Saturday, October 03, 2009

weight gaining Kuala Lumpur flight

finally.... i went to back to Malaysia!! food and beverages is my aims for this trip after so long. and thanks to everyone that i spent time with, especially mom for sure. always there for me and always help me in all the small house hold stuffs. actually staying with parents is the best although its kindda no privacy. but it's all good for me so far.
time is limited, so i didnt get to sleep much and my health situation is just go wild for a bit. but it's okay, Edison the great inventor once said you can rest as much as u want after life... LOL. he actually mentioned that or what?
once back to KL, my high school mate gave me a ride back home town, so i dont have to bring my heavy baggage by train. thanks!! i do appreciate that and're sincere i know that. and thanks again.
once reached home, unpacking and sorted the gifts for relatives. and called aunt for dinner... as usual. it's a MUST to do every time i got back home, else im gonna face disaster situation if i dont. work done and i can go for the nest outing with mom early in the morning for nice authentic breakfast at the wet market food court and some raw food shopping.

in order to eat this rice noodles with pork and squid, i have to wake up at 5am local time.
by the way, can u see mom in the pix???

once settle mom's shopping for this coming weekend mid-autumn festival with brother fee, it's time for me to leave home town by train with my huge luggage back to KL for some groceries shopping for colleagues and myself in kuwait..

mid autumn traditional snacks

Heineken, my fav beer, and lemme introduce you my bestie Chardonnay.

and thanks to mr wooi, bro fee friends back in KL to bring me out for good food and i got to chill out bit.. wauu.. love it! and u have fun in your Bangkok trip boy.. *wink

some chinese cooking from restaurant.. yummy!

nice place to chill, thanks alot!
mom was here with me the other day, when the company decided to move the crew from Traders Hotel to cheapo Crown Plaza Mutiara. no comment about it, just cheapo customer service i would say. any way, i just wanna bring mom around and spend some time instead doing the routine stuffs, which i can always do it after wards. movie, dim sum breakfast, facial [thanks again cousin] and met up with connie and her cutie pies! naughty actually! u watch out benny boy!
chinese dim sum, my fav..... NICE!
nice chinese dinner with consins.... which i really love now days.. its's great to hang out cos kindda stress free. and benny boy serious cute plus naughty..but i like! thanks for the night connie, i see u soon.
the next morning...... what else, let's eat good for breakfast! i took mom to the famous street for food at the golden triangle near hotel by sky train, so call monorail.

rice noodles soup with fish and toufu; pork porridge with fried yao zar guai

after breakfast, we started wander around the area, Petronas twin tower@ KLCC and Pavilion for food, movie and coffee break again...and some pix around the area and met Joe for lunch with mom. and hey, u better dont gimme rain cheque again, will punch your face this time for sure if u didnt take me for the grill seafood back home.
nasi lemak the 'star' from Malaysia. [fig 2]
this is really cool, due to the Indian Deepavali, the mall are putting up the Kolam art on the floor. all these is fixed with coloured rice. really amazing isn't it??

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