Monday, August 24, 2009

refresher B777-200 + practical

yearly refresher course again...

well, i always affraid of doing the sliding and getting into the slide raft without assistant. for the test... it's just easy, not challenging at all, but frankly speaking, i dont want it to be difficult, just general safety knowledge will do, this is not rocket science anyway!

look at the company's crew.....come on, u think all of them can do this?? i cant either if i dont read. for this ZD... ahemmm.. no comment. just fed up, and had enough! wasta, discrimination.... all the sh*yte!! what ever, cant be bother much, just some times get aggitated when my EQ is low.. LOL

thank god nysa is with me in the class..... and lots of funny craps was going on. as usual, the instructor will eye us about it... what to do, its funny when he mentioned if the slide raft wasnt inflated and we didnt block the exit, god wish the pax can fly. and what if the slide raft wasnt inflated, in order to pull the manual inflation handle and some idiot pulled the disconnect handle instead.... that's pretty owesome!! hahah, emergengy slide raft gonna disconnected from aircraft and u will only say bye bye to the slide raft... hahhaah. my imagination went wild and i cant stop laughing!!

emm.... guess i did well for the test.. haha.. as long as i got the aircraft license to operate the flight, i dont really care which question i got it worng or right. who cares man, with this company, they pay ne to sit at home to go online... um, okay they pay for my luxury hand bag and my fashion tooo.. this can really drives some one crazy due to the jealously ehh.... wahahha. frankly, u dont see what's behind the rock, its full of stress, suffer, struggles and tears. umm...... i dont mentioned it doesnt mean im fine with all these, im just... try to take it easy but im bit out of control lately. stress aku!
practical was alright too......the usual sliding and getting into the slide raft without assit from other. still.. its really difficult, the slide raft is freaking high when im in the water!! m not kidding, if there's real emergency happen, i hope those non cabin crew will start to appreciate the flight attendant once they board the aircraft, get rid of the stupid minded, i pay and u serve me. and im so gonna say, u are so gonna be the last one i will safe! so, be nice to me, and i will be nice!! wahahha, know wonder my colleague said the first and biz class pax they're deserved to have me flying as first class. im so gonna ........ u know me!

here's some pix to share, check this out!

nysa and me....., my MYS buddy. she's there for the REF 777, and im gonna prepare for the practical.

me with the bright red ....for sliding, else gonna burn my skin.


  1. nope,,,,, malay. what's up!

  2. win win.. u looks good in red.. very HOT nehh.. hehhehehehhe... ;)

    neenee here laa...hehe XD

  3. hahha... red for HOT ma! thanks ah!