Saturday, August 29, 2009

sept 2009 roster... and im done!

wohooo guys.... good news!

finally im in the list of going back home.. wohoo!

first, lemme clear for the first class service on this coming NYC flight. woww. im so ready for this flight, insyallah my last! i need shopping and champagne this time! im serious, just need it. and parties...

and im granted the unplanned flight request back to malaysia during EID. wauu... 3 months of not being rostered... finally my turn. this time im gonna bring all the stuffs back. and have some fun with friends and families. guys....... get ready your wine and champagne, i missed it so many times. and this up coming wine party during the weekend, damn it! never ever tell me that when im not around!!

and most important..... some one better show up on the day u promised!

after this NYC and KUL flight. basically im done with Sept 2009. and im ready to go back! i dont care the life is difficult in MYS, the heat, the politics..... i need my colourful life back home. dont u guys agree with me and show your support.... haha, mentally is alright to me. as long as u, u and u gonna be there for me. thanks!

here i come Malaysia, the most colourful wonderland ever!

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  1. i'll have the champers & wine ready for u ..faster come back!! haha