Tuesday, November 24, 2009

mrs khoo part 3 - are they strangers? or you mom?

hmm..... every family has their difficulties, this difficulties may include financial crisis, family violence, work pressure as well as disappointment among family/ families member.

months i have been hearing mom told me about her families, some issue about the usual gossip, family's properties, asset this and that. things about what my granny, my uncles, aunties as well as relatives even since she went to relative wedding dinner last weekend with cousins. LOL.... what a speed update sesion for mom.

well, actually all these wedding occasion, family gathering during chinese new year and meet extended families member once in a blue moon or once a year just to update and greet each other. and glad to be there and see everyone still healthy, laughing and so so....

some shocking news i heard lately was about the grandpa will. well, nothing much to comment, since mom and us not his fav. but should we or shouldnt we be nice since we never make it to his fav list. as far i know, we or not those crappy shyte*. at least still up to standard level.... hahhahah!
basically, the whole thing is just unfair towards others in the family. as i mentioned before, althought mom is the first child in the family, but we are not the fav nor popular due to.......poverty. ahhah! and thanks god we were!! so..... so, u will know if u ever been through the stage of hell! seriously duno how to put it in lines when i talk about them. speechless* sigh

atleast we are blessed, mom brother fee and me is good enough, still healthy and kicking! the rest, i really dont expect any thing from them. because they always dont look up on us any way. money money talks all the time, showing off and such, bla bla bla. as long as i see them, i joke, i laugh, i talk nicely and that's it!! no thanks for the rest alright! bye and good day!we are contented with wat we are having and all these issue i will just treat it as a live show going on, sit back nicely and watch, listen and observe. i do what i should and ONLY!

to be franks, thank god those relatives has been treated unfair, they're having the same mind set though. we are not those greedy asshole, nor calculative personalities/ mentality. else... its gonna be so chaotic.

so, i wish all these good cousins live life healthy, happy and i still love u guys in MY list!!

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