont fight, i dont argue …..etc with them. i always be supportive when they need me, again, only applicable to MY list.

well, i feel only sorry if ….. emmm…sorry for being there.

those can speak “zhong -dong”

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

emm.. im fed up to talk to this group of ppl. they’re just……just……cant think in a righ way especially female.

im operating KWI-LHR, LHR-KWI. im the only asian in E/Y. for your information, i dont talk much. they’re talkin in zhng dong, loud and noisy. they dont even respect others that dont speak “zhong-dong-ZD”

anyway, my point is just about a ZD female. okay, she consider not ugly, and i see nothing in her. she’s so empty, same as her brain…. EMPTY!!

she’s bad in english, i wonder why the company take her in the first place. this is an international co.

she’s talking on the phone with some one after took of from KWI. imagine…if this call made by an asian, guess the asian will received a serious report.

she’s lack of sense, she thinks what ever she knows is right. i always work with this kind of studburn and silly bitch!!

she didnt know im malaysian, she thought im thai. and she said this on my face, u are so typical thai. what the fuck!!! Im CHINESE!!!!!!! u know nothing and u said im “typical”, and how much do u know about a typical thai person??? she’s just an EMPTY bitch!!

she’s bitchy, she wants all the guys to pay attention on her only.

she didnt check her calls, yet she’s instructing me to RESET it by saying, ” pls reset the call, pls pls pls.” what ever u idiot, i got headache when u start talking.

she’s lazy too, no surprise, these zhong-dong most of them they’re lazy.

she’s stupid, and im positive about that. by filling the forms, position is written and she wrote in another column.. is she blind or stupid. one senior was asking her, why u didnt follow what is written?? she said its okay, no problem. i was shaking my head and smile at her, because i have nothing to say about her stupidity and her iresponsible attitude. guess what she said to me : this is not the end of the world… hahhahahah. i wanted to laught. i know this not the end of the day, but u cant even do a simple thing in a right way.. im just glad u are no one, and i wish u will not be some one in the future.

she said this ” why u didnt make up?” and walked away. what the heck!!! u expect me to draw my face as u did?? no thanks, u look terrible!!!

sighhh, why i always work with wierd ppl??

what u see when u closed your eyes

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

i was reading quite a number of blogs, articles, news….. is it because of all these stuffs, i started to revise a little and compare what actually happened and happening… of course, things always have bad and good. and i try to dont give a sh*t about the bad, sound irresponsible huh? but i dont care!!! i just want to be happy, by not wasting time.

when i closed my eyes, my heart is pounding… i wonder why? im not under medication, im not scared, im not even thinking .. emm. am i under stress?? no, i dont think is kindda relaxing as compare to pharma.

well, i started to turn on music to relax a little, it wont work much. but some times it helps. so its not about music. i switched off the light….. same. but im affraid of dark….damn it!! so i dimmed the light. okay better, look romantic.. hahah. but what for!!! hahha. i tried on lavender aroma theraphy… i helps in the beginning.. and im immune to it. sighhh. i tried on warm milk…. not working!! make me feel hungry and get up to cook supper for myself. its fattening!!!

actually the most effective and efficient way is wine and medications… but i always try to avoid it. i was rely on it before, cos medication makes me stupid and forgetful. so i stopped because i did witness a terrified incident. that caused me to make up my mind by not taking medicines to sleep any more.

some ppl told me they see/ think about someone. okay that’s true. nothing to comment about.

i see nothing when i closed my eyes. cos im trying hard to force myself to fall asleep.. ahah


Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

hi i am win. im chinese, i read chinese, i write chinese and i speaks chinese.

im proud to tell u im still a chinese that haven forget my root.. heheh

im a chinese educated gal since im 7. 6 years in primary school, or may be u can call it junior high if im not wrong…

by learning chinese is not what i want, is was my parent wish. and i still dont agreed with them till i get into malay secondary/ high school then fully english education in pre-u. i realised my english was suxxx and im kindda regret why i didnt brush up ealier.

by the way, chinese is not easy to learn. and i have only basic understanding and knowledge as compare to the pro. overall my 3 main languagues learnt in school all suxxx, cos im consider a lousy student in class.

any how, when i started to work and travel, i realised chinese is really cool. it really helps me alot cos i can speak chinese. so i have to thank my parents they send my to chinese school for 6 years. and they let me choose my own path after the 6 years in junior high. believed it or not, my parenst they neve interfere where i wan to futher my studies after i get into high school. im the only one to decide which school, which college and whcih university i wan to go. basically they dont even know how to decide for me as well. they gave me certain amount of money to survive and i have to get the rest for myself if i need extra. i did blame them for a bit.. but i dont when i grew older.

every thing is a basic training for me to enter the materialistic and realistic world. just im lucky enough i had the chance to know it earlier. so its good for me. mom always told me she hate herself alot due to the family situation caused me to became a very touch gal.. with harsh personality.

ehh. sorry, got distracted liao.

chinese ppl are smart, of course there’re more smarter ppl around the world not chinese. but i still think they’re smart overall.. hahah. and too smart and start thinking a wrong way by increasing the melamine content in order to increase the protein percentage… hmmmm. that’s the thing i dont like about chinese. they can do any thing to profit/ benefit themselves.

years back, one of my fren he serious hate chinese. any thing in chinese. he told me he got headache when he listen to chinese speaking ppl. we argued about it for a month because he’s a non-chinese speaking smart chinese ass. he doesnt know any thing about chinese. he non stop criticised about chinese, every thing about chinese, he totally forgot he’s ancestor was from china i guess. it make me so angry whenever he wants me to agree with him chinese is non sense!!!

i have my own stand too, i never give in when he says chinese is non sense. what the heck!!! any way i dont want to mention much about it, because i still appreciate him as a friend.

chinese has interesting cultures, and its special. its so much fun and colourful if u know and discover about chinese, especially food!! i feel great about it too because i didt miss out the important stuffs which written in chinese. even some of the book has been translated into english, the “gist” is so different from the original.

i will never forget my root and im glad im a chinese kid. alot ppl thinks they know alot about chinese… bla bla bla…come on guys, dont act smart on me, im chinese, and i dare not say that. NEVER!!

my 100th post in friendster

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

my first ever blog it was on Tuesday, December 13th, 2005.

i wrote it when i quit my first job…and beginning of my second in hartamas.

i didnt know i can crap that much in my blog. most of th time i crap about my job, my experience, my colleagues, my customers, my friends and all the things happened around me.

since i read my blog all over again, and the way im writing it….exactly like the way i talk. haha. its pretty amaze me cos i didnt see any writing improvement.

good thing is it helps me to recall some of my memories since im a forgetful person. now i realised im having a selective mind, it only remember what i want. heheheh.

by blogging and taking pictures is the best way for me to remember more.

it’s time to claim ….

Friday, November 28th, 2008

dear friend,

u guys promised me so many things.

action is always bigger than words.. and u all keep postponing it. i want to punch u all ady!!!!!
if u are reading this

for tze, still remember what did u promise me??

for chay, where is my list?? im waiting.

for cousins, where is the line?? i cant see it.

for cousins, get ready for the gathering. i want to crap.

any way, im just too bored. thought of some thing u guys promised m before.

p/s: by the way, why are u guys getting married?? leaving me behind.. do some thing for me please. hahha…

am i the lucky one??

Friday, November 28th, 2008

its thanks giving day…. too bad im not in NYC.

seriously i wish im there at the moment for this season. and how i wish i can stay longer and not comin back to kuwait.

the only thing i feel good about kuwait is i can stay in side my own room, a proper place to stay instead of hotel room. … my comfort zone in kuwait is in the room, go online and me and myself with you tube and my best friend DELL. hahhahahah.

although been thru alot of shit, but still im glad some how.

okay, im gonna cut the crap, cos this is totally not what i want to say….


i get to know some nice ppl after i joined the airline industry. learnt some thing new besides my previous routine work, whole new interesting experience.

get to know alot ppl, but i dont keep them as my close friend. may be we dont have the thing call chemistry in between.

some ppl, i can be very close to them in my 2nd gathering.. but i dont really get close to anyone from the first sight..except gals. cos im kindda protective towards a guy….hahah.

some ppl, i dont even close to them even i know them for years.

i like only nice and good ppl in my circle, cos i dont like to waste time in probing and playing mind games. i wan to chill and relax and stress free. talk any thing when ever it comes out from my mind.. that’s pretty cool things to do when i got to hang out.

i swear i try not to hurt your feelings, if i do, just tell me straight to my face. i will respect u if u do the same and try my best to be who i am in real. no matter what happen, no hard feelings, i promised. i will still appreciate u guys as my friend because i want to keep u in my life.

so, am i the lucky one ??

how many times i said thank you for being…..

Friday, November 28th, 2008

thank you again for being mean so i learnt and transformed, and still improving.

thank you for not being there for me though. any occasion, any thing u didnt even mention it to me. i did ask, but i never get any answer nor feed back, so i chose not to ask any more, just by emailing u, write to u…..hmm..and i dont even have any proper email feedback too.

sighh…. u are really nice, serious. i do appreciate to be your freind.

thanks for every thing, if not i wouldn’t know what’s important for me. although i wasted my time waiting without a reason.. but its a whole new experience. i never knew things can turn out to be so unpredictable.

well, about all the truthful, sincere, loyalty, mentally support, and being nice, caring, lovely… etc. i realised its just bull shiting. hahaha … i wonder i believed in those quotes. but its a good one..

okay, that’s all good. u are not piece of shit overall as compare to others.

serious, i thank you for nothing being there and i do appreciate that. no hard feeling dear. cos i still wan to keep u as a friend.

i cant wait to FLY with them!!

Friday, November 28th, 2008

as usual…non stop blogging about pax and crew.

although nothing to be surprised.. but every flight, i have a whole new lame experience… hahah. serious, the pax is always a disaster..but this time i did enjoy making fun of them, when i look at them i cant stop smiling because i felt sorry for them during disembarkation.

this is a 4 sectors flight in 7 days. this time im a galley, L4A. i have to stand by the gate for embarkation, greet and say hi how are u sir or madam.. this way, on your left.. bla bla bla.. etc. of course with a smile.. come one guys, believe me, i really smile and stand to face pax during embark and disembark. part of my duty weyyy.

well, the entire sectors are great if… only if there’s no lazy “zhong dong-segi tiga” crew with us. serious i duno what the heck and how they got their clearance. they’re my senior in the company but this is their 3rd air craft type. hmm… i know im not perfect as a crew, but they’re worse than me!!

this is not the first time i fly with these category of crew. they dont work properly though.

the examples as follow:-

* sleep on jump seat while refueling;

* dont take their L3, R3 station after flight leader did the announcement, yet opening the OHB. well, dou think the pax will respect/ follow/ understand the importance of safety first??

* dont even bother to ask pax t take their seat during taxing. are they mute?? i dont expect them to stand and shout. just by asking them o take their seat.. emm…seems like its seriously irresponsible. [i seriously doubt the zhong-dong education back groud]

* non stop eating even during the service.. i wonder they dont have a proper meal during lay over?? or they wan to save money by not taking any food, and wait till they got into the AC?? seriously i dont understand.

* they dont even check their cabin and pax… i seriously wonder why they want to work as a crew and they still manage to stay in the company. and they work with their mouth.

* they dont work as a team, they stopped the trolleys in a non organised way, and start talking, dont even sstand up and sart giving the special meals not until i asked them to go for it. i wonder they dont have common sense?? hmmm… if im still a hot temper like years ago, i will fight with them. but since i dont wan to lower my standard for these idiots, so i prefer to keep quiet instead.

guys, its gonna be 4 sectors working with the same set of crew. if one go lazy, the whole flight will be miserable. and its seriously tired. and i don feel my leg after i reached my room just now….its pretty serious.

this is just about the company crew, imagine… how interesting it can be when i bitch abt the pax.

interesting event 1: -

as usual, they got mad when they cant be seated togther de to their late checking in… come on, its not my fault!

interesting event 2:-

as usual, they didnt request for special meal, and their name not even on the PIL. out of my coutersy i try my best to full fill their needs. and they still dont appreciate that. and they’re not understanding that we dont carry extra special meal. they provide 7:3 of chicken: lamb …..etc. and pls u are not in the first class, we dont carry 450 meals in a 225 ecomony cabin.

interesting event 3:-

pax with kids, they dont carry their own food as usual. and they start blaming us what took us so long to serve them food. for these flight, we have 22 kids on board, just imagine that. they want milk.. they wan snack for the kids, they wan dypers, they want baby wet tissues, they want so many things which we dont really have special provision for kids. cos we are just a commercial carriage.

interesting event 4:-

sector going to LR took off from JFK, and technical, have to go back JFK, and 3 hours delay with the pax on board.

u know our company pax profile.. all “american”.!!!
the really attack us in A340 galley. they want drink, okay, we can provide, and they scream for food too… my god its a night flight, they supposed to have their dinner already.. and the start blaming us for tat.

3 pax they came and talked to me.. i wonder hy hey dont talk to oter crew next to me, just me they wan to talk to.. damn it!!

them: can i talk to the pilot or something, cos every one is hungry and we dont have food, and some pax they are diabetic, some…bla bla bla, should send ambulance….

me [replid when they finished]: im sorry sir, but we dont expect for the delay too. pls be understanding. if u need to talk to cabin incharged, i will inform him about it. pls take your seat. thank you.

im serious lack of patient with these ppl… but i still try my best not looking into their face, im afraid i will stranggle them.. haha.

the cheif came and they had some arguement and he left….but that’s normal.

later, he started complaint in his languague wih some english too. and of course not all the ax they’re sux, some they defend us too.. and its super noisy in aft zone.

one partial blind pax he stopped me when i was checking the cabin. he wish to change his seat cos he doesnt want to seat nar to these noisy pax. well. since its not full load, i got him one seat in the front zone, and i got to hold his hand help him with his baggage to lead him there, because te cabin was dimmed. emmm. i wish his hand is clean u know…any hw, i think he’s nice, at least he thank he for that. and i wonder what the heck is R3, she’s not doing anything for the pax and i have to cover her ass..@#$%%$#%$$

interesting event 5:-

when i was preparing the galley, one pax he came and ask me this.

him: where can i wash my hand??
me [in shock then i smile an replied]: u can wash it in the toilet, pls.

so happened the pilot he was there in civilian… he was wondering what kind of passenger we carry all the time. hahaha

interesting event 6:-

last sector going back on a direct 12 hours flight..28H he is a rude and mean pax. he’s not only disturbing yet annoying. he wants to keep the milk in the fridge with the frozen food. by right its not allow to due to hygenic policy. i told him i dont have a place for it and by the wy its not hygenic, not only for his baby nd of course to toher pax, what if there’s a leak and it spill on the frozen food. and who;s gonna be responsible when this happen?

but i told him this : “excuse me sir, i dot have a place for the milk bottle.” he replied :” so, u wan me to throw the milk on the floor??” in a very rude way.

i wonder what’ wrong with him, he still insist to keep the milk bottle inside the fridge. too bad for me is, i always work with ppl who’s not firm, they never co-operate, and they dont have sense of what’s right and wrong. sighhh… well, i didnt say anything. because no point to educated the retarted!

same pax.. during the collection, he kept his tray on the cabin floor. this i totally not right. not only blocking the aisle and it will dirty the floor, and its not safe, what if someone trip because of it and fall on the handle of the seat? things can happen any time any way.. still alot ppl doing it without second thought. well.. i told him in a polite way and my tone is flat cos i dont want to have any arguement with this retarted!

me: ” excuse me sir, u cant leave the trays on the floor, can u pls pick it up for me?”
him [start to complain things that its not possible, bacause he wants to show he's not doing any wrong] : ” NO, i wont, i have een waitingfor the meal for more than 30 mins, no one give me water since 2 hours ago…bla bla bla”
me: ” im sorry, u cant leav it on the floor, cos i dont serve your food on the floor just now.”
him [still complaining} : NO… bla bla bla.

i dont really bother what he said, cosits not in a proper english, it hurts my ears. and he close his eyes and said he wanted to rest.. he’s really a bastard ever. i didnt pick it up, i looked at him, his wife and kids. i shaked my head and i left. and i dont bother the tray on the floor or not.

later, i told the flight leader about it, just in case some thing big wll happen next. but during my rest, he came to the galley and apologizr to my colleague. and i wanted to tell him, who cares, u are just no one, u are lowering yourself by not comply with us.

any way, this is just one small part for the week. want to fly with me??

busy or not interested??

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

im busy… this is a damn good excuses and most popular sentence to use in any situation.

when i asked fren for a drink, they will say they’re busy with work. hmm. i was working as a med rep too, and how come i have time to go yam cha so often?

when i asked fren for a lunch or dinner, they will say no time, can not fix a time yet…. hmm.. me too, u think im damn nothing to do is it? i just wan to keep in touch with my fren any way.

when i asked fren to chill out, party as in gathering at a club or a pub, they will say no money, busy, have to go out with bf/gf… what the heck… i didnt sk u to go party with me every week, just once in a while.. and u dont even have time for me???

tell me guys, no time, no money is not an excuses for me any more. …okay… if u say no time, then instead of hanging out for half a day, u can go early instead; whom says no money.. dont tell me u u need to get money for your next meal. i believed in my group of frens u guys are way richer than i do. may be some of u think drinking and partying is a waste of money and u want o go buffet or may be karaokae.. okay, just tell me. i can always comply with u..

here to thank my monash kaki who still always hang out when ever i need u guys in certain occasion. appreciate that. especially to eling my dearest buddy, and always take me as your friend seriously.

any how, just wanna to say. actually its all about u guys though.

if u are interested to hang out with me, like to talk and share things with me. no matter how busy u are, we still have chance to meet each other any way.

just try harder to show me u are interested to keep in touch.

or.. tell me u are busy and i will get the “signal”.


Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

sighh… so many things in my mind now.

i duno how to express it.

i want things to go with my way. i want to be some one special to some one….hmm.. how can i do it?

so many things im greed to have….and it akes me feel disarray.

any how, good thing is im going back malaysia or chinee new year 2009. i cant wait to go back and have fun with my cousins and family.

i wish to see u all my dear famlies, just borrow me your time pls. i want to spend tme with u guys.

i am….

Monday, November 17th, 2008

[everyone, including strangers]

hello, i am Win. im Malaysian!

im a female.. ahhah, im truthful, im sincere, and i hate lies. im lazy but im responsible while im on duty. and im mean most of the time.

i dont talk to strangers unless im on duty, because im scared!!

nothing much to talk to stranger, so they dont know me much. because i dont bother.

[my friends + khoo family]

im mean as usual, because i just want to be myself.

my friend say im wild and crazy.. i think i am.

i like to drink with friends occasionally, but i love to drink by myself [... because...] when ever i have the chance.. im trying to increase the rate, cos im slowing down alot this year.

im caring and lovely to those that’s special or me.

im rational, im serious and im strict. i know its boring… but some times i have to.

i dont like to plan ahead, because plan never stick to what it’s supposed to be. may be rough idea will do… so i wont be disappointed.

i work things very slow because im not a fast person. because chinese poverb says :慢工出细货!!but im efficient if i know its important.

any way….
since im away my original field for years, and im stuck in a slow coutry, and i learnt to be a little patience since then. i try to take things easily and not seriously.. because no one will take it serious except myself. i know its a disaster, but no one tend to bother…and why should i??
life is short, work hard for it and enjoy it.

can u…

Monday, November 17th, 2008

can u please be yourself, because i hate fake ppl;

can u please be sincere, because i still want to be your friend;

can u please be cool, because i dont want to feel stress anymore,

can u please be truthful, because i hate liar;

can u please say what u want? because i cant read your mind;

thank you for not trying hard..

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

there’s alot ppl on earth that i came across they’re just a normal human being like me, i can tell u honestly, i am a lazy ass if no one force me to do something big .

let’s back to the point, once ppl get comfortable with their current life or may be conditions. they will slow down and not ambitious…hmm.. i think im one of them, but i still try to improve myself by reading book, updating myself with latest news and tehnologies. cos i still wan to be trendy.. i haven give up…heheh.

emm…. and there’s alot ppl they dont try hard to get what they wanted most. i wonder why?? seems like they prefer “easy to get” stuffs. need not waste their time, energy… then thry start to blame on it… actually kindda serve them right right??

tell me guys, where got free things in the materialistic and realistic world? where can u get what u wanted without putting effort on it?? everyone has to work hard, and worth working hard for it. dont u agree with me???? [okay, except those super lucky asses. im sorry to say that, but some times its just unfair..]

well, let me elaborate some on easy to get…okay, may be u will be lucky sometimes to get a quality stuffs** [**as in anything]. there’s one chinese proverb says 金玉其外,败絮其中.. some thing like “never judged a book by its cover” in english.

and for those hard to get….still, it doesnt means it’s definately a good thing to have.
may be u are not good to handle it well…just remember this, everything has to work in both ways, either antagonistic way or interactive way. u choose it!! really want to waor things out in a harmonion way, please be little extra understanding, little extra caring…. and little extra patience.

IF u dont have these in you, which means u are not meant to have it. so please dont get it by force. may be u will damage it, or making yourself or both in miserable situation.

emmmm… i MUST let u know how i feel inside by telling u this. thank you for not trying hard dear.

i wish im a computer..

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

im not so good in remember things some how… but i manage to complete my science degree. thank god for it and of course to my hard work, as in copying everyone’s note in the class of july 2001. hohoh…still i had to extend the duration of the course, cos im kindda stupid. haha. but who cares, i paid for my own tuition fees. ya, u are right, im just burning my own money.

since i cant find my allaldin’s lamp and i dont get one doraemon from japan. i wish i can be a computer instead. with…..unlimited storage may be. hmmm.. or my be i should wish to be a printer.. okay. let me talk about printer in my up comin blog. hahha.
why i wish to be a computer??

first, i can store any thing i want to. all the books, notes i have read, and i can score good, with flying colours. get scholarship and futhur studies to PhD… well… since im no longer a student. so forget about it. and i wish i can remember all the medical articels i have read, so i dont need to keep reading it to brand it inside my brain cells when i was a pharma rep..but it seems to be a difficult task…. kekek.

my god, i just duno why im not good in remember stuffs like that.

well, its a good thing though.

since im one of the short-term memory member. i dont really keep alot unhappy stuffs. just carry those terrible terrible hurts and feelings with me. but that’s more than enough to make me feel downcas, uneasy and mentally unfit sometimes!!! hmm. may be i care alot, and its difficult to get it out from my head….grrr…. i know life is such, no pain, no gain. still, i wish to be a computer, so i can delete certain memories. or else i can re-boot it… nice huh? yallah guys, let’s start all over again.

i know im bit negative…

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

i know im bit negative now a day, please forgive me.

hmm… having some sleeping disorder too. but.. im still fine with it.

guys i think i didnt do any thing wrong to hurt any one, that’s why i dont think i deserved this kind of emotional crisis. its disturbing and its killing me.

well, let make the story simple.

is that wrong if i show my concern to ppl i like? or may be i love alot? even though to a friend.
please correct me if im wrong….one of my friend he told me this. he said, in a relationship that’s 3 stages..

1st: i like u [as a friend]
2nd: i love u [as a friend/ lover]
3rd: im in love with u [only to lover/ life time partner]

well….. hmmm.. serious i dont know what to say.

always the similar ending for me.. i believed its my fault. may be im not good enough as a friend even…OMG, what’s wrong with me???

are u a emotional species??

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

talk about emotional quotes…EQ for short.

my EQ… im not sure about it. i did a test before, i think… i got average score. cos im just a normal human being on earth.

emm… okay, im kindda emotional. especially when im down cast. i got down cast because of some reasons…which is…. a secret. hahah

well, when im emotional im little bit crazy. or very crazy for certain people.

usually i will start eating junk, indulge myself with nice food, drink some wine.. or alot of wine, or else i will go shopping.

now i realised actually drinking wine is a best remedy, its cheaper than shopping. believed me. i bought 2 boxes of wine its just 400 dollars [average wine will do], it stays in the room for 3-4 months. i went shopping, the clothes stays 1-2 years and the debt stays in my account for a year… hahah.

some times i wish im in malaysia during my depression moment. hmm… u can say i dont have much friends. u are right, i do agree with that.

if im back in malaysia, at least i have my fren back in uni, im sure they will be there for me. as for family… i do love them, but i seldom show my weakness infront of them. just dont want them to get worry about me.

have to thank them, seriously.

i miss the time we spend together having fun. although left 3 of us in malaysia and i still miss u guys. emmm.. can u guys stay in malaysia with me??

hmmm… may be anyone of u wan to grow old with me??
just raise your hand… pls…hahah.

–free thinker–

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

this happened few months back. something strike my mind a bit this evening.

inflight, one of this lebanese crew she asked me what’s my religion.

well… i didnt answer her dirctly. i said: my parents they’re christian. for me, im not that religious. so im free to accept any religion.

this is becos mom always told me all religion teach only good stuffs. im agreed with that. mom read bible and the chinese bible too sometimes. she told me its all good. they never teach u to become bad. that’s true.

and this lady she said: oh… well.. if that the case why are u wearing the cross, and if u are free thinker, u wil not believe in god, allah or others…

hmm. damn it man!!!! pls tell me what’s free thinker means lady.

it doesnt means u have to not believe in anything then ONLY claim it as free thinker. im wearing the cross cos its a gift from my family on my 21st birthday. can u see the diamonds inside it??? let me see yours…hmm. no diamond. why?? of course i didnt say it. come on, im just mean inside and curse them when this narrow minded ppl they just talk and talk and talk wit their own thinking. never accept any opinion. fuhhhh…. guess this headache and non-sense situation only applicable to these “zhong-dong” ppl. stubborn + retarted!!!

and she even asked me to remove it if i dont believe in god… hello, can i wear it as an accessories???

if some one they’re wearing ring on their ring finger. it doesnt means they’re married or engaged. when some one wear a ear ring, it doesnt means they’re gay or lesbian.

why u are so old fashion.

im a free thinker or not, its not you to judge me!!

im wearing it as a deco or not, its non of your business too!!

its so true..

Monday, November 10th, 2008

u know some times ppl said when someone dont have confidence in themselvs, they will start to believe in all these zodiac, bomoh,..etc.

in a scientific way, it says this is consider pscedo-science.. cos it doesnt have seriousl scientifically proven the fact. if u believe it then its true, if you dont. then just read it for fun or may be something.

my friend she jus sent me this link.. i read it and its kindda my type. i was impressed by it, just a little inaccurate about who’s your family and such…still a wowww..

黃道宮位置: 約在牡羊座20-29度
季 節: 初春
元 素: 火
主宰行星: 火星
象征符號: 公羊 理
解事物的方式: 直覺
建議 :注意聆聽別人真正想表達的是什么。留心那些想獨占你的時間和精力的人,別讓自己的古道熱腸平白被有心人利用了。理想雖值得全心追尋、投入,但也具有毀滅性。在大方伸出援手前,先確定別人是否真的需要協助和引導。盡量認清事物的真實面貌,別被自己一廂情愿的熱情誤導。
情侶: 雙子座二 雙子巨蟹座 巨蟹座三 獅子座一 處女座三 天蠍座一 天蠍座三 天蠍射手座 魔羯水瓶座 水瓶座一 
夫妻: 雙魚牡羊座 金牛座二 巨蟹座二 處女座二 天秤座三 射手座三 魔羯座二
朋友: 牡羊金牛座 金牛座三 金牛雙子座 處女天秤座 天秤天蠍座 天蠍座二 射手座一 魔羯座一 魔羯座三 水瓶座二 水瓶座三 雙魚座二
家人: 牡羊座一 雙子座三 天秤座一
同事: 牡羊座三 雙子座一 巨蟹座一 獅子座三 處女座一 天秤座二 射手魔羯座 水瓶雙魚座 雙魚座三

you big LIAR!!!

Monday, November 10th, 2008

let’s me tell u something i seriously dislike, or may be i can say i HATE it alot!!

i dont really hate something in life….not even close to hate may be. but.. once u lie about something can give me a negative impact… u better watch out!

well…when ever u started a lie, u have to cover it with another. its like snow ball theory. it will roll bigger and bigger. and its not funny when u caused someone to feel bad about it.

seriously i wonder why ppl love to lie. what for? any benefits?
hmm. if its white lie, just kidding than im fine with that.

i hate liar…

anyway, let me tell u his gal in the company. i think she’s mentally ill. once she’s here in kuwait, she’s been telling everyone she’s some big shark. hmm. anyway… i just listen to her bullshit. for example, she just like to create stories to make herself look…emm…look pretty high-class. as if we all are low-class uneducated retarted! i kept quiet cos im fed up with these non-sense.

okay, i know your dad has a G-2; okay, i know your dad sent u a body guard [something like that]; okay, i know u are a fashion model in NYC magazines; okay, i know u are a master degree in medical stuffs; okay, i know you are british but u work in kac because of u like to serve pax which travel with this company; okay i know u are a embassador from UN [pls correct me if im wrong]; okay, i know u have alot connections; okay, i know u have a lovely fiancee; okay, i know u are japanese too; okay, i know u did a brain surgery and with a unbeliveable speedy recovery before u went on a flight… im sorry i just dont pay much attention on which flight u did; okay, i know u had brain tumour, i feel bad for u as well; okay, i know u resigned, cos u told me u refused the flight and went to your GL to resigned the next day…ooppss. ..but someone told me it just a leave application form u tendered. i thought it supposed to be a resignation letter instead. emm.. may be im wrong AGAIN. but anyway, im glad u stay.

by the way, im a degree in science too. maybe we can talk about the latest technologies in medical. in a professional way i prefered. im a hokkien and hakka mix, and im a chinese. nice to meet u; im no one in the company or even any way on earth, but i have alot of caring friends; im just a fligh attendant working in economy class; i will resign too when my future bf or husband ask me to;

im pround to be who i am, i dont lie to become who the hell i wanted to be. im cool with my low-class back ground; im cool to be a child from a average educated family. im cool to tell pll about my family chaos if they’re interested; so what?? and who cares??

be yourself… you dont have to lie.

moving on…

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

its time…its just the matter of time. time is the best remedy and time will tell.

good timing… okay why not? but.. when??….im thinking. haha, may be i just let myself wander in the air space. not even concentrate nor focus on something sometimes. i know i have some sort of serious bad habits. i dont even noticed i did that, not until my friend point it out. okay, thanks. i try not to repeat it.

hahha, what to expect.. being myself and alone all the while since…….i dont remember when was the last relationship. has been awhile though.. nothing good to recall. wah haha…. im farking mean.

being genuine, being caring, being truthful and being loyal just a waste of my time. i dont like to fight, i dont like to argue, and i hate to quarrel. i prefer to talk thing out about it in a peaceful way. it sound kind of boring, i know. but……seems like being nice and lovely its not what ppl looking forward, may be they’re looking for 3rd world war or something big to cause them to have serious emotional distraction or may be some permanent damages. in conclusion…i just wasted one decade of my life for these ppl. a non-meaningful chapter. i should have done something good for myself instead.

any how, thank you guys for all the concern sending from all around the world. u all are good ppl to me, i appreciate that. im serious. i miss the time i spent with u guys during uni. especially with u eugenia, eling, belle and johannes. u indonesian kiddo. u taught me alot bad stuffs with your gal, your current wife eugenia. congrates. hehe. it was fun.!! so nice to hang out in such a budget way..

hey, for your infor. im kindda walked out from the shady paths. nothing is impossible huh??. im strongly agree with that now!!

used to be just me, me and myself before. and ONLY me in kuwait since im here. plenty of time for me to think what’s about in my life. how i want it to be and how to make it better. any how… haha. im not quite yet to have any idea of that. plans always dont go with what i planned for.. but its okay for me. i learnt to be “taking it easy, and dont be too serious about it”— my latest quote. this makes me feel much better than before.

im greedy!!

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

good morning kuwait… listen, its just a greating to my fellow friends stay in kuwait. and good morning to the world. ahaha. nia ma, i damn mean! but.. who cares.

dont really sleep well.. hmm. may be im way too tired..or may be im dehydration. or may be im too hungry… or may be not…

i was chatting with my friend a while ago. was telling her what i want at the moment after i woke up.


i want to eat dim sum in the morning…

i want to eat roti canai, the indian bread with dull sauce and sambal;

i want to eat tandoori chicken;

i want to eat chinese bak kut teh;

i want to eat road side nasi lemak from the malay aunty back in home town;

i want to eat bean curd steam fish with white rice;

i want to eat beef and chicken satay;

i want to eat satay jelup;

i want to eat chicken rice back in my home town;

i want to eat duck noodles;

i want to stay with my mom;

i want to meet my brother often;

i want to stay out of kuwait;

i want to go vacation;

i want to go hong kong for food and shopping;

i want to go china or nice sence;

i want to go taiwan for food;

i want to go japan for food;

i want to spend time in things i love to do;

i want the ppl i love to be safe;

i want the ppl i love to stay healthy forever;

i want alladin’s lamp. !!!

things happened for a reason..

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

has been awhile i didnt hear about this statement…

it kindda amazing after i heard about it again..and its kindda convincing towards something..for me.
its true.. my memories kindda auto switched on…recalling..

part 1:

if i didnt get into this biotech, i wouldnt get to know him during summer class. and i wouldnt changed my perspective and got so much good influences from a mean but knowledgeable person few years after the summer class. if its not because of him, i wouldnt push myself to keep improving everyday after uni to prove i can do it!! ….. im still improving bro! u should be greatful and be proud of it although im not that smart all the time. hahah.
if there wasnt pains and without appreciation plus additional lack of communication too, may be with a little bit of untruthful, i wouldnt made up my mind to quit my routine job. cos i want to escape for a bit. if its not him, i wouldnt thought of going for a flight attendant walk-in interview. cos i wanted to taste how it feels.

part 2:

if its not because of him i wouldnt want to becoming a flight attandent. seriously. anyway. thank you for not being there with me all the while.
by the way, operating these sectors with the pax kac carries. trust me, u dont want to know about it. anyway.. its some sort of good experience to know what’s about it. treat is as a vacation for myself. get to know new things along the way.
adjusting myself physically and mentally.. ..i always believed that when we are in certain ages, certain stages, certain environment, it makes what u are today in life. thank god for im still me.

part 3:

…….we just met, u tell me.

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

thanks for those sincere enough to donate for china si chuan natural disaster. its pretty sad case.
i watched the follow up news on hong kong channel the other day.

hundred thousands of chinese are homeless because of the serious earth quake. i felt pity towards them cos they’re seriously unlucky. i seldom show my pity-ness to ppl. i have my point of view… for instant, i never give money to begger in my life.. okay may be not yet.
anyway…..they’re not those begger which is healthy still but end up on the street begging for money. they’re not group of refugees from war, battles.. etc.

emm.. may be im too emotional or may be something’s wrong with me. i cried especially when i watched this old man he was by the wrackage. at first i wonder why was he talking into the collapsed building…….may be he’s praying, may be he’s still in shock….my be may be.. then i realised he was talking to his wife that trapped inside. its kindda dangerous situation though, and he still there to accompany her, make sure she’s not alone all by herself before the rescue team arrive. emm……tell me, how many of them can be that caring still when something huge is happening in life??

anyway…. life is short. so try to live life to the fullest and be sincere to ppl that we value and care for..

to be frank, im not a lovely gal or not even close to sincere sometimes. kindda tough and mean though. well….since i can do something small to make a difference for this group of unlucky ppl by online donaton. why not u buddy??

FYI: in order to get water filters and purifier system to supply their daily usage, medication, food, all the basic internal needs need money to make it possible.

related article: state of mind.

u bitch!!

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

went on a flight yesterday. although its up and down, but its really dont consider a nice flight.
hmm. lets straight to the point.

after collect the waste, this crew she was asking me to birng her pepsi and a glass of ice. alright, im cool with that. my job.. anyhow.

after that, supposed to go by tea and coffee, i told her twice i will go with tea. but this bitch she was flirting with one pax,,, ma hai. she thinks she’s a damn pretty doll huh? pretty ugly bitch!!

she was so busy bitching and she took the tea.. fuck! i have to go back and collect the coffee.. its 100m away..and why should i?? hmmm.. any how, im cool too.

after serving the coffee then im waiting for collection….

this bitch she came back to the galley, she asked me : u spilled the coffee on the pax?? No, i said. again.. she asked me 2nd time in another 10 sec, did u pour the coffee on the pax? i said : i DIDN’T! [with a serious look].

hello what the fuck is wrong with this gal?? she expected me to say ” YES, i did” when she keeps trying the same question again and again??

is she nuts or she’s stupid?? or dumb? or dont understand english!!!

u can go to hell u bitch! pls dont waste my time!

washington DC

Saturday, November 1st, 2008

it was a nice flight to JFK.

it was a tiring but a happy flight. i went party and DC.. nice!!
plan: flushing –> subway 7 express train –> 5th ave-byrant Pk [F]–> DC china town

raya in malaysia

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

its good that i have this chance to go back malaysia for raya… hmm. okay although i didnt visit my colleague’s open house. still, i have the chance to eat lemang and rendang, kedubat chicken curry at uncle’s place. atleast some thing lah.

90% i spent my time with my family. eat at home, asked mom to cook some of my fav pork dish, eg. marinated vege with pork. yum yum. went to cousin’s house for steam boat, wine and crap as usual. all of u thought im having good time huh? yes i did, but true fact was damn farking upset me little bit. but i cant be bother much since 90% of human being they love to “suan1″, love to “hua4 zhong1 you3 hua4″. what to do. actually what i wanted to say is im courteous enough to bring u guys gifts, and u expect me to bring one full bag of gold huh? im working hard here to pay off my loans not to buy u gifts, understand?? why not u help me out a bit for my loans? hw about that u idiot?? bag of gold exclusive for my own family member, not for nonsens. i hope u guys dont mind. hmmm…..guess i can save more not to bring any thing back next time.

breakfast in the morning with mom. i try my best to eat all sort of food, taste it and take away the rest. i cant eat all of that… sigh. i wish i could. still, when i got back here, i realised i miss out so many food. damn it, i should hae start listing down from now on.

have to thank mom cos she helped me out to get most of the food i wanted. we went out to get it in one day. wah haha, nice to hang out together. and thanks to my ex, he really nice and help me alot. hmm.. i have nothing to say about him. he’s just nice to me. and i appreciate that.

thank you guys that show up for the party. finally i have the chance to hang out with u guys even though we dont really spend all the time together. and to those didnt make it… nothing to comment lah, u guys take care. i have no energy to keep in touch anymore. take care and good luck.


Friday, September 26th, 2008

从前就喜欢蔡康永的节目, 应该是两代开始的吧。 当康熙来了开播以来就更爱看, 因为小s也很猛。

大家请收看康熙来了2008-09-25 两性研究所。 关于男生的屁理由如何令女生抓狂。很真实哦!我认为男生也太扯了吧,你们当女生是猪啊?才没那么笨,只是装傻来配合而已。

carmen.. thank you for writing this.

Friday, September 26th, 2008
pls read this and u guys will know what im doing for living.
thanks to carmen and danielle for the source.
appreciate that


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

im gonna tell u guys what happened. listen.. may be u experinced it before.

KU541 was nice flight, even though there’s one idoit bastard at my side. any way, fuck it!! dont bother, as long as i have malaysian flying with me, its nice. i met alot medical students from malaysia. they’re on the way going to alexendria for their general for 6 years. here to wish them good luck for years to come, so we’ll have more nice and good doctors back in malaysia later on.

KU542 was terrible, tired, pissed. for this month, the service sequence changed!! a little different instead, due to this celaka changes, more work to do, and more panic situations i faced.
okay, i know its your holy month. since its holy month, u guys should be more understanding and be nice and good. but the real fact i encountered was soooo farking celaka!

case 1:
once they boarded, one pax requested to lower the boarding music in the cabin. [wtf is wrong with u bastard, its the boarding music, its not your house radio!!] but im keen enough to smile and replied him said, sorry sir, this is the boarding music, i cant do anything about it.

case 2:
40% of them were OTP, i got a little pissed! i requested them to switch off the mobile immediately as usual. again, this bitch she told me that the flight will take off in another 30 mins and its okay for her to talk OTP. i said : listen, AC takes off in 30 mins doesnt mean the captain he’s not preparing for the flight. this will interfere the navigation as announced. i wish to have a nice and safe flight back to KWI. pls switch it off immediately. i insist! thank you.

case 3:
after demo, checked cabin to give clearance. one lady started to yell at me after i asked her to upright her farking seat. i never compromise with non sense ppl that yell at me with no reason. i was so serious and no smiling face after seconds. i told the bastard sat next to this bitch: im here to make sure she’s safe to fly with KAC. that’s for her safety reason. she has no right to yell at me!! she has to comply with me!! pls translate this in arabic for me to her, cos i believed she doesn’t understand english. and i walked away. for the whole flight she didnt even ask anything from me. NICE! that’s what i want.

case 4:
pax brake fast on board. fine.! they changed their mind for the meal after we were 5 rows after. “excuse me sir. let me check with the galley attn and i will bring it if i have extra meal” the usual way i deal with them. but, he was rude. he said : i wan u to take it away now! and bring me a clean fork!“. “sorry sir, i will bring something from the galley and then i’ll exchange it for u. my hand is full at te moment.” “no! i want u to to take it now!” okay farker, u son of the bitch. i dont want to have any eye contact with him anymore, i dont even smile, i grabbed his meal and went straight to the back with my handfull of chic biyarni meal. he said thank you to me every time i pour him tea, collected his tray, gave him a glass of water. but i dont give a fuck to him anymore.

case etc….. kacang case i dont remember much. as usual, taking 100 trays of water to flood the cabin. changing seats, pax treat u as if their maid.

full flight, short flight, and someone is not working.!! its farking tired to work alone. i wonder why non of the “senior” notice about it. all of us were busy, as if we were at the battle field. someone is still eating and blocking the work station. really WTF to u jibai-gia, and thanks for the senior for keeping quiet. i appreciate that a lot, im serious. i cant wait to shake your hand and say thank you.

guess im dammn bad luck today, transport got a flat tyre on the way back. fuck!! its just another 5 mins far from rest house @#$%^&*^%$##$%^.

good thing is the salary was out, the only good news i’ve ever heard today.

day off in london

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

im alone in london for my day off, hmm,, since touch down i still in the hotel for nothing.
wanted to watch the hong kong channel, but the audio having some sort of problem. while the other channel ie arabic and indian are perfect. damn it!!!

and im here in the crew lounge for internet access, and there’re a group of arabic speaking came after me. they’re talking and screaming, and i duno what the fuck they wan to do that. they just live in their world and disturbing mine here inside the small room. so damn farking noisy. i wish they could go to hell right now!

well, since im having my day off here, i wish i will go some where nice tomorrow to have some fun.


Thursday, September 11th, 2008


这次是想跟着弟弟去玩,真的很赶,很可能回累死。还是等下次假期才去。 哈哈!也好吧,留在家也可以到处去的,只是不是很远。


yes, i do……. then what else??

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

10 years ago i was happy and naive to spend my time with friends than family. it was fun of course, but seems like my parents and cousins they thought im getting bad and worse, and so and so…. but.. i finished my education, although it took a little longer.. haha, cos i extended another semester, 6 months longer. but its cool, i can spend more time in school and work part time to earn extra pocket money. just spend some time to fool around. at the mean time, i was with my ex-bf. it was not that cool, i rather spend time with frens, that’s why i stay in the gal hostel instead. hahhaha.

well, do learnt alot from the worst ever in years. that really changed my perception alot. and i know what i want compare to the naive teenager i was. its a good thing i supposed. still i dont agree with my parents and cousins that i made wrong decision before. but they judged me wrongly!! any how, they shut up and say nothing.

since im single now, mom started to get worry about me. now she’s encouraging me to find someone that can share things with me.

nah.. what for!!! lazy to get to know someone, and go through all the shit stuffs if he’s not the right one. most important shit is when they don’t apprecite u and not being understanding. its really a WASTE OF TIME!!!its better to stay single and be freedom though. do what ever crazy stuffs i want to do at the moment. hmm.. i know its a little lonely, but sometimes its way better than 2 staying together. ANY HOW… still want to be grateful to those that able to get their special one. hehe.

let’s back to my part, as i mentioned. after u get married then what else, divorce??? he might not be the one still. i know life its like gamble, no pain no gain. may be im selfish enough, i dont want to go through the hassel in the future, because i know my luck… not a lucky gal after all, at least not bad luck. haha. still i need to be hard working to get what i want. santa wont come to knock at door and give me a bag of money each year. no such thing okay. stop dreaming and get back to work!!

Beijing 2008

Monday, September 1st, 2008


每当运动员认真时真得很帅!!! 好吧,好吧,只有好看的才有比较帅而已。哈哈哈!!
51枚金牌,No. 1 in Olympic 很不错哦!!应该说:很棒!超棒的!!
40 billions [港币??人民币?]来建造北京奥运,中国真有你的!!

还有将来临的残奥运 sept 2008,加油!!

4.3 Earthquake

Monday, September 1st, 2008

Kuwait - Saudia Arabia border hit with 4.3 Earthquake
it was on the 17th august 2008.
kuwait has earthquake !!!!!! scary huh??

im fed up

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

im very serious this time. pls listen to me. im fed up with every thing!!!

i fed up with the company, im fed up with my group leader, and im so fed u with the gossip and rumours!!!

i dun wan to listen to any excuses and reasons, and pls dun keep asking me to wait wait and wait. i dun wan to wait and u do nothing besides drinking coffee and smoke cig.

just shut the fuck up, and do your job!!!

lone ranger

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

travel alone is something fun, because u can go anyway u want to. as for me, i love to plan where should i go in a day, and try my best to go all the places i have planned, if not i can do it the next trip or tomorrow. all depends on my “bullet” haha.

good thing is u can have all the time yourself, enjoy your own sweet time without waiting or please someone who cant keep up with the plan.

but travellig alone can range from a little expensive - very expensive. cos no one gonna share it with you in every thing.

well, have to travel smart, for me, i dun think im a smart traveller, cos i always over spent.. hahah.

im gonna visit the city for the next up coming stay. yohoooo.

good bye and good luck

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

after an exhausted flight from KWI-JFK-LHR-KWI, finally im back to my room to have a good rest.

happily switched on my mobile, the last thig i want to received was this msg. he’s leaving the country again.. sighh.

any how.. wrong timing again i supposed.
good bye and good luck then.

29 june 2008

Monday, June 30th, 2008

i miss u puppy..wish i get another cute and fat doggie like u.

KU 171

Monday, June 30th, 2008

it was a nice flight..nothing happened.and its good news. nothing means good news.
hmm. may be some usual idoit ppl mess up the flight, but it’s still cool. make sure don’t give a fcuk and u will be cool. hah.

back to this frankfurt night stops. it was cool although its tiring, and i had serious gastric.
its spring, its crowded, good weather and its fun on the day i went down to the city. frankfurt a.m.!!

ambreen, fahed, jassim and me. we took a few crazy pics. we crap, eat and walk.
thank god i was with u guys. i wish to have another long KU171 and we can go europa park during the summer.

come on !!!!

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

what’s going on lately?
stop complaining and blame each other.
work things out together.


Wednesday, May 21st, 2008



除了呆在家里头享受冷气, 吃冰,应该还有别的玩意吧。。哈哈!!沙滩吧。。但是我不爱这里的沙滩。因为沙滩上的人很有问题。。。也可能是我的问题吧。回教国家,公众场所开放有限, 不可能穿比基尼戏水吧。。哈哈。haram…

妈的,gobal warming 的种种问题。。。使天气变化无常!



Thursday, May 29th, 2008






Saturday, May 10th, 2008

its freaking hot in kuwait..42c during the day and 34c at night. crazy!! and it will be more crazy in the coming months. 57c last year in kuwait before the winter. mailto:!@#$%25^&*
besides this HOT HOT weather, UV radiation is another factor. s terrible, i dare not go out much and keep applyng sun block even im in the room sometimes. just prevent to get dark or something.

with this hot and dry weather, the air got dusty especially desert area. when the sand storm and hale storm are here, its better to stay indoor. im sure u will not please by this fuck up situation.
some colleagues told me that the summer is here and they wanted to go the beach. well, yallah go ahead gals. i just wan to stay in my room instead. beach side picnic in kuwait during the summer?? NO, thanks.


Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008

cant believe i was in NY.

didn’t have the chance to go out, just wander around the neighbourhood and some light snacks shopping as usual.

well, the pope was there, and that’s why i dare not go out and go through all the traffics and delays. and i watched the Mass at Yankee stadium LIVE. hehe. of course not the whole ceremony, i’ve been switching channels though. ummm.. and most of the channels were about this Mass. that’s why i watched it LIVE on TV.

again… thank God i had/ have JFK.

i’m sorry win

Monday, April 14th, 2008

well, nothing special now a day.

some silly shit happened on me as usual. haha.. what’s wrong with me?

the common sentence in my life : i’m sorry, win.

in a rush

Monday, March 31st, 2008

its kindda rush.. every thing in a rush.

rush for dentist, rush for a hair cut, rush for a dinner, rush for shopping, for a drink….every thing a hurry. it’s stressful. and i got headache when too much noise..damn it…
how come i felt this way? im just away from malaysia not more than a year and i felt the pressure when i back to KL.

hmmm…i got slow down in every thing. hahah.. not good to be away for long though.

F R E E.. no thanks!!

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

free..?? free drink? free gift? free food?

actually im so free here in the room, nothing to do except online, makan and sleep. sighhh..its not healthy, and its killing.

hope more good to come…but not this kind of life.


Monday, March 24th, 2008

its cool, first time in my life i experienced this weather.its SNOWING in london…wahhhh.. so nice to see it, but not nice to have this freezing weather. its killing me. hah.

anyway, its a good experience. wo hooo…

you’re not connected

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

hours without internet drives me crazy.

I wonder how I cope with that previously I think I can get real bored if I have no connection. Other than listening to the music and I do nothing in the room for my days off.

Well, okay there are few things for me to kill time though, as in cooking, baking and doing the laundry. Laundry really kills time, washing the blankets, clothes, bed sheets and towers…etc. so much washing to do. Clean up the kitchen, toilet, the carpets… wow, that’s a lot to be done. Good exercise for me. Heh.

Okay, back to the internet.

My new interest is to go online to check out some general knowledge. Some reading, some real fact stuff instead of novel. Can know who invent this and that, some Chinese stuffs as well. And have to refresh my biotech knowledge a little, im reading it sometimes. So many things I have forgotten, since im not applying in my routine job.

Well, most of the time im chatting with family and friends. Just to crap since I lack of that practice for so long. Heheh, have to catch up a bit, if not my crap license will be expired soon.
Guess I really need this wi-fi connection. But sometimes it sucks due to the signal problem. STRESS!!!

Anyway, Thanks to the genius who invented it. Damn appreciate that.


Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

something wrong inside me i supposed.
im not trying or acting cruel, the fact was im. heh.

im sorry, if i don’t be cruel, i’ll be in miserable again. i don’t deserve all this shit anymore.
i want to be free, be happy and be with someone who can give me strong support.
it seems like i found someone along the way.

put all the blames on me if you want to, i don’t bother what outsider thinks about me. they’re just no one to me and keep your mouth shut if u know nohing!!!!

outsider, you please f*ck off alright? im the one who knows better!!!


Sunday, March 16th, 2008

now a day i get confuse easily….i need straight forward and to the point answers, please.


Saturday, March 8th, 2008

3 march 2008- election day, and happy birthday to you wyn.
hope something will change and better to come in years.
here’s something i wan to say.

i.e. resonable wages for the grads from the uni, who has their degree and higher. and better pay for the professional instead.

biotech students ain’t cheap labours alright!! nothing has been change since the day i decided to take biotech course when it comes to the wages issue. ok, may be 20% has good career. and 30% still holding on, and 50% work in a total different sector like me. damn!!

i’m glad

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

guess Jesus He’s kind to me, to all of us.
things getting better and of course things ain’t always the way we want to. but when we consider about it, think twice. it’s something that better than before.

i learnt to appreciate things and be grateful sometimes…well. of course not ALL the time. i have emotion too alright. im just a normal human sepian like others. heh.
anyway im glad and thank God.

thank you guys who always show supports and concern. i appreciate that. umm….. if u guys can be generous on me, i will be more happy and appreciate you more. haha. j/k.


Thursday, March 6th, 2008

time to share.. again. heh.

well, let me tell u this. something about me again.

well, crap is what i know best in my life. and not paying attention comes second. hah. not good. it’s not that i don’t respect someone, it happens so naturally… ahha, so naturally don’t respect someone. kekek. umm… please don’t misunderstand me guys, i’m just can’t concentrate sometimes.

i know when this 2 comes together, it will be disaster, melampau!! already not paying attention and yet crap so much, but annoying sometimes.

i wish my crap kaki is with me whenever i want to crap non stop, atleast some same "wavelenght receiver" will understand my crap. some ppl they just don’t get my joke, stress!!
thanks to everyone, i had a great time for KU101 on 040308 although its farking exhausted. but its fun though. i love it.

1st time in bangkok

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

over spent is something that i don’t wan to recall and don’t feel like mention it in detail here.
beside all these money stuff, i find bongkok is a nice place to hang out. but im so scared will get diarrhea after i ate the road side food. heh. i just can’t control myself to buy the food from the stores. all the desserts and snacks. and i had a mild uneasy feelings, and that’s it. lucky not to serious type.

imagine i did my groceries in bangkok, including fruits and chilies. heh. my baggages is full of foods and fruits, and something nice for mom. hope she will like it. bought some so call thai silk for her house. if not, its for my future husband’s or my lesbian gay’s house. heh. may be, who knows.

i went out alone to kao shan, and china town. and damn it, it will be damn fun if i go with friends. but others were so…. ok, i can go alone instead. feel a bit wasted because i did’t get to visit the tourist attraction spots. i went shopping and groceries. that’s why i over spent…… damn!!

valentine eve dinner 2008

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

yeah, im having a great time with my hang out in the room for valentine’s day dinner.
having malay’s food for valentine’s day, during the 8th day of chinese new year. ummm. kindda fusion!!!!

my 1st valentine’s day in kuwait. haha.
actually it makes no difference where i was and now. i always celebrate v day with my friends.umm, may be i celebrated once….8 year ago may be.
damn pathetic. heh.

TAROT-past, present, future

Saturday, February 16th, 2008



a practical realist. a businessman, bank manager or farmer who has considerable wealth. he is generally married and is very shrewd. despite his wealth he is unpretentious. he has a stable personality and is slow to anger.



a painful ending of a relationship. that whic has stood in your way is now being removed. possibly a three-way relationship in which heartache is inevitable for one participant or all- minor surgery is possible.



take care, for all is not as it seems. you need to use your intuition to deal with a deceptive situation. the path you are on is difficult and may cause fear, but continue along it, even if you are beset by doubts, because all will eventually turn out well. this card is favourable if you are involved in a clandestine love affair.

so….my fellow friends, will you pray hard for me? heh.

thank god

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

i have been thinking.. should i or should i not say this in my blog.
well, this is a happy thing, guess i should update my beloved friend who cares for me. hehe.
im happy with my life now, free and easy compare to my previous suxx experiences.

please let me go..

Monday, February 11th, 2008

who ever that read this pls be understanding…

im tired to explain what i wanted most in a relationship. i can only say sorry for those who don’t appreciate me before. and i had enough with excuses and threats.

in order not to hurt someone feeling, and now im having all the shit back. umm, may be im not good in relationship or something.

i just wan to be nice, and be friend. if someone he still don’t get it, im sorry to say i can’t help much anyway, and im farking tired to explain this again and again.

we are adults, and please don’t behave like a barbarian. i hate arguement and i don’t like to quarell. i think it’s a waste of time and oxygen. please be understanding and let me go.
just let me go… please!!!!

valentine 2008

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

its gonna be valentine soon… pretty fun and romantic for those have one huh.. keke. i wish i will be going off this shit hell and meet my valentine.., some where else. kekek…. everyone been asking, who’s my velentine. ummm… someone and wine it is. my personal msg is all referring to wine. the alcoholic grape juice. heh. enjoy and love your partner, umm.. or else, get a new one if they’re looser. i just dun want you guys to waste your youth and time with morons like me before.

you guys should be thankful when u get your sweet heart as i do.


Friday, January 25th, 2008

imagine, i been crapping whole night wit my recent hang out online.

i wish they enjoyed d moment. eyes are tired, i’m having sore eyes. heh.

chinese new year is coming

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

emm.. i can’t celabrate chinese new year with my family this year. but it’s ok, i’m on duty anyway.

kindda miss the ang pow and new year food. it just once a year im getting it from my cousins, and of course i want their ang pow as long as i’m still single, having a bachelor’s passport..hahha. evil evil laugh. especially for those stingy cousins.. wah hah hah.

so, guys. don’t you worry, i’m not here this year. you can save your ang pow money for others. kekek. may be u can belanja me yuk gon, moon cake when im back. i miss my lao-go zha jiang rou and ha beng as well. yum yum.