Tuesday, November 17, 2009

apu's Bday!

went to hida's BD the other day at the new club, rootz. some sort of high class club?? i wonder. i was expecting some thing different since i heard alot from my fren about this new party place. but any way, im with the gals and i had fun, but the club.... hmm. i guess its all about alcohol and the person i hang out with, and of course the club not that cheapskate after all. but the service..... it takes u forever to get your drinks at the bar !!

as usual, dress up and hit the club with the gals once in a while after so long. dancing is a good exercise, i can stil feel the sore from muscles.... and thank god im not on duty these few days. and let's go out again gals..!
outfit of the day.......
the gals.................
can u see KL tower from here??!
the atmos inside the club... so crowded and conjested!

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