Sunday, November 08, 2009

bastard onboard for CGK

u know how i see those ZD all these while.... one word, bullshit!

operated another CGK recently, and every thing was fine except the turbulence that freak me out and the ZD cabin in-charge.

well, its common when the crew chat with each other. and u know what this so-hai ZD said to us in the transport. he said we Malaysian gal drawing the line between the kwi base crew and mys base crew.... ahemm, excuse me! who the hell u think u are! and how dare u interfere our conversation which is not related to work. ok, fine. the gals kept quiet and he acted smart on us and started to "lecture" us. said u gals just talk to each other in your language and didnt communicate with the kwi base crews...bla bla bla.....

actually i wanna said this to him: excuse me, as long as we answered the safety questions, do our job on board and follow the rules and that's it. u dont expect me or us to come and kiss your ass and talk to u alright, because u are not those kwi base which is my friend. im just a flight attendant that do my job, my job is not including entertain and talk to someone that i dont. just hi and bye, thank for the flight, team work during the flight that's it! there's no rules in the circular mentioned that i have to talk to other crew. i need to have peace of mind when i have the time to rest alright, so give me a break!!

these ZD they always selfish and just think about themselves... oh, did u ZD ever talk in english while chatting in the transport or even during flight?? NO! im the only SEA onboard some times and u guys dont even bother, so should i bother when u are the only one ?? and u get offended when u dont understand us?? by the way, i feel like an idiot when talk to ZD, u dont even have common sense nor general knowledge.. so why talk?? make me headache only when the ZD insisting their point of view and never accept others opinion or may be new idea... so better dont talk please! i feel sick after talking to u ZD.

hmm.... if u dont like the flight, so dont fly here and report sick in kwi alright!

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