Monday, November 02, 2009


30th to CGK, my first flight of the month OCT as well as the first flight as a operating crew from KUL to CGK. one whole month no work... isn't it cool. LOL. any way, this is my first time to CGK.. and it's far more lousy than i expected. seriously, i dislike every thing but i like the short flying hours and no layovers. in conclusion, I LOVE MY JOB. hehhe, who doesnt. low work load with the same money compare to those having tons of paper work working in the office.

basically, every thing is alright, pax is quiet, not demanding excepts some.. u know some ZD crap. those Caucasian still alright cos they're with indonesian wife. ahem..@ any way i just wanna have a safe and easy flight. this is what i wanna come back to malaysia although the wages is far more difference compare to kuwait. im fine with that cos i wan to regain my colourful life instead the dull and dead bored non social life style back in sand pit. crazy stupid, i wonder why i can cope with that. hmm.... guess money serious make me adapted to every thing.. hahha.

here some pix from the hotel for crew...

the way back from CGK.. wohoo, the weather was bad bad bad. thunder storm is the most scary part for me before landing. after gave my clearance and walked back to aft to take the crew seat. happily seating and waiting for landing.. suddenly a huge loud sound from the right side of the wing. damn! i so farking scared because the lighting hit the plane i believed so. told my colleague, dan i dont wish any thing bad happen, i still wanna go back to eat KFC from the KLIA airport! LOL

i started to have silence review, just in case any thing gonna happen. and started to tell GOD, please i wan to go back and have dinner every night with parents and party during week end when there's a night out else just wanna stay home and watch TV. im still young here..hahah, seriously i started to tell GOD im enjoying the simple life although its kindda bored back in home town, Seremban.

my blood pressure went slightly higher than usual and im still worried. 5 mins passed, thank God, nothing happen and no PA from Captain. good sign! and finally the chime of seat belt sign and no smoking sign, indicated the landing gear is ON. fuhh.... i cant wait to have a safe landing dude. and finally landed safely, and im clapping my hands! wohoooooo! we made it!

a day after, our interior CNN newsletter told us the aircraft still on ground, due to some technical problem. and it's from the lighting yesterday.. wau! what a crazy delay! almost 24 hours and 3 of my colleagues got pulled to operate the flight KUL-KWI. and once again, thank GOD, they didn't pull me on my day off. NO, thanks!

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