Thursday, December 03, 2009

very nice..!

hmm.... serious i duno what to say, but i still feel like writing it down.

my mood just turn from normal to slightly up set.

well, basically im not a sweet hearty gal for others. im just me..!

what really up set me is no one bother to take me serious. and took me for granted again?? yeah, im not some one, im not popular, and most important, im not rich enough to make u be close to me....that's really cool!! i have nothing to say but i will note it down, to remind myself dont have to be so nice and trouble myself to help others again and again like an idiot!!!

no point doing it any more, and u guys ... please, when u see me, dont have to say hi or do any thing nice to fake it alright, cos im farking fed up and felt irritated about it.

so good day and good luck!

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