Wednesday, December 09, 2009


u will not believe what i just did this morning. i woke up damn early to save money, and of course, im malaysian, im entitle to get this benefits from the government so i need to try it out. at least once in my life.

since so nothing to do at home and i already planned to get rid of the upper wisdom tooth. i decided to go to the government dentist clinic. instead of paying 500rm, i think this is much reasonable. hmm, although im there at the clinic for two and half hours.

basically they dont provide u napkin, no mouth rinse, no pain killer, no antibiotic, but the cotton for u to press on the wound. and plus, they dont have time for u, i cant even be mentally prepare for it. down on the chair, check check checking and checked, then asked u wanna do extraction?? yes, doc. then straight away injection to numb the gums..and waited out side for 10 mins.. since i know no more mental preparaing outside, i have to do it at the waiting bench. turn, damn!!

down on the chair again and that's it. less than 20 sec the winsdom tooth was removed. doc u damn good, serious! i said thanks and paid rm2 [rm1 for registration + rm1 workmanship, bit unbelievable isnt it??

here's the proof.....

may be u guys can try it in the future instead spending so much money on private. and do remember, if u are malaysian, u are entitle to get this kind of benefits. dont always complain and just bullshit, go and try it out, if u are not sastified, call the customer service to complain. so u will help them to improve, help others and yourself in the future too. dont just sit, listen to what ppl says and comment/ complains.

in conclusion... i think governement hospital or clinic service is not that bad, just they dont provide u every thing for free.. and that's for sure. i dont expect to have the accesories for free.

as far i know, u can try out the government dentist clinic.. and no comment on those GP at goverment hospital yet.


  1. nice but i still dont wanna try it ..GH KL looks like hell to me...i have relatives and closed ones there before..

  2. LOL..... i went to the clinic, and its differ from GH SBN nia. this is just for dentists it look cool and clean.

    any way, GH SBN not bad also, i been there many times for my physiotherapy treatment. and granny there for her operation before. ICU also fully equiped de.

  3. Anonymous12:00 am

    Gomen hospital is now very well equipped. People should use more often.

  4. ya, it is very cheap chris!