Tuesday, November 17, 2009

life isn't that interesting..

all these while i kept conviced myself that my life is freaking colourful.... insteresting plus it's gonna be full of joy and happiness. but it turns out dull and flat, in short, im bored!!

hmm.....well, it's pretty nice to stay home. and hang out with friends during the week end and work on duty when i'm on duty. that's life right?? ya i think so, but i started to feel duno how again. any way im not looking for dramatic and chaotic life style. so far i feel.... i'm not so important. hahah, my phone is not ringing, no sms, basically it's just a hand carry watch or may be alarm. LOL...that's why some times i don't bring along my cell when i go out for movie, dinner... etc

basically i ady called all the friends i wanna hang out, and we did. just once.. that's it. and no one bother to buzz me, and everyone started to get busy for living. sighh....

seriously, some times i chose to stay home because i'm kindda moody. i don't wan to keep calling friends and ask them, or may be beg them to go out for a drink. so... i'm all alone again even though i'm back to malaysia. pretty pathetic!!!

frankly, i don't know what i want and what i should do at the moment.


  1. 2 words - syok sendiri. ur forte!!

  2. pretty much shock sendiri!!

  3. 好久没来看你了,还好吗?

  4. hi chris, im fine but life getting bored...any way im happy im back to malaysia for good! hope u doing well too.