Sunday, September 06, 2009

my last NYC flight as first class crew

this may be my last NYC flight ever as a first class cabin crew. and damn the first class, i didnt even have the chance to rest due to so many reasons.... and f*ck all these stupid shit, this is my last and im going back! no more NYC flight for me.... unless NIL in first class for the whole F*arking flight pattern.

since this is my last, of course im not gonna sit and wait.....umm. although i dont seal and lock myself in room.
well, at least i tried.... so i dont regret nor upset when things doesnt go what i expect this time. and dont farking blame me for it.

i had a day off in NYC.. cool. that's why i went out with the crew, which they're nice. had a korean lunch with kwan, the senior in manhattan and of course some shopping.

the day before i left NYC to LON, i went korean lunch alone for the last time......the beef soup is just delicious.. and sorry i didint get to take the pix.. wasted!

in LON.... what else. of course going down town to meet belle for dinner and gossip for sure! and this may be the last time im gonna see her in london.... but its okay belle, dont get upset, anyway im gonna see u in malaysia real soon.

thanks to belle... i had a nice dinner and sakura sake. is that what u told me..

and thank god we had a delay in london for the way back to NYC... hhhahahah...that's why nicole didnt get to go some where she wanted. and she went party with me instead. yahoo0o!
we went to a few clubs and bars in town.. some are so so, some are too crowded, and some closed early. any way.....all the entrance is free of charge except the first club we went... and thank god, we dont have to wait long in line since we're late. pheww...

but i had fun.... kind of. met some ppl.. and thank god not bad ppl... else........

so here's the pix


  1. beb.. i flew as first class crew already?! ohhh envy u laa.. ;p

  2. i mean u flew as first class crew already? envy u laa ;)

  3. aha... dont la, nanti semua akan jadi first class kut. i je first to go.. penat sial!

  4. wow first class sial nice

  5. haha, thanks anthony!