Wednesday, November 25, 2009

home cook chicken rice

wau... didnt get to sleep good yesterday. but it's all good, thanks to the magic pil and i slept 5 hours straight to noon.

prepared myself.....tick tak tick tak....30 mins later im at the town, checking my loan balance from bank. and updated some sort of routine basis. then bought nice lunch back for parents but myself... nahh, just dont feel like eating lunch since i ate plain bread a while ago.

rushed to the kitchen and started to prepare ingredients to cook chicken rice and first attempt...LOL

here goes the preperation....

the fried onions and garlic were ready...

done steaming....

and tar darr...............dinner is ready!


  1. u stuff the onion , galic oil into the chicken and steam it ?

  2. yes, stufed every thign inside then steam....try it and hope it will be great.

  3. just the onion and garlic oil ? hehe wanna try it myself!

  4. yup.. drain the oil to another container, just stuffed the onion and garlic inside the chicken then steam. easy la ant, sure u can do it.