Sunday, August 09, 2009

HMF type B practical

another practical day for the most lenghten meal service......althought its long, but its's okay.. hahha, so i can eat from 1000LT to 1400LT.. 4 hours!! yum yum. but i have to pay for the price of getting fat wey........ i was so so sooooo full! i can feel im 2kg heavier when i tried to lift myself into the transport just now.. ahhah. what so ever!!

let me show u some of the pix then u will know why i cant stop eating.. yum yum, enjoy!!

it started with this.....the lay out.

then the starter, salad and soup before the main course.

[ i took my fav tabula and spicy shrimps with baby scallop on tomato slide]

then main out from the trolley

[dolly fish with stuffed salmon on.... duno what sauce. my bad!] turn.

the "tenderlion"....wahahah. the fine beef cut..

another final touch of the meal service..... dessert!!

and i took two types of if......well. additional fruits and black tea.
so, u guys know why i said im FULL FULL!!

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