Thursday, October 15, 2009

i though i found it.....

emm.. serious what a surprise moment ever! shock* to be exact!!

i thought i found it... and seems... its like bubble again! damn damn damn.. i wanna scream and i wanna cry! but its okay..! nothing can kill me, not this time!

ya... i look tought and strong that's why i got all this huh. because u guys think im gonna be fine and i can handle it.. ya sooooo farking right!!! and u guys go and pay sympathy to someone looks/ acting weaker. i want to act weak too..... i wan to show im really weak inside okay! why i never have a chance???? damn farking not fair!!

arggggghh!! i hate this feeling...

seriously, is it something wrong with me?? what's going wrong here?


  1. Anonymous1:52 am


  2. Anonymous10:01 am

    Dear friend,

    Forget about everything for a while, go for good run,jogging, sweat it out well , have a good long night sleep. Wake up next day morning ,look wide and far for possibilities..

    There is something out there waiting for you to make it big, and make it happen.


  3. im chilling now woody... thanks.