Friday, August 07, 2009

my first week of first class course

finally im in the first class course, total of 15 gals in the class, 4 filipino, 2 bangali, 1 iranian, 7 thai and im the only malaysian from my batch B7. i wonder why they keep me with this gals instead of joining other malaysian gal for their first class course in october 2009 later. hmm. but what so ever... cant bother much. since i dont have to fly, and i can take care and monitor my health by adjusting the sleeping hours as well as the right time for each meal.

course just started for a week.... and every thing seem not that difficult, but hell lot home work to do. one thick manual and some extra copies.. may be have to wake up damn early in the morning, and the class ended due to the progress. but as long as i can go back before 5pm, i dont really bother. due to some silly they love to ask alot silly questions..... and the class got delayed. why dont i have the course with the malaysian gals?? the progress gonna be so so much faster i believed. but what to do, the culture and the crew in the company... ahemm. no comment! but i have my right to complain it here....LOL
some pix from the top showed i visited the casgo from the company. even other airline food are prepared from here too. but of course with their own inboard menu and other stuffs...etc. well, can consider something new to know and learnt. why not, i love new things, new infor, to gain more general knowledge as usual.
so, i didnt feel that stress stress even im grounded for 1 month. 1 month consider damn freaking long to be in kwi, but since this course can kill time and learning.. why not. just have to spend more money since no flying hours allowance. but still okay with me, some times i spent more when i fly.. LOL

some dish out food from the first class after visiting casgo....the medium done tenderloin is yummy!!
the first day of practical of the week was alright, i guess. have to keep reading the manual to brand the sequence of service in my mind. hot meal, light meal, quick meal, snacks, continental breakfast, the tray set up, the arrangement of the trolleys for different types of service, and which type of service, type A, B, C or D. equipment trolleys, HDO and salad trolleys, main course trolleys, dessert trolleys, tea and coffe trolleys, or else combined the dessert and T/C trolleys.. and which one should go twice for the service, explain the menu, the food, the way of present the of countless things i learnt in this week, and i have 2 more weeks to go......
emm, and i always cant get it right. give me some time to master it alright, cos this is not rocket science la dude, chill and relax wey....
by the way, after joining the airline industry, i still dont agree to have the meal service on board, cos its tooo wasted. do u know due to the hygenic purpose, they throw every thing to the trash after each flight. its so not environmental friendly, and all these money, money that can build a better place for the orphan and the abandon old folks. so u know what i want to say guys, if u can, just donate food or money to them once in a while. if u can, if u care...

okay, i went too far again!! sorry guys. enjoy the dessert they serve for this season in first class.

so far...... i still enjoying learning. because i can eat during the practical service. and sorry guys, i forgot to take the pics of the lamb shank, the salad and the side dishes as well. u know me... too busy and working hard on the food... ahah. and a pic of me in the fisrt class seating at mock up. can notice the head sets? i was pretended enjoying the inflight entertainment, and giving hard time in a nice way to the crew. naughty pax!


  1. weeii... the food looks good maaan.....

  2. yes.... especially dessert!