Tuesday, November 03, 2009

me, me and myself

some one told me once i have to take things easy.
some one told me once i have to take life easy.
some one told me once i don't have to be so tough on myself.

am i?? hmm...... im in disarray.

i believed im kindda out going, talkative, care about MY list of friends and family......umm... but, may be a little bit too lazy when comes to certain tasks/ issues. and too may be too mean and harsh towards certain people when i encounter some thing i feel uncomfortable with. so is that wrong?? im just me, i dun want to fake!

emm.... by the way, guys always after fake and plastic isn't it?? this is what i experienced. or they just vanished without keeping in touch, serious i wonder why, guess im too scary and look pretty ugly, plus they may be felt a shame when im around. hmmm.....what else? u tell me.

today is bored! although i went movie in the afternoon and still, i felt bored after i cook tom yam for dinner right after i went pasar malam [night market] with mom. i started to call some home town fren to hang out.... and non of them are available, due to work, some already slept....... sigh.. this job make me so odd.

since i cant go out, so........i started to sms. and guess what?? hahah, no response. NICE, serious!!

means from now on i dont have to give a fuck to any one any more huh?? means i dont have to be nice and offer my help or donate goods or money to ppl in need. some times i take things for granted doesnt means i dont return fav, just the fav is not immediate. emmm.....may be u guys duno me much... ya, who does any way.

well...thank you all for all these so i know myself better. and stop challenge my EQ alright?? bit emotional stress out currently!!

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