Saturday, December 19, 2009

im enjoying right here, right now

emm.. rainy days? yeah, i know, this is the season.

dont feel like going out, exactly. and its not that fun to go out any more i guess. but i still love the music and party life.. hehe. too bad... not much chance of doing it though. why so? because every where is the same mann, same culture! dead bored!! i miss the lay over party life.......grrrrr!!

thought of comin back malaysia can regain my social life...hahah, damn it man, seriously not wat i want from wat i have planned! sitting at home to write my blog.. hahha, i duno i should laugh or some thing else. cry?? no, not going to do that. NO NO NO.

some times when i checked my phone list.. who should i call?? married, married, got gf ady, this one busy with bf, this one busy with kids...basically NO ONE. hmm, i think better stay home. and hmmm.....from i see now, certain friends seriously not sincere, they come to you is to sell u some thing, else they wil not give a damn to me after that....and for certain.. hmmmmmm. sigh, i duno, life is cruel and we are in a realistic and material world. so...better dont expect so much!

well, so lemme enjoy my time alone, eat good to love myself once a while, and also be damn cheapskate when i wan to be frugal. LOL. buy some thing a little bit expensive to indulge myself when i wanna love myself more, and be stingy on myself when im a little broke.. hehehe. and go movies or some outing when i feel like it with little cousin may be......... and wat else ah? emmmmm.....just go with my mood of the day!!

call me if u have problem with that, hehhe !! wohooo, i do enjoy my life right now although its a little boring.


  1. Anonymous1:47 am

    very simple..find a bf for yourself, and get kids!

  2. Steven Chia4:15 pm

    i found some1 same like me!! some frens are not sincere!! but juz forget it! im lucky now bcoz i got u! :) Hope u here...then we can go out when we r boring or need some1 go hangout, yamcha or watch movie.... :p

  3. dear anonymous: if i can get a toy boy and if its that easy.. why not! hehhe

    steven: ya, u come over to peninsular than can hang out during weekend! haha