Thursday, August 27, 2009

thanks for the night gals..

another day with the gals chilling at home.

just right after im done my refresher and the gals are home...... what am i waiting. yallah, let's go over and do some cooking and chill!
here some of the chinese cooking......
sweet chinese chicken with potatoes..
ladies's finger with garlic and salted fish...

well, other than cooking dinner for the gals...... we had karaoke after dinner... wahhah. dead funny siang cos the melody is so freaking slow! its kindda reading than singing for certain songs.. and non stop laughing through out the session. imagine, just singing and ciggi and we can be that crazy! how about when we had some alcoholic drinks... um, i cant wait to go back have some fun with the gals at red box or may be new way later!!
thank you gals for the day.. i had lots of fun and laugh!

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