Saturday, September 12, 2009

my last LONDON, LHR flight

it supposed to be a pleasant and fun flight for my last london. well, thing never went well especially with rubbish shyte!!

the pax is nice, light load and the colleagues are nice as well, but the cheif is a farking big NO NO! he really.. macam sial!! from my experience and what i felt.... sorry to say. aku tak suka! he's EQ is farking low as well as low IQ! grr...... lemme tell u this, this is the average intelligence quote among them i supposed.

my duty is to check the availability of the trolly on ground, i checked! i have 3. this gal came to asked me the quantity of it. i told her 3, with details. one used! one for this sector and one is the comfort kit!! he went to the cheif and told him the same thing, but the cheif came to me furiously and said, " MISS, how many trolley u have?" i told him the same shyte!! and he said why u told her u have only 2!!! and i dont want to have the same mistake,, "

excuse me, u retard bastard! since when i did mistake and since when i said 2??? mind your farking manner!!

u know what, he didint apologise or any thing when he realised he's the one who did the mistake, not me. and this is not the only shyte thing he did to me, the way of holding the spoon, others crew lav also my duty huh?? WTF is all these!! yeah.. im a SEA so u think im always wrong and bully me isnt it?? this ppl in this culture just F@ck!! and thank god, i dont have to work in this country anymore, and im a MALAYSIAN. my country is colourful and interesting, u guys stay here and eat sand for the rest of your life!! and u all deserved it!!

[breath in....and out] well, im fine, dont worry.
anyway, i did get to meet belle. spent some quality time talking and eating.
its good to have u around u know, im gonna miss u and i see u soon in malaysia soon!


  1. when are u going back to Malaysia again ?

  2. oct.... when u back from aus then??? lol

  3. 好,闹得好!! I hate this kind of ppl as well.. My principles -- U didn't get any rewards by finding other people's fault...
    So take it easy la... Y want to make other ppl life so miserable!

  4. ya, this people memang bastard. sick of them ady!!