Thursday, October 29, 2009

first week back to Malaysia....

Finally im back to Malaysia… for good? umm, not very sure its gonna be good forever or.. may be some thing happen later and I need to change my plan.

quite a lot of things to do once I arrived home. any how almost settle, which is good news though.

Started to contact some friends…. some but not all, cos kindda malas. may be I missed of some, but what so ever man, janji will see each other one day. i just wan to finish get all the things done then I can start relax and lepak with u guys ya. don’t you worry, sooner or later we will meet up.

so far I met few closed friend from home town, hang out of course. I love to drink, talk and relax! I had fun, thank you guys. and most important is you qaD, a very good friend from the north. you always my favorite, do u know that.. haha. miss u buddy, a lot!

And thanks for calling… finally u have time to call up although I sent u a message few days ago. Serious appreciate that, and I see u next month in Kuala Lumpur with your wife! Right here waiting for u buddy, cant wait to crap talk with u once again! Always make me laugh a lot like before!

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