Friday, October 23, 2009

dubai with sweet heart

what a wonderful trip to dubai... wohoo! i had fun, serious. and thanks dear..!

and thanks to the company that approved my last minute emergency leaves before i go back Malaysia for good.

basically i didnt shop for this trip... amazing huh?! hahha, ya. not even a single accessories for myself.

i spent most of the time sleeping, and out dining plus drinking with Dec. and of course get to met Petra for lunch. and you Kyennie, u came to Dubai and i didnt know that.. wahhaha. and we were in the same mall on the same day! but its's okay, gonna meet u soon.

some places we went.... we means im going out with some one to these places.. wahaha!

here go some pix in the album....
vodka for the breakfast morning juice...and the rest of the days
the local note and coins..

chilling while surfing the net... just an excuse to drink.. i like.
the view near the apartment...on my way to the walk at the beach
my dinner.... yum yum!

beach side party.. sort of.
nice view from jumeirah..
this is wow.. but i dare not look down! thank you for taking this pix.. hahha
the hotel, bur al-arab
burj dubai... the tallest building in 2010...
my surprise trip by you... hahha, nice!
the wooden ship near dubai museum...
sunset view while we walk back to the parking
cool place.. neos at the address
fountain at dubai mall.... view from neos. its very cool..... !
the address next to dubai mall....
and many thanks to you hon, to make the efford spending time and took me out..that's really nice, and seriously appreciate that. i had great fun and moment with you sweet and i see u in Malaysia or some where in the world very soon.


  1. wah... u enjoy so much in Dubai wo..

  2. yeah, i did wey. so we hang out disco disco...LOL