Wednesday, September 23, 2009

EID in kuwait 2009

i had a wonderful and some fun during Eid in Kuwait. thanks to Dec and the routine standby and days off for me to enjoy a wonderful Eid celebration instead.

well, nothing much in Kuwait for sight seeing. its a dead city actually. but, if u enjoy coffee and shi-sha, u came to the right place. u can drink and smoke every where u go, airport, shopping mall, its a smoking heaven for smokers. and too little too late when i knew u like shi-sha. plus we didnt go coffee much, hehhe...sorry about that dear.
the first day was nice, windy and dry. good to walk around after dinner.

but the humidity and the heat for the rest of the days.... its really disaster! it drains your brain too, u felt tired and sticky all over. damn the humid weather before winter!

we went to some places, and some didnt due to the public holiday. the museum is closed, the malls closed for few hours, the liberation tower closed..... and what left??!! hahah....nothing much actually.

any way, i seriouly impressed by you, the dinner you took me the other day. it's really amazing. what a real good experience to dine inside an antique wooden ship! i love it. thanks alot!

by the way, i really felt sorry about all these culture and conservative system in Kuwait. so im gonna treat you a great trip when you visit Malaysia next year. every thing gonna be fun, good experience, you will love Malaysia for sure. emm.... make sure you're with me, else you will not love Malaysia that much *wink wink


  1. looks great & so does the ship too...btw, whoz dec ey? hehe..

  2. Dec kawan aku dari europe. damn nice gentlement..

    food in kuwait, so so only. i prefer chinese food.