Wednesday, December 02, 2009

cant stop eating..

fuuyooh! basically i started eating once i woke up at noon.
the traditional favorite nasi lemak with eggs...for breakfast. well its a good start ^_^

3 hours later back from errant....again, sambal ikan bilis with thai fragrant white rice, and of course egg with soy sauce plus shripms with 'tou geh' vegetables. so delicious!!

and another 3 hours, mom prepared asparagus with shrimps... what!! LOL, ok, let's eat!! and its served with the chinese ginger alcohol 'giong zou' with egg broth!

sorry guys, i didnt get to take the pix.. wat a waste!

but............dont u worry, i took the pix of the crispy spring roll po piah snack i prepared! woohoo! NICE.. yum yum
so, just 8 hours i had 3 meals and light snacks....well, this is life back home! home sweet home!

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