Thursday, October 29, 2009

dim sum + IKEA

went PJ with mom and aunt for a day cos wanna go for dim sum and IKEA for some stuffs.

u know, cant afford to have the custome made furniture so i have to go for those low price ikea furniture... wahhaha. but its good enough to fit into the room, at least look a little bit cosy and neat though.

the dim sum was okay, at least not bad. any way i ate good and full. so gonna have more and more dim sum soon... my fav breakfast other than the nasi lemak wrapped with banana's leaf.

here's the pix.. enjoy it!
this the classic "siew mai"
this is nice.....

IKEA.... hm. a place to spend on house again. seriously dislike to go here actually, every time seems like so many things suit the house cos its handy and save place. hahah.

any way thanks to cousin brother and fren that gave me a ride on the way going and back home. thanks alot!


  1. yo, ur pic looks so much better than mine. is it time to get new camera for me? *LOL*

  2. cos i have a steady hand! LOL