Wednesday, December 30, 2009

thank you gals and guys...

hmm... wanna say thanks again to those always with me. especially those in MY list, online chat buddy as well. xie xie !!

serious i do appreciate what u guys did for me lately, although can't be with me in real, but it's good enough to have u gals and guys chatting with me..

well, as i mentioned to some of u, my recent social life turns out wasn't that cool. but it's all good now. u know me, i rebounced faster than before. basically every time the down cast moody chaotic depression emotions subsides rate getting higher. i was pretty amazed actually. emmm.....may be i'm getting used to this kind of situations?? hahahha, damn rotten luck i guess. but it's ok, i know GOD is testing my patient again and AGAIN. ^_^

and, u guys were right, and still truthful !!
i memang heart sick when i do good to some one. being caring and lovely plus courteous is totally a fool. [umm, or may be not.] my heart serious cracked this time, and mentally stress out for this silly reason. hahaha, i'm pretty sure it will crack again cos i always soft hearted towards certain new situation. hahah, so basically i learnt from mistake and the same mistake won't happen again. hmm, but for new situation.. hmm, i'm not so sure. may be i will kena again.. LOL, damn it!!

grr.... i memang treasure friendship, too bad some are not. i can't do any thing about it right? since i already did my best. may be some of u said i should try harder. frankly speaking, i did! those they always with me, they understanding. that's enough for me. love u gals and guys. or may be guys.. heheh.

thank you all for restoring my positive thinking and perception by giving me tons of compliments and support. which i dont feel that bad and lousy any more right now. and thank you too say my EQ is improving and getting into next level. love that alot.. kekke. love u guys! both of u are great and steady ! *hugss

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  1. Steven Chia2:47 pm

    Thx for being my fren!! Very appreciated!! Hope our friendship like a circle! never end!! :)