Tuesday, November 24, 2009

frustration news i had enough

hmm...... i just heard some thing really disturb my feeling for few mins. and that's enough! because i dun wan to spoil my sleeping mood.

one of my colleague just got pulled to a flight. well, pretty much disaster for her though, and sorry to know about it and thank god im not the victim for this whole chaotic senario!

this whole conversation is just disturbing and disappointing plus frustration, all about the work culture and is unfair treatment and... let's make it short. we're the flying slave, no on bother about our safety, our feeling.....ohh, ya! we dont have feeling cos we are 'robot', and robot doesnt need to care for their safety issue as well... well, i guess that's what they see us huh... seriously i cant believed all this silly joke.

stories start with miss frustration got pulled for a 8 hours flight during weekend. basically it's all good, just a job though.

after the long and tired flight, miss F has to report to the briefing, some sort of notify these group of breifing officers, kind of 'hey guys, im here, so where's the allowance and key to the room' when u show your face and give your staff number at the counter.

hmmm......lemme detail the stories one by one.

guess what?! they didnt prepare her room, means she has to sleep no where. but finally she got a room from the rest house from another lady supposed to stay in for her duty. as i mentioned rest house...that's pretty not good sign. as far we know, that's basically nothing in the room besides dusty furniture.. can u imagine that? after a 8 hours flight, to be exact, pre- and post- flight about 12 hours atleast, my colleague she's tired and seriously not in a good mood when she knew they didnt prepare the room in the first place. and then she has a dusty room. she had to wash her make up, clean the room before getting her rest. i can imagine how exhausted and frustrated she was. so... is this right to treat a crew after her flight?? come on, we are no longer base in kuwait, that's not an excuse and brushed us off when we start to give suggestions.

now comes to allwance.....the guy at the briefing told miss F this : it's weekend, no one is working in the office. seriously, i wanna clap my hands if im there right in front of them. and blow my mouth for it. what a classic respond!! really miss all these crap!!

the day after that miss F went to the office. she met the big boss in charging the base. gave her opinion about the safety issue when the gals are having standby at mid night. do u know that the gals has to drive all the way from their home to the airport at 11pm and 4am back home by themselves?? they cant go with the disembark crew from the airport, which other base they can plus they follow the transport provided by the company back to hotel. and by the way, the company ONLY pay for the insurance if any thing happen while travelling with the transport company provided. hmmmm........so which means the base crew in malaysia we are not insured even though we are on the way to duty huh?? by the way, the company doesnt want to provide transport to the base crew because they said we have the transport allwance. ok, fine i understand the transport allowance, but i need the insurance. the safety issue!! plus...alone for gals during late night. ahemm.. seriously, its pretty crazy!! what if some one got unlucky?! they may be killed or raped!! i wonder, is it when things happened only they wanna take action?? so GOD, please be with the gals, so each and everyone will be safe till problem solved!

still, some one blamed the gals by staying too far, its our problem.. hahhaah, very funny...but, excuse me! this is not kuwait, its malaysia. the area is huge! even the airport it self is freaking big, at least 10 times bigger than the kuwait international airport! and dont keep on saying we have better benefits than other base crew. this is due to the government issue, our malaysia government protect us under the labour law. and i have no comment on other countries, i can only say im farking sorry they're not malaysian!! plus, the living cost in malaysia is higher than others, so dont freaking compare alright? and stop saying we paid better!!

and this 'better' and 'lucky' from your side is freaking annoying!! tell me what is better? and tell me what is lucky??!! when comes to allowance, is that better? NO! when comes to annual leaves, is that better? NO! when comes to work load, work nature, is that better? farking NO!!

so, if u wanna compare, please compare every thing, all possibilities, all sectors and all out come. not just pin pointing and said we are lucky! next time, talk when u think twice, filter it with your brain cells and talk logic, not non sense!


  1. Anonymous4:54 pm

    hey well i doo understand the problems that u girls face,and well i respect that ur standing up and speaking out.

    BUT ! the bullshit about u girls driving late and insurance for you all and getting rapeed or killed....dude u need to relax, cause when ur on layovers, u go clubbing ..dont u??? ur looking all gorgeous n all n it is late too! ur still living under the companys accomodation and they provide that so u do not have to wander arround n get drunk.

    what if you are raped or killed then. dont u want insurance on that???. you have the full right to have your fun and theres no 1 to stop you.

    In your case:- you are driving late, with your uniform, and you are in your car. No 1 can jump from the back seat n kill you or rape.

    I respect your standing up for the rest of your friends and those who cannot speak out. But also think and review the situation from other prospectives. You could be wrong.

    Cheers :-)

  2. well, make it it's my mistake, my stuborn perception.

    by the way, i dont travel 60km after party. just 10- 15 mins plus its high traffic area instead of quiet and scary highway.

    besides, if i got killed or raped during layover because i went party. i have nothing to say, cos serve me right! but in uniform and things happened, its not a 'serve u right'issue any more!

    cheers to u dude!