Friday, August 21, 2009

u gals and guys are my treasure for life....thank you all * kiss

thanks to all of u... i did enjoyed these 3 whole weeks in kuwait with all the crazy talk...chatting in msn, emails and so so many things, this is really a good memories though. as i mentioned, i never forget the good things in life, i do appreciate every moment i spent with ppl i love!

the weather in kuwait is freaking hot and humid now, 44c and the humidity.. about 20%?? im not sure. but i felt im back in malaysia, cos i was sweating while i walked from the gate to transport.....well, this is unusual. seriously i dislike humid weather in kuwait, its really suxx big time. the worse case senerio is the garbage. i wonder why they dont collect it every day.. or may be they did. during this period of time, with this freaking hot hot weather plus the humidity.......the pungent smell from the garbage is just ......lovely!! it was gross.. and yuck.... eww.... the smell is f*cking my sense!! i need to hold y breather once i get off the transport and rush back into the rest house.

apart from the humid burning weather... every thing seems fine. just a little headache now and then...its usual. life in kuwait just damn great! hahah, seriously no comment about it anymore. as long as im still hang out with my lovely buddy once awhile, laugh and complain over the ciggi, dinner session.. every thing gonna be good after that!! thank you gals... u know i love u both alot whenever u gals with me! *kiss

and thanks to my dearly, u are not perfect, but u are still cool and steady. that's why i still love u as a freind since...... young. u are just like my fairy tale, please make sure u will be available when i need u dearly!! thanks for dropping by msn and chat with me and i had a good laugh and some old time stories u told me. thank you for restoring my confidence!! *hugsss

thought im a little emotionals... who doesnt. but i still handle it well, still having fun in the course with other coursemates. love some of them who really fun and crazy.. once again. thank you gals!! i wouldnt make it without all of you... i had 3 full fun weeks during the course!! xie xie!!

and some small notes..... seriously. it's sweet and funny when i read through it again and again. kept smiling at the lappie.... someone may think im crazy!! but who crazy, so what!!

i just love all the things u all sent to me.. and thank u to all of u who really care....promise me one thing, please dont forget me, cos u gals and guys are my treasure for life!!

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