Saturday, August 29, 2009

my 202th post

wow.. i didnt know i can wrote that much. my 202th post in blogger!

all these years, i've writing and writing... this is a very good way to release my stress, good stress management though. when im happy, im sad, im down cast, even when im crying.. haha some times even when im tipsy and high while im drinking. a glass a day, helps in blood circulation, a bottle a get a good sleep!

when im in a stress mode, i wrote it to release the stress, so the bomb inside me get subside abit.

when im sad, when i cry, good way to share too... so i will kill some time and forget the unhappy things for a while.

when im happy, of course i wan to share...

so, no matter good or bad, im sharing with u guys... my dear friends that read my blog.

thank you guys for the support.. and finally im gonna back to origin, regain my colourful life back in Malaysia with all my love ones.....

i say sorry for leaving u guys for 2 years.....take me back okay!

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