Friday, September 18, 2009

dearest old friend from NORTH

hey you... hahah. how many times i blog about u?? i forgot!!

u are the sweetest hearty pie in my life, thanks god i met u since teenager.
u are funny, u are smart, u are kind and u rich but humble!! i like your personality alot, and happy for u cos u found hui ling. im so gonna miss u, like some one sharing my toy! my playmate! wahaaha.

and u never forget me, that's good! that's why i love u more and more. because u are caring and lovely to me, and u really spare your time for me when i called at the wrong timing. i do appreciate that.

every time when u about to leave the conversation, when u said " dont miss me qaD" damn u almost make me cry, because i really miss u and its difficult to catch u on the right time.

seriously, how i wish u stay nearby in the neighbourhood. but its alright dear, i see u soon in malaysia! love u qaD!!

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