Wednesday, September 09, 2009

finally, i'm a First Class flight attentand

am i happy about it... frankly, i dont feel any good at all. it's some thing different from ecomony for sure, but still the same, unless it's gonna be NO pax. then, im gonna say, YES, im so happy. but it never gonna happened.

another cairo flight on Ais Bus just to be cleared as a FC. although it's ramadan the way going, and its consider not so heavy load since everyone is fasting. BUT.. the way back from cairo.... hmm. one word to express, exhausted!

im the only, only SEA which doesnt speaks arabic. not even a single sentence! and those 2 crew working with me, they gonna break their fast during the service. which means im gonna work ALONE in the cabin from right to left, front row to the last. okay fine although i dont have full load, but i have 7, and they can kill me just by asking me extra stuff which im still busy with the rest. and yet some they haven got their meal. isnt it unfair, they're the first class pax, and why i have to entertain u 2-3 times and the rest still waiting. excuse me, i know u are damn rich to fly first class, but cant u be a little patient?? i wish i could split myself into 2 or may be 4, but i just cant. and the other 3 in the front they're eating to break their fast, together with the deck crew. fuhhh... u cant imagine how crazy its gonna be!! and thank god i dont have to entertain them. else im so gonna show my temper infront of them, haha

the only thing i have been complaining from the day i work onboard, which is this situation. ya, i know u tired, u sick, so dont come for duty, report sick! just take the farking sick leave, u are entitle for it. and breaking fast while during the service together with the pax, is this a reasonable reason?? i have to do my own duty, plus another R1A duty, seal the box and trolley and cut my hand because of the stupid sealing wire. damn it!! those working as a cabin crew, will u see this happen to other airlines? this is not an excuse u know, im not robot, im feel tired too with all this pax call especially when they're breaking their fast. why not get another SEA crew who doesnt fast and work normal during the ramadan month.

the crews will just say, it's that okay for u? thanks win... excuse me. can i say NO? if i did, what u gonna do? same shyte, i will still work and u guys may give me extra headache though. so in order to make the atmosphere harmonium, so i didnt say any thing except smile and say enjoy!! cos i know im not gonna fly with u consecutively cairo cairo... off duty and hope not to see u that soon. LOL

any way, im cleared on Boeing and Air Bus. and im done, just a couple of flights more, and that's it! kiss kuwait good bye and never return... unless, hmm. no unless for me. NO THANKS!

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