Wednesday, September 16, 2009

shopping date in kuwait with miss STU!

i stormed into the mall in kuwait after the Iftar, hope i didnt spell it wrong.

well, all the shop close, so i have to delay the shopping date from 7pm to 1am... dinner included, cos the walking and trying from tops to bottom is tiring..! u cant imagine how many pieces i had tried. countless..... and im a fast decision maker in buying goods. so money earned slow and goes fast like chips more biscult. now u see, now u don't!

heck damn, i want a money printer!! so i can be fruitful to my fello beloved friends and families without hard work... wahahahah.

well, here the kill i've made. and more for this coming weekend with Mr. Dec.

one of my fav brand.... and some thing for ahfee too..
some nice dress i bought from NYC.... and thank god i dont find it in kuwait.. LOL

some that i didn't see from NYC and i found them in kuwait... wohooo!

what a nice day out with Miss STU, my fav friend in kuwait. and again, thanks for the time and i had a great dinner with you!

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