Tuesday, August 25, 2009

im here still...

since im away from home, away from friends, away from my routine life.. pretty bored, i know! here, i dont have any social life at all, but thank God i still have some chinese and malay malaysian around to socialised a bit when the gals are available.

okay, well although i just get to know them when im here in kuwait 2 years ago. but... we still keep in touch, still talk alot, especially gossip and complain about work. that's pretty fun.. hehe. and helping each other out once a while. may be the friendship bonding not as strong as the hydrogen bonding in chemistry..... umm, may be van der wall bonding among us..hahhaha....still bonding though. i like that...as long as not fighting. love u gals... serious! time we spent cooking, baking, eating, traveling, dinners...etc. just a unforgetable experience.

friends comes and go, some quickly go, and some become friends and stay awhile, some may stay forever.... some are sincere and some's not.

remember i mentioned once.. long ago, i said i dislike rich rich kids, most of them are not hamble, or may be they're humble. or may be they dont know how to associate with someone not as rich as them. well... it due to personality attitude too, some are friendly, some are not! friendly guys they have tons of friends..... they're so popular, and busy and full of entertainment.. for sure, who doesnt like to hang out with popular and richie rich! they give u a ride with their luxury and fancy sedan, else sport car...wow! they dine at high class restaurant instead of road side store; they carry all the branded LV, Gucci, Prada, D & G, Hermes instead of fake LV, fake Gucci..they attend parties, event by invitation card.... for me, i have to queue in line to enter the street party... hahahha. well, some of my richi rich friends they do hang out with me and the rest too, so far i didnt get any complains when we hang out, chilling. come on, look at who they hang out with..some one with the magic.. hehhe

well, since so many ppl try to get these richie rich to become friends.. trying their best to grab them, to be close, to get some benefits out of that may be, or may be some hidden motives... emm. this sound more business to me now. any way, why not.. u can add more friends to your network, but this bunch of friend...are they sincere enough??? u never know. they may be the one safe your ass or may be the one to pull u in trouble.

some thing was going on lately.. hmm........ i duno what to say. i dont have the rights to condemn anyway. u know me, im harsh and tooo straight forward. naked truth is always ugly and this may affect our friendship if u are not cool enough to take it from me. so i rather keep quiet instead..

so... just watch out your surrounding network dear, not everyone with good deed. and thank God, i have quite a few of sincere friends. no pressure, nothing, cos im not a rich kid, the only thing i trade with is my sincerity and thoughful act...*smile.

as a friend to u, i dont ask much doesnt means i dont care. emm, but i did ask how are u lately, what u doing, or just email to tell u some stories....im far, and distance does matter, which i said its's not. hahah, sorry that i cant hang out much. i cant do anything but this....my DELL plus internet technologies is the only way to keep in touch. just hope u will not find me annoying, that's all i can say..

i with you still, serious..*hugs

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