Sunday, September 27, 2009

ecosystem true colour

what i've seen and experienced so far........ okay, may be u guys may say i'm not old enough to say this..... and may i ask, who the hell are u to judge me??

well, age doesn't matter actually.. some in their 50++, they don't look wise to me. still farking naive. and some still acting smart just because they're the elder, supposed wiser.. ahem, ya right! damn right! and some pretty young, younger than me acting smart and trying to behave like an aldult too... em, it's fine with me. what so ever actually.

seriously i got a little up set, actually i shouldn't be. u know, im just a human being, i have feeling and i have emotion, of course my mood will be affected although i know it's stupid to put myself in that situation.... well, any way...duno how to express that in words. just a feeling that i cant get rid of easily.

friends close to me got me up set, why?? may be i care too much. or may be i hate the feeling being ignorant... ya, i think this is the word. i dont have much attention. i dont want to be popular among friends, but i do need some attentions, actually attention is kind of caring from others.. i supposed so.

when i totally gave up on certain friends.... why so??
because i dont want friends that always dont have time for me, ignore, and dont even send me msg nor emails.

guys, actually u can do it for free by facebook, msn, friendster, hotmail, yahoo mail or may be yahoo messenger. this show how sincere u are towards a friend, why the hell im the one always doing all these?? because im damn free is it? excuse me, i can be busy too. so, i dont want to do all these keep in touch first any more. because i dont want to feel up set when i dont get a msg in return.

so, why should i be the one to standby, be there? i do so to sincere friends eg. my dearly from north, my dearly from singapore, etc. i can standby for them, because they're sincere enough. and im willing to do it for them.

so, dont judge me or blame me for not caring.. let's think over, who doesn't.
by the way, is busy a farking excuse??? if that so, i'm busy too, plus im not interested anymore, so fark it else start to be sincere mate. it's my turn to choose whether i want to keep you in my friend list.


  1. Anonymous7:08 am

    I feel bad that you sad, and I feel bad you miss-understand

  2. Anonymous8:43 pm

    Is adviseable that to be alone and do not put much trust or care for the people that surrounding you, especially for your colleagues,communicate ONLY when necessary, HI-BYE is the best way to be in connection.TRUST & CARE only for yourself, and ALWAYS be positive thinking. Have good-day!