Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas 2009

well... im on duty during the festi season. eg, flight on christmas, kuwait standby on christmas, jakarta standby on new year eve and flight on new year !! hmm, but it's ok. since i dont have some one special to celebrate with, go on duty better. at least i still have the chance to hang out with some gals and university friends, which is good enough. i'm willing to sacrifice my rest to go out have some fun and of course spent quite alot.. heheh, im helping the malaysian's economy !!

i went party a day after chrismas, actually i dont mind much, as long as i have hang out kaki with me. so we went to some nice club with cool music down town.

here's the gals...

and i met my fav colleague/ friend from company. so happy to see her at the club with some others !! she's lovely and such a cool attitude i ever met. hehe, ok, u can say i like her because she's my top party hang out when i have JFK and LHR flights.

i had fun that night gals.. thank you all for this unforgetable night before 2010 !

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