Monday, November 02, 2009

days in SEREMBAN

Seremban is a small town, not even a city! just a town. i was born here, raised here and stayed here till my age of 18. then i leave home to college, university and work. 10 years later im back to this small town again. why so?? haha, because i think its better to stay with family. and due to my easy and low work load job, i can stay in seremban instead.

any way, seremban is developing, and still going. where i stay is a new area, and every thing is near, basically i hang out near the neighbourhood only!

well, i just wan to have a simple and no staying with strangers, no traffic, no jam, no stress!
hmm.. well, its kindda bored some times. but what to do, i chose to stay with parents. spend some time with mom and of course mom will take care of every thing. i have home cook dishes. NICE!

i do nothing at home actually, just online, watch TV, get some groceries from the mall, market, watch movie, some karaoke entertainment and go for good food with mom once a while wander around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya.

kindda lazy to go out far though, just wan to hang out near by. some times im sorry when i gave lame excuses eg. the weather is hot, actually im serious, its pretty hot and im sweating! i hate that. and its raining.... hmm, its true! always rain now days. haha; else its too late for me to drive home, unless u give me a ride! LOL, i go where ever u want when u give me a ride.


  1. Anonymous4:27 pm

    So you are 28 y.o.!

    Getting bore at home so soon? Thought you were dying to come home from the sand pit?

  2. serious nothing to do after dinner! haha, but im still glad to be home. no more sand pit, no more serious depression life style.hehe, malaysia still better! but life style in city, PJ and KL is superb!

  3. Anonymous7:59 pm

    You can take train to kl, one of your many admirers will be more than happy to send you home after party.

  4. hmm... no thanks. its scary