Tuesday, October 06, 2009

mrs. khoo_ part 2

time really can changed soome one perception, especially mine. when im young, im naive and im not understanding. i blamed every thing, and wonder why im not as lucky as others... but of course i kept my feeling inside myself. u know, just keep quiet and feeling frustrated all the time and always faught with mom, almost every morning before the transport came. and of course we still fight over silly stuff some times... but now days seems like im the one keep nagging non stop... LOL

any way, mom poses a very good personality. happy go lucky and always sastified with her life. so God is great, although she has tons of problems, but she still look young and good. mom once told me, the more u suffer, more u get in return. umm. okay mom.

talk about the poor days... that's crazy! money never enough. she has to go here and there to get some financial help. i believed everyone start to avoid our family after few 'financial rescue' hahahhha. any way, there's also a few cousins they are understanding and.... they help alot. im sincerely thankful about it. why i mention just she... because mom always do the shyte work, what u expect from a man in the family?? any way, i have no comment about it. ever since iu started to be understanding. i do appreciate mom after what she been through in her life.

one story mom told me which i still remember since young. that's really touching and i do appreciate what this aunt did to mom.

money is a huge issue for our family.. due to, this and that. hahha. imagine just RM50 can make a big difference. no kidding! one of mom sis she's always nice to mom. when ever she's gonna leave the country, all the local currency will give it to mom to help her in the monthly expenses. so, can u imagine this kind of financial help really make a difference for the month though. and thank you aunt cos u really kind and sincere to mom.

any way, this is just part of the chaotic stories. im still fine with that... haha, cos serious no big deal. always certain relatives there for us along the way by helping us out. may be our family toooooo pity and they felt sympathy. dont worry guys, i know u guys never expect any thing in return cos u all are good people.

and one thing i really enjoy doing it again and again is scared her.. haha. her reaction is just funny!! mom get freak out easily when i started to put pressure on her. some times i just cant help it, just want to make her worried and feel a little bit of stress. mom always take things easy, so easy. till i cant stand the way she's too relax when i want ASAP. so i have my way to force her to go a little bit faster....hurry up mom!! heheh, im farking mean, i know that. if i dont get respond from her side for sure i will start calling, else my friends will call her to check what's going on... hahahah. its pretty funny the other day, just to call what's going on and she started to report her schedule to my bestie who called up... kekekkke. i guess she got freak out abit. when im in Malaysia i always call to check on her when im not around, asked what's going on, what is she doing, and what did she eat for dinner. now even im not there, my fren will call her when im on MSN with bestie, im pretty sure mom thinks im nenek siot! like crazy body guard, or may be over caring psyco daughter.

last trip back to Malaysia mom was with me, u cant imagine how many times i called her when she's on her way to KUL by KTM.. heheh. and she's smart enough to sms me the day she left KUL by the time she reached SBN. hahaha, am i putting too much pressure on her?? hmmm.. i dun think so. cos im very worried about her now days, i dont wan any heart attack news about her. cos she's very important to me now.. emm.. money comes second. hahahhaha. well it depends, no money how to give her better living. serious i wish i could print money.. where the hell is my Alladin? i want to make my wish!

few days back, sms-ing with mom is some thing which i will do often compare to others. mom always thank me and brother for this and that, serious i wonder she's so formal though, may be this is what the chinese said: some one with good heart they always be thankful, and they show how grateful they are, because the have nothing to give in return, except love, caring and sincerity. which money cant buy.... for sure.

this time i told mom she doesnt have to say thanks to me or brother. because she deserves the best from us though not luxury way. heheh. and always have to think positive and always think she's some one special for us. if wanna thank us, she should take good care of herself for us, her health and her safety.

so mami dear, i see u soon in Malaysia and let's hang out again.

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