Friday, August 07, 2009

please think good and act good ... u can make the difference.

i read from the e-newspaper, one year there's alot of abandon old folks and orphan, and it's increasing everyday.

well, actually alot of reason that cause this happened.

for example, certain old folks may be they're really fuck up through out their life; some may be too harsh to their families; some may be abandon their family and married a new gal and started a new family, but didnt make it for a happy ending..... so... serve them right or what?? seriously i duno what to say.

u all know me im a very practical person, or may be u can say im rational, but im not when comes to family matter.. LOL. anyway, let me tell u the fact is, if someone with family value, they will not ended up in old folks home during their old age, except some tragedy happened and they're the only one left with no money in their pocket.

if someone with family value, their healty thinking will be tranferred this kind of healthy thinking to their next generation. okay, may be the kids toooooo crazy and still left their parents due to the influence of their partner. but i guess.. not so much of them doing it. never know, everyone has their evil side. pathatic ....

but long as u act good, think good and contribute to the family, i guess they will appreciate u till the day u die. and they will still miss u around.

well, no matter what this old folks did, i guess they're regret. i know its kindda too little to late, but imagine, they're old, poor and lonely. good enough they have the social workers, and able to celebrate with others old folks during the festi. what if those left in the hospitals??? they're old, poor, lonely and SICK.... so hor, in order to cut down the rate of being abandon.

i wish u all seriously think about it okay, try to help if u can, and try to care for your family member instead. family always the best, they never left u, always by your side when u need them. although they didnt help much, but they did try their best, isnt it. anyway u cant keep on asking others to help u out, the fact is you yourself gonna help yourself too, dont u think so??

so gals and helpful and caring is u can, just try to donate food, clothes or may be small amount of money. u can make the difference.

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