Saturday, September 12, 2009

P.R.I.O.R.I.T.Y , my style, my way!

FAMILY, good cousins are THE BEST! bulldog pet comes second [optional] and fashion comes 3rd with chardonnay [MUST], boy friend comes after.... emm... i dont have one, so F@uk it! i dont want heart pain any way. and dont tell me no pain no gain, cut the silly joke too, its not funny any more. LOL!!

good people are needed as usual, they're nice to hang out with and no stress at all, and no depressing complains. well, i love complains, but u got to be a positive type, and laught at it, that's how i do my anger management, although some times i failed, but its better than not trying to get out of the situation..

damn, i drifted too way again.. i apologised! overall, my average families member are still fine. at least they dont do any bad yet.. i hope never!! so, they're important to me, especially mom and brother. ok, brother's future wife too!

why pet comes second? well, its optional actually, cos im not sure anymore. i still cant take the emotional breaking down and cry alot when i miss my puppy bulldog in dog's heaven right now. she's the best companion i ever had when im back home during my weekends. she's cute, funny, and lovely!! and quite busy body and posses high ego. those who been to my parent's place, im pretty sure they love her too. LOL... i dont think puppy can rest in peace though, because i always think of her almost everyday!! 3 years from now, gosh!! can i have her back, im serious. she could be with me of 12 instead of 2 and a half... pretty unfair!

fashion and chadonnay comes after the both mentioned above. well, this 2 ares some thing must MUST i believed! i like to dress up alot ever since...... actually its a good therapy to boost my mood, positive mood when go out for what-so-ever-u-named-it dinners else parties. actually......., listen, actually im respecting the person or strangers at the venue, wahahhaha!! so i have to make sure i do look good and still shining! LOL.. wohooo. nice dress, nice accessories, nice bag, nice wine, why upset???! no way man!! my spirit gotta be high forever with all these to keep me going! and i enjoy it alot!!

boy friend, what do u think?? i have no comment about it any more. because good guys went blind easily else be fooled by others pretentious which i really experienced that. good and still GOOD! hahah, i love my life with or without them actually! ahaha, but of course its better to have some one that really worth loving!

pretty difficult to get a good deed, b*itch and b*astard [B&B] are every where on the streets.. so i say, F@uck it and get lost!

yeah, im crazy, so..??
yeah, im a freak. so what?? i dont give a damn to those ever lasting B&B any more!

i just wan to live life happy, my style, my way!

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  1. kudos to u babe!! totally agree!!