Saturday, August 29, 2009

here... take my hand.

emm.... life sux huh? yeah i know, and tell me about it. so i can know more about it. always suprise me with new tricks...

some times i damn farking hate when some one said stop complaining.. well, i think its fun to complain. im in love with complains.. LOL.

i listen to what people complain... so i know more about what's going on. but i dont bitch around. come on guys... when some one wants to complain, just listen to them, this may help that particular person feel better though. although didnt help much, but at least u there to listen, and didnt walk away... well, im there for my friends. those i dont take as friend... yawn, please tell others alright. i have my own problems too. so get lost! hahah, who cares about them, i dont give a damn, only those i consider them as my friends, those i care ONLY!

although i have damn lot complains too, but when some one wanna complain, im fine with that. but dont repeat 10 times with the same story, that's gonna make me go mad too. im serious, dont tell me the farking same story, i know what u gonna tell me again this time. LOL, tell me some thing new!

to develop a positive mentality is not easy, this is what im trying all the while. some times when i feel strong, cool. im emotional fit. nothing can kill me. when im weak, excuse me, just leave me alone. i may get emotional break down easily. so better stay away, if sorry!

ohh, by the way, thank you guys for being there for/ with me while im emotional unfit. i know, im emotional unfit all the time, that's why im emotional exhausted recently. LOL. million thanks ya.

what i wanna say is.... just be strong if u can. if u cant do it now, its fine with me, slowly, try till u can. as long as u think u are all good, or may be better. take as long as u want, i cant develop this positive thinking in one day or two, it took years to do that... well, im a slow learner. if u want to cry... just cry, i dont feel annoying too. u may feel better, but dont cry too loud, i believed u dont need extra attention though.

so... since u need me now. here's my hand, u can hold on to it. and dont let go alright! * smile


  1. life is like that... no choice lor..

  2. always up and down.... recently more problems. duno why geh!