Tuesday, September 08, 2009

how much do u care... really, im serious!

i have been a blood donor since......... many years ago. my first ever experience was 18 during the blood drive back in year 2000 at Taylor's college, SS15, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. im with Dr.Way Way my college buddy.

well, i terrified of needles actually. but by donating blood can help others, so why not?? and the blood bank in Malaysia always have shortage of blood though. this is because alot of them they just think blood is precious, so they wan to keep them inside their body. guys, u know im not talking about those they're having anemic, else low blood count. if u are healthy person, please dont be stingy alright? dont u worry u will be lacking of blood, those ppl are professional enough to count houw much u gonna donate, and u will generate new blood cells from bone marrow. lemme tell u, if u dont donate it, u not gonna keep that forever, its gonna degraded by spleen in your liver after 120 days it produced. hmm..... dont worry, this is not science talk, and im not gonna tell u how it produce and degraded, so dont u worry!! if u are interested, u can go google or wiki it. i dont have time for it any way. im sincerely asking u guys to do something good for the community, to the blood bank and the hospitals. that's what im trying to say.

do u know i still donoate my blood 2 1/2 years before before i joined the airline industry. due to this work, i cant donote it anymore, because there's some rules and regulation. unless... unless im having atleast 7 days off. may be min 3 days to be on the safe side. cos its mentioned i should do it in within 24 or 48 before operating flight. seriously i forgot. sorry about that.

my aunt been nagging me why i wanted to donate blood. okay, there may be risk. this and that. well, its all human error which they dont use the steralised tools. but trust me, if u go to hospital to do it, im pretty sure every thing gonna be fine. if im seriously that unlucky.... well, i can only say that's my rotten luck. i cant blame anyone about it.

besides donating blood, did u sign up as an organ donor yet?? well, i did, been carry this card for some times. just in case u know. so my organ can help someone and give life. this is what mentioned in their slogan....

to be frank with u, i dont think i need my organ anymore after life. anyway my body dont have to be neccessary go into the earth nor burn into ashes. seriously, i think its a waste of resource. think about it, u may occupied the spare for no reason. and i dont think my grand grand children will graveyard. so dont make them doing all these during the festival just to pay their respect to their ancestor... if they really love u, they will remember u, no matter where im gonna be. its all about hearty.

just think about it guys, donate your blood every 3 months is possible, else atleast once a year, may be once in your life if u are allow to, and donate your organs after life. emm... its okay u dont want to do all these, so donate your money. if u contribute your 10% to the church, ok fine and thanks.

just remember this, u may help others, or may be yourself and your families in the future. just the matter of time though, i believed u are smart enough to know what i meant. * wink

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