Wednesday, October 28, 2009

kwan in KUL

one of my fav senior colleague from kuwait came on a flight.

i went to meet her, cos i memang like to hang out with her bit cos she's my chill kaki when im doing the JFK flight. she's cool enough to chat and go out for a drink.

well, i met her on the weekend, brought her to star hill to check out some restaurants as well as pavilion. since she needs to be a vegetarian at this particular moment. so i didnt bring her all the meat fav i love to eat.

and we went lepak a while for the clothes and shoes for the night outing. although its bored, but i had fun. sorry to u kwan, i guess just after new year and the clubs bit quiet on weekend. so we do it again next time ya.

day 2, all the way to bukit jalil just wanna her to try the laksa.... who knows, it closed. hmm...... where to eat!! aa, we ended up at old town white coffee for laksa and i strongly recommended her my fav egg tarts near by. and thank god she loves it.

ok kwan, promised me u come again to malaysia and i will bring u more good food when u are not vegetarian ya.

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