Sunday, August 09, 2009

some funny incident i heard today..

another long day for the course......yawn.

but today its a little difference... nysa and fahed had first aid refresher. fahed is our senior working in the first class...he's a funny guy by the way, i flew with him to frankfurt and we had a fun day out with others. good experience though... any way, thank you both for the day, i had a good laugh!

when we were about to march into the class room...we started the bullshitting as usual.... some funny experience during the flight, years before, or just happened recently. here some good one let me share abit... see, im caring, cos im sharing it. hehe.
listen....this is not the proper practise, just some chill stuffs to relax and laughs.

3 important categories we learnt to become a cabin crew, which is first aid; aviation security and last service.

we serve pax onboard.... alright, which is what im doing in the first class course at the moment, these retards said the pax deserves me... WTF!! hahah. i know im crazy, but i will treat the pax nice.... rule number one, only if they're nice. LOL

aviation security is to safe the pax from someone trying to hijack the plane.. which i hope its not gonna happen, never is possible...

first aid is......actually is to safe lives too. especially when someone's having heart attack, difficulties in breathing, nose bleeding.... etc. but these crazy said this refresher course is to teach them how to kill the pax.. LOL (@__@) instead of kiss of life for the PRC, they're gonna do the kiss of death. prior to the procedure, ask the pax that u may take it or drop it... your choice!!!! wahahaaa. or else..... call cheif, cheif someone need u, URGENT!! hahaha...funny siang. the cheif must be damn headache if we really do this to them all the time, anything we gonna call cheif, cheif, cheif!!

years before, one of the pax having breathing difficulties. she/ he told one of the crew about it. fine, this guy he was doing the beverage in the cabin and later they called cheif afterwards. so cheif asked another crew to bring the oxygen bottle... guess what crew brought??? she brought the fire extinguisher instead. LOL..... seriously i dont know what's in her mind, only water in her brain or what??!! she got reported for that i supposed. then she blamed the crew who's doing the beverage. well, u know... some small investigation and clearification has to carry out. the crew was with the BEV said he cant leave his BEV trolley... hahahaha. that's funny. what the hell.... the entire crew are so cool, relax and slumber....hahha.

another senario was during the service...some spelling mistake appeared in the menu. and the crew didnt check prior giving out to the pax sitting at the first class. well, kuwait is a rich country, if im not wrong. so other pax who travel with us may think we serve something really special as mentioned in the menu... he was amased and double confirm with the crew again. well, for sure the pax didnt know it was a spelling mistake. later, they found out there was a spelling mistake in the menu. instead of "tenderloin", it spelled "tenderlion" hahahah, isnt it crazy enough?? pax thought we're serving lion meat onboard.. (*_*) how i can serve the pax better.. LOL

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  1. Anonymous1:36 am

    hahahhahha... i had a good laugh... nice !!! crazy service industry !!!
    -LavanyaS @ LV-