Saturday, August 15, 2009

patchy farewell dinner + mao + pui's birthday celebration

this is the total thai gathering... hehhe

went out dinner with the thais and malaysian gals to celebrate mao and pui's birthday in august. as well as patchy's farewell birthday.. this gal is going back to wrok as a bkk base crew. congratulations patchy!!! gonna miss u my neighbour.

patchy.. batchy the thai gal going back as a bkk base crew.. with shawn posing...stupid!

the thai birthday gals.......
birthday cake....too sweet

and... what else... food and non alcoholic drinks again... at the so call italian grill restaurant. yummy!!

starter........salmon grill salad..
american rib eye... mine!
grill salmon with angel's hair... hehhe

and our black berry phones..... mine the smallest plus slim. curve 8900!

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