Wednesday, December 16, 2009

lunch and movie with missy

woke up early for the early birds movie at MBO seremban. well, i thought it's gonna be cheaper, who knows it turned out IT IS NOT!! hahahah... walt disney Princess and the Frog still new new, so wat so ever! i wanna watch it!

my younger cousin miss veronica is with me today since i booked her in advance. i have to, else she gonna be some where i guess. so it's bett her to do it before some one does. hehheh.

we went lunch after the movie, and....... hmm. wat should we eat?? this is a very serious issue, i duno where to eat during this hour, especially afternoon. all the nice food is either morning, else evening. when im about to cracked my head, i thought of temiang! yeah man, the noodles shop i love to go, my all time fav at Seremban. it's so yummy and delicious, although its a little warm... hmm, i dun care. i wan to eat that noodle tikus!

when approaching temiang, my heart is pumping hard... why? because im so affraid that old lovely lady will take a day off again. was praying so hard for it.. please please please!! thank god for it, it's open! wohooo... hurry, park your car and grab the chairs! no kidding, i love their noodle tikus very much! it's just NICE, 10 points from me! and hope it will maintain it's quality for the rest of the years.

and thanks ya cousin, spent time with me for food, movie and grocerries. appreciate that *wink

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