Thursday, December 24, 2009

a.k.a pre christmas celebration

went to PJ to meet my dearly fellow friends.

other then the massive traffic.. every thing seems good! the christmas deco still up to standards and i always love it! hmmm... so romantic!
christmas deco at the gardens

christmas deco at mid valley

well, went korean dinner and met chin and his wife. unexpected seriously, thought he went back taiwan for his career. but its good to have him for the dinner, thank you guys! the dinner was good.

joined another friend for a drink for second round...ahemm, to be exact, alot of beers. hehehe. every thing is good, had a good night out. thanks again!

and nic, my dear. thanks for the lunch! really thankful and good to see u again.
christmas deco at the curve..
soup of the day.. tomato cream
chicken fillet for nic
and salmon wrapped for me

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  1. steven chia4:09 pm

    nice foods!! looks delicious!!